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The Flying Fish 小飞鱼


Airforce 空军

Mystery I 迷离夜 I

My Fair Ladies 窈窕淑女


Navy 壮志豪情


Pretty Faces 三面夏娃


Fiery Passions 烈焰焚情

Ladies in Action 霹雳红唇


The Unbeatables 双天至尊

Web of Deceit 鹤啸九天


Thunder Plot 惊天大阴谋

The Magnate 叱咤风云

Silk and Romance 情丝万楼缕


Chronicle of Life 缘尽今生

The Morning Express 阳光列车

The Shadow Mission 地下猎人

The Dragons Five 飞龙五将

Sparks of Life 生命火花


The Unbeatables II 双天至尊 II

Golden Pillow 金枕头

The Unbroken Cycle 解连环


The Choice Partner 错爱今生

Sword and Honour 铁血男儿

The Price of Peace 和平的代价

The Guest People 客家之歌


Riding the Storm 陌生人

Stand By Me 家人有约

Season of Love 甜甜的季节


Wok of Life 福满人间
The Millennium Bug 千年虫


Four Walls & a Ceiling 我爱黄金屋

Hainan Kopi Tales 琼圆咖啡香

The Voices Within 心灵物语

The Invincible Squad 迷幻特警


The Hotel 大酒店


Beautiful Connection 九层糕

The Wing of Desire 天使的诱惑

The Unbeatables III 双天至尊 III


True Heroes 真心英雄

Romance de Amour 1 加 1 等于 3


Room in My Heart 真心密语

The Ties that Bind 家财万贯

Timeless Gift 遗情未了

The Crime Hunter 心网追凶

My Mighty In-laws 野蛮亲家


Portrait of Home 同心圆 *NEW*

My Lucky Charm 情来运转

You are the One 1/2 缘分

A Life of Hope 活下去

Beautiful Illusions 镜中人

Zero to Hero 阴差阳错

A New Life 有福

Destiny 梦在手里

Beyond the Axis of Truth 2 法医 X 档案

A Promise for Tomorrow 拥抱明天

The Rainbow Connection 舞出彩虹

Love Concierge 爱的掌门人


The Shining Star 星闪闪 *NEW*
youku 1 (eps 05, 07, 08, 11, 13, 14, 16, 19 missing)
ku6 — 05a 05b; 07a 07b; 08a 08b; 11a 11b; 13a 13b; 14a 14b; 16a 16b; 19a 19b

Women of Times 至尊红颜
tudou 1 (missing ep 8, 16-22/30) tudou 2 (eps 1-8/30 only)
youku 1 youku 2 youku 3

C.I.D. 刑警 2 人组

Love @ 0`C 爱情零度C (ep 13 missing!)

Through it All 海的儿子

Family Matters 法庭俏佳人

An Enchanted Life 钻石情缘

House of Joy 欢乐满屋

A Million Treasures 百万宝


The Peak 最高点
tudou 1 tudou 2
youku 1

Let it Shine! 萤火虫的梦
tudou 1
youku 1

Happily Ever After 凡间新仙人
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3 tudou 4 tudou 5
youku 1 youku 2

Making Miracles 奇迹
tudou 1
youku 1

The Homecoming 十三鞭
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3
youku 1

Mars vs Venus 幸福双人床
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3
youku 1

The Beginning 原点 (ntv7/Mediacorp)
tudou 1 (English subs)
youku 1 (Malay subs) youku 2 (English subs) – eps 5-7, 11, 17, 28-30 missing

The Greatest Love of All 爱。特别的你
tudou 1 tudou 2
youku 1

Kinship 手足
tudou (ep 1-35) tudou (ep 36-43)
youku 1 youku (eps 15, 21, 24 and 42 missing)

Switched! 幸运星
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3 tudou 4
youku 1

Honour and Passion 宝家卫国
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3

Falling in Love 情有可缘 (ntv7/Mediacorp)
tudou 1 (Malay subs) tudou 2
youku 1

Like Father, Like Daughter 宝贝父女兵
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3 tudou 4
youku 1

Metamorphosis 破茧而出
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3 tudou 4 tudou 5
youku 1

Dear, Dear Son-in-Law 女婿当家
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3 tudou 4
youku 1 youku 2 youku 3 youku 4

Man of the House 男人当家 (ntv7/Mediacorp)
tudou 1

Live Again 天堂鸟
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3 tudou 4
youku 1 youku 2

The Golden Path 黄金路
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3 tudou 4 tudou 5
youku 1 youku 2

Kinship II 手足 II
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3 tudou 4
youku (ep 1-20) youku (ep 21-40)


Taste of Love 缘之烩
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3 tudou 4
youku 1

The Beautiful Scent 美丽的气味 (ntv7/Mediacorp)
tudou 1 tudou 2
youku 1

Just in Singapore 一房半厅一水缸
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3

The Truth 谜图
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3
youku 1 youku 2 youku 3 youku 4

Rhythm of Life 变奏曲
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3
youku 1 youku 2 youku 3(ep 15 missing)

Love Blossoms 心花朵朵开
tudou (ep 1 – 50) tudou (ep 51-58)

La Femme 绝对佳人
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3
youku 1 youku 2 youku 3 youku 4

Beach.Ball.Babes 球爱大战
tudou 1 tudou 2
youku 1 youku 2 youku 3

Perfect Cut 一切完美 (Channel U)
tudou 1
tudou 2
youku 1 youku 2

Fallen Angel 天使的烙印 (ntv7/Mediacorp)
ntv7 site

The Defining Moment 沸腾冰点
tudou 1 tudou 2
youku 1 youku 2

Love is All Around 爱在你左右 (ntv7/Mediacorp)
tudou 1 tudou 2

Nanny Daddy 奶爸百分百
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3

Where the Heart is 大城情事 (ntv7/Mediacorp)

Crime Busters x2 叮当神探
tudou 1 tudou 2

By My Side 不凡的爱
tudou 1

The Little Nyonya 小娘惹
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3 tudou 4
youku 1
youku 2

The Little Nyonya: The Final Chapter
小娘惹 之月娘与陈锡重逢篇

(3 minutes with English subtitles)
youtube 1 youtube 2

Love Blossoms II 心花朵朵开 II
tudou 1
youku 1 youku 2 youku 3 youku 4 youku 5


Reunion Dinner 团圆饭
tudou 1 tudou 2
youku 1 youku 2

The Dream-catchers 未来不是梦
tudou 1
youku 1 youku 2

Housewives’ Holiday 煮妇的假期
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3 tudou 4

Perfect Cut 2 一切完美 2 *new*
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3
youku 1

Table of Glory 乒乓圆 *NEW*!!
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3
youku 1

* the list above is by no means complete, so I’ll continue to update it! if there are any links which are incomplete, do not have the complete drama, or if you have any links to share, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT! thanks! :)

** complete! all links from all the dramas aired in that year!



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  1. Sabrina

    i would like to watch tong xin yuan again

  2. can you please upload tong xin yuan,i missed quite a few episodes

  3. Can you please upload the episodes of tong xin yuan one,i missed quite a few episodes?

  4. [Sabrina]: I’ll try to look for the links where others have uploaded.



    • Harvey

      Do you have the full link for “The Unbeatables II”? The link you have only show up to episode 4 or 8? Thanks!

  5. Can you try to look for links to tong xin yuan one and two?

  6. [Sabrina]: sure :)


  7. can you fing the links to tong xin yuan one and two as soon as possible,i have a busy scheldule and only can watch the show in these few days

  8. can help me find websites that i can watch all the drama shows? i find that there are quite a few drama shows missing from your website,shows like tong xin yuan and holland village are missing.

  9. [Sabrina]: excuse me, i already said that i’ll try to look for the links, and that takes time and effort. AND STOP DEMANDING.

    running this blog, i do things on my own time, and AM NOT OBLIGED to look for this and that for people. i hope you understand that i’m doing this out of interest and helping people with the same interests along the way.

    you having a busy schedule does not seem to concern me in anyway, and if you really need to get the links urgently, maybe you could try to spare some time to look for it yourself — after all, we’re all connected to the same internet, and I DO NOT HAVE ANY SPECIAL ACCESS or anything!!! my time is also precious.

    yes, i know i have many dramas missing. but what can i do? this takes time and effort, so i will slowly look for them when i can spare the time. i’m also hoping that people who chance upon the links will be able to inform me. no luck so far.

    anyway, if you really want to watch these shows — esp. Holland V — please type in the CHINESE TITLE at, and you should be able to find it easily. TONG XIN YUAN is difficult to find — i don’t think anyone has uploaded it.

    SO. good luck.


  10. ok i stop demang but you help me find the links to tong xin yuan ok?

  11. if you found the links to tong xin yuan,inform me ok?

  12. [Sabrina]: i already said that it’s difficult to find, ‘cos i don’t think anyone has uploaded it. but if by any chance i do find it, i will inform you


  13. Jas

    hi..qingling gt upload new song like the lastest song from drama song at 9pm

  14. To Sabrina: You Can Try this link, hope it help.

  15. still can’t find tong xin yuan,try to find more links, i really would like to watch the show again

  16. Hey,

    I have already find a link for you already, u still want me find more link for u.

    Who do u think u are? u want u either go and find it yourself or watch it on 5.30pm.

    I find this link for u, even return without a thank you or wat.

  17. is not that i have no time to watch the 5.30pm show and i went through your link and still can’t find the tong xin yuan show.

  18. I also cannnot afford to apply for mobtv or miotv so please help me to look for more links if possible,thanks.

  19. xing Ying

    ************************************************* Its important
    I will reali like to see Wu Chu Cai Hong(the rainbow connection)its the best show ever.
    and if its possible,plsplsplspls download the theme song of the rainbow connection,called wu chu cai hong.

    If you have DOWNLOAD This two of the above that i’ve mention pls send to my e-mail too.PLs Pls Pls..its reali cool thks a lot\
    my e-mail—

  20. [xing Ying]: the full theme song and subthemes of WU CHU CAI HONG are available in SING| theBestDrama. please support the original artistes!

    but if you want, i can upload the preview versions which are only like, 1 min long.

    ultimately, i hope you can support Sin Huey’s CD, ‘cos its really worth it!

    tell me your choice, k? :)


  21. it might be hard to find sin huey compilation album already

  22. [zh-i-am]: i seem to have seen it that day, but yea, it is not new anymore. maybe if anyone wants to get it they’ll have to ask for it. it won’t be prominently displayed anymore.


  23. i guess some store might have already return to stock.
    sembawang like still can find i guess. because i saw sin huey first album also

  24. can help me find the tong xin yuan 2 vcd to watch online?

  25. [Sabrina]: i’m sorry. i’ve really tried so hard but there isn’t anything. don’t know if mobtv has it. maybe you can subscribe there if it does


  26. my advice is you can write in to mediacorp.
    ask time sell you the vcd and then you pay a large amount.

  27. dreamz

    Hi Qing Ling.. great job with this website.. Thank you for compiling.. It helps Singaporeans abroad keep in touch with the newer TCS dramas.. Thank you!!!

  28. [dreamz]: hi! thanks! :) glad you like what i’ve put up here!


  29. dreamz

    Also wanted to add that you should ignore people who do not appreciate what you are doing and are being unreasonable!!! Take care!!!

  30. [dreamz]: haha :) well i guess i do my best to help those people… won’t go out of my way to do it if they don’t appreciate it though…


  31. dreamz

    Hi Qingling, I cant seem to see the videos anymore.. I think they want me to log in.. I cant read chinese very well. Could you kindly advise what I am supposed to do?

    Sorry to bother you like that…

  32. [dreamz]: oh dear. which videos are you having a problem with?

    it’s ok, i’ll do my best to solve the problem :)


  33. dreamz

    I was watching 幸福双人床… thank you!!!

  34. [dreamz]: there’s been a problem on tudou recently, and many playlists are empty!

    this one is complete:

    enjoy! :)


  35. dreamz

    Thank you so much qingling!!!

  36. [dreamz]: you’re welcome :) glad it works!!


  37. mokino

    Great Job qinging!! loved tis site.. keep up the gud work..

  38. [mokino]: thanks for the support! :) glad you like what i’ve put up here!


    • crystal

      Dear Qing Ling

      To start with What a beautiful name

      Some people can be not sensitive, demanding and irrational. Despite that you are so patient and willing to help them.I salute you for it.

      i just want to tell you that you are doing a remarkable job.

      May you be Bless in what you do

      Take Care

  39. Someone

    Hey, nice website, I chanced upon it when my friend told me about it :)

    Anyway 同心圆 is quite a good show, I’m still trying to find it :)

  40. Someone

    I found a website showing something about 同心圆, but I could not open the links on my Firefox browser.

    Here is the website

    Maybe some of you using other browsers may be able to open it :)

  41. [Someone]: thanks for the support! glad you like what i’ve got here! :)

    thanks for the link. i’ve got firefox too, so i keep getting an error every time i click on the link…


  42. Someone

    Found another link, but they didn’t allow me acess

    On the 视 频 tab they showed this message

    您的IP地址是 [blanked out for my privacy]
    请发送您的IP地址和所在地区及联系方式到 ,我们会协助您解决。

    Not very sure what to do about this, and gotta go, so no time to check it out, maybe others can try it first?

  43. [Someone]: yea, it’s the same for me too… don’t know what the problem is with these China sites – they’re the only ones with the show, but it is so difficult to access!


  44. Someone

    Here are some torrents to downloading 同心圆, but all require membership of the downloading sites.

    If any of you people have memberships, please do help download and upload, it would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks :)

    Sorry Qingling for spamming :(

  45. [Someone]: isn’t downloading via torrent illegal?

    well… i just hope someone will upload the entire series for all you people to watch :)

    nah, you’re not spamming! haha :) thanks a lot


  46. Someone

    After many days of searching, still couldn’t find anyone uploading 同心圆 videos.

    Still trying, already searched through Yahoo and Google so far, but it seems that not many people upload them, while there are quite some torrent links.

    Torrents are illegal in a sense, well so I try to avoid them.

    Will be quite busy this week, limited time to search, though I’ll try my best :)

  47. Someone

    Hey Qingling :)

    There are new videos for 球爱大战 Beach Ball Babes, at the below link.

    Could you add the link to your website?

    Thanks :)

  48. [Someone]: thanks for the effort!

    yup, i’ll add the links for this new show… thanks! :)


  49. kimberly

    hi how come now tudou the playlist cannot watch the video?
    so weird… izit like the mediacrop ask them to take away the videos?
    hiaz… and do u noe any links to watch xing jin 2 ren zhu? C.I.D ?
    thanks qingling!!!

  50. [kimberly]: yea… i think mediacorp had it taken off due to copyright issues! :(

    here’s another link:

    enjoy! :)


  51. Liz

    hey there.This site rocks!thank you so much for all the links!
    Btw, i cant seem to watch golden path.Its showing some advertisement instead of the show…Are there any other links?

  52. xxo

    hey. can you try to find: Perfect Cut 一切完美? thanks

  53. Someone

    Hey xxo, I found it :)

    Hey qingling, it’s again from tudou, at

    Please update…thanks and sorry for spamming so many messages!

  54. xxo

    someone: thanks:)

  55. tanny

    hello. can you try to help me find fallen angel. im not sure about the chinese name. Thank you:D

  56. [Liz]: you’re welcome! glad you like what i’ve put up here!

    oh dear, it must have been removed due to copyright issues… here are 2 other links:

    [Someone]: thanks!!

    [tanny]: ok, sure…
    i don’t know if it is possible to watch it here:


  57. Someone

    Fallen Angel is 天使的烙印 I think, and Tudou doesn’t have it currently though.

    Checked around, didn’t have though…

    Sorry for being a little nosey, just bored these days haha :)

  58. [Someone]: yup… i know tudou doesn’t have it.

    i think only the ntv7 has it… not sure if we’re able to watch it in Singapore though…

    haha :) no, actually your help is appreciated!


  59. dreamz

    Hi Qingling, I was just wondering if you would consider adding some of the variety shows to your site.

    For example, currently, there is Celebritea break.. Which is very interesting but sadly I keep missing it and I’m leaving Singapore soon.. So wont be able to catch it.. :(

    Just a suggestions.. Thanks again for all your hardwork!!! Great job!!!

  60. [dreamz]: thanks for the suggestion… if people upload the shows, i can link to them :)

    thanks for the support!!


  61. liz

    hey.thanks for the links!it works!:)
    oh ya btw, do you suppose are there links for ‘Are you my brother?’
    Thanks a lot for your help ya:)

  62. [liz]: you’re welcome! what’s ‘Are you my brother?’ is it a Singaporean drama?


  63. liz

    yup its a singapore drama starring tay ping hui and thomas long lost twins..its quite long ago though..

  64. winne

    do you know of any web to watch portrait of home??

  65. zen

    Hi…di you know of any link for ‘wok of life”?

  66. you know a show with a blind girl in it? got that michelle sara– something?? From 2000- 2002. either dates.

  67. [liz]: sorry, i can’t find it anywhere online. i’ll continue to look :)

    [winne]: been trying to search, but can’t find it. sorry

    [zen]: i’ll look for it, and inform you when i can find it.

    [rachel lee]: hmmm… i’m not sure. i’ll check and get back to you.


  68. [zen]: you can watch Wok of Life 福满人间 here:


    [rachel lee]: i think you’re talking about Fantasy 星梦情真 which aired in 2002.


  69. Hello. Happy National Day !
    Do you mind sending me all drama theme songs or ending songs please ? ThanksYou !!
    Maybe send to my email address.
    Am very happy to know your blog.
    Mind giving my blog a tag too ? Thanks.
    Hope to keep-in-touch.
    will be coming often here. to know updates lerh :D
    Nice blog. Byes

  70. liz

    no problem!thanks for ur help:)

  71. Rachel lee

    Can let me know the song title? can upload to video??

  72. regina lee

    may i know all the shows rui en is acting in so far???

  73. debb

    My comp cant type chinese, and ive been looking for 百万宝 for ages. Thankyous againnnnn:DDDD

  74. debb

    Sorry to bother you,
    but is 拥抱明天 the NKF show starring Rui En?
    I know that there’s a NKF show with Qi Yi Wu and Rui En in it, and i think that theres a ‘tomorrow’ in the name. Please reply. tys:D

  75. regina lee

    to Debb:what show is that? and when is it showing?

  76. debb

    uhh its in the 2005 list

  77. HI EVERYONE!!! sorry for the late replies!!!

    [Jessica’NJX]: sorry, but i don’t send songs anymore. please refer to my drama songs page —

    glad you like what i’ve got on my blog!!!

    [liz]: you’re welcome :)

    [Rachel lee]: i’ll let you know once i’ve found out

    [regina lee]: that would take a while… i’ll tell you once i’ve compiled the list :)

    [debb]: you’re welcome :) glad you find it useful… yup, “yong bao ming tian” is “A Promise for Tomorrow”, starring Rui-en and Qi Yuwu


  78. Lyn

    Hi,can you try to help me find the show 喜临门?
    Thanks :)

  79. [Lyn]: sure :)


  80. feng

    Can u upload a movie from 1994 by chen xiu huan and angela ang call 天使追缉令 ( The Lethal Duo ) which is now shown on tv every wednesday 2am starting from 20/08/2008, it is too late to watch it so can u upload for me thx alot

  81. [feng]: sorry, i don’t upload, but i could help you find a link to watch where someone has uploaded already :)


  82. Feng

    ok thx waiting for ur update

  83. regina lee

    you dun have to help me find already,i’ll find the info by myself,okay?
    p.s:sorry to bother…

  84. michele

    hey qingling, u have the link to the drame tofu street? i miss that show.. thanks!

  85. [michele]: i will look for it :)


  86. michele

    thanks so much!

  87. lala

    hey do update love is all around pls!!!

  88. [lala]: ok, sure :)


  89. Blablabla

    Is that 奶爸百分百?

  90. supporter

    just to give qingling a pat on your back for having this wonderful site.. ever since i chance upon your site, i’ve been visiting every other day to catch up on 奶爸百分百 which i miss everynite.. thanks! Good Job Done!! & not forgetting the rest who has been helping of cos!

    PS: i’ve been watching 奶爸百分百 from but it seems like they’ve stopped uploading further as it has stopped at episode 14.. any way to find other links?? Thanks in advance!

  91. [Ivan Low and Blablabla]: i’ve already updated the links for “Nanny Daddy 奶爸百分百”
    enjoy! :)

    [supporter]: hi! thanks for support and nice comments! :) you can try watching on tudou, they’re uploaded till ep 17 — links above


  92. [Ivan Low]: no one has uploaded it yet. i’ll add it once i find a link…


  93. [Ivan Low]: difficult to find. i’ll continue looking…


  94. [ASD]: THANK YOU so much!!! :)


  95. liz

    hey there…do u have the links for reunion and spice siblings?thanks qingling:)

  96. [liz]: wow. these shows are so difficult to find. i only managed to get this preview of “The Reunion” —

    haven’t been able to get anything on “Spice Siblings”

    will continue looking! i’d like to rewatch “The Reunion”. it was brilliant!


  97. liz

    yeah man!it was one of the best! anw, thanks so much for ur help! appreciate it:) oh ya, sorry, one more request.can u help me find the links for wild orchids if they have? the one starring thomas ong and fann wong. Really really old show…

  98. regina lee

    can upload last-time-shows like’baby boom’,’a toast of love’, and ‘no problem’?


  99. [liz]: ok, i’ll let you know. :)

    [regina lee]: i don’t upload the shows, but i can help you find the links :)


  100. regina lee


  101. Passer by

    Nice blog!

    Spice Siblings is 辣兄辣妹 i think.

    Is it the show about laksa?

    Seems like a nice show =)

  102. [Passer by]: thanks :) yup yup, it’s the laksa show. it was pretty good :) i’d recommend it, although the ending was sad…


  103. [liz]:

    wild orchids here —

    [regina lee]:

    baby boom here —

    can’t find the other 2. will continue searching…


  104. me

    hey. do you know where i can watch channel 5 shows? or do you know where i can watch heartlanders? thanks

  105. Sher

    Hi Qingling,

    I chanced upon ur website, it’s great! So many links to many shows that I thought I would nv see online. Great effort!

    I’ve already bookmark this site :)

    BTW, are you able to find the link to this show called An Ode To Life? I can’t rem the chinese title, it’s currently screening on ch 8 at 5.30pm. I can’t seem to find this show at all, not even on tudou.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. Will also help you in search of more shows. :)

  106. hi … my name is priyaashalini … i am used to go to this website i wish that u have not edit .. one of the dramas at 2004 … the tittle is the champion …. fiona xie , felicia chin and janet aw will act pls upgrate it …. pls …

  107. BOBO

    jeaneatte aw* , upgrade*

  108. [me]: i’m not sure. i can help you check though :)

    [Sher]: thanks!! :) i’ve been looking for that show, but i can’t find it at all! i’ll continue looking.. you’re welcome, i’m glad you like what i’ve got here!

    [priyaashalini]: hi :) yup, i’ve not reviewed “The Champion”, ‘cos i only started reviewing seriously in 2006. but i think i’ll have to find time to do that review. it’s a classic!


  109. [BOBO]: huh? upgrade Jeanette Aw???


  110. BOBO

    no qingling……. i not saying upgrading JEANETTE aw.i’m just correcting priyashiii grammar mistakes! ^^^ HAHAHAHAHHAA

  111. [BOBO]: oh. haha :) sorry, misunderstood!


  112. 2002 and 2001 and 2000 Drama Songs

  113. priyaa shalini

    k thanks alot … because since small i used to be watching chinese dramas and tong xin yuan some episodes are missing …. i am a indian …


  114. [Ivan Low]: hi. could you stop erm… demanding?! ‘cos you just put down stuff, and expect me to know what you are talking about. and i do, but i think it’s kinda rude.

    [priyaa shalini]– :) really nice to know you! didn’t know Indian people like to watch Channel 8 dramas too!! :) hmmm… Tong Xin Yuan is missing episodes?? i’ll try to look for the missing ones, but it’s a series which is very difficult to find…


  115. priyaashalini

    k no problem u may take ur time to find … no worries …. qingling ….. my cousins , aunt , uncle … love watching even my elder sis … hahax … k i wan to ask u something … hope u don mind …. some of the episodes cannot been seen clearly … do u kno wats the prob … the dramas are la femme , let it shine thats the ones … k can i ask can u pls upload the crime busters which is the 9 in the night … from mon to fri … pls upload all … pls … let me tell u something u are a very kind person … i can already see … qingling … u also have an preety name ….

    take care … anjoi ur day … hope u like it …



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    hahax … anjoi the day ….

  117. [priyaashalini]– :) nice to know!! haha.
    i’m sorry, but i don’t upload any shows, i can only help you look for them…

    erm… ok. why did you put your name as mine?? yes, i’m qingling, you’re not. haha.

    thanks for the comments :)


  118. j know the link for the Love Concierge. episodes 20 and above got some parts missing.

  119. regina lee

    dear Qingling,

    i guess you have to start writing a new review already.By My Side is starting tonight!!!

    good luck in writing the review…

  120. [regina lee]: oh gosh, i don’t think i can finish it on time!! haha :) thanks


  121. regina lee

    sorry for rushing you but can you upload the links for By My Side?

  122. Do you have the By My Side Show Pls Tks!

  123. [regina lee & Ivan Low]: yup, in the midst of searching!


  124. johnx

    hey. can you try to find these shows. the showsa are quite old and i do not know the chinese name. thanks

    Oh Dad! (2004)
    Master Swordsman Lu Xiao Feng (2003)
    Are You My Brother? (1999)
    Coup de Scorpio(1999)
    Love In A Foreign City (1997)
    Waves of Courage(1996)
    Living by night (1996)

  125. johnx

    hey. can you try to find these shows. the showsa are quite old and i do not know the chinese name. thanks

    Oh Dad! (2004)
    Master Swordsman Lu Xiao Feng (2003)
    Are You My Brother? (1999)
    Coup de Scorpio(1999)
    Love In A Foreign City (1997)
    Waves of Courage(1996)
    Living by night (1996)

  126. [johnx]: all Thomas Ong shows?? haha :) check out the link for “Wild Orchids 再见萤光兰” (1996) too —!

    Oh Dad! 偶像·爸爸 — can’t find. will continue looking…

    Master Swordsman Lu Xiao Feng 陆小凤之决战前后 —
    (i hope it’s the right version!)

    Are you My Brother? 错体双宝 — can’t find. (i owe this link also to Liz.)

    Coup de Scorpio 天蝎行动–

    Love in a Foreign City 富贵双城 — can’t find, sorry.

    Waves of Courage (i have no idea what show this is, ‘cos i can’t find any info, or the Chinese title)

    Living by Night 都是夜归人 — can’t find. sorry.

    k, i’ll try my best for the rest!!


  127. johnx

    thanks for the links

  128. joanne

    do you have ‘as you like it'(2000). i think its called 随心所遇

  129. ahyann

    hello . do you have 孩有明天 de show?xD

  130. [ahyann]: will try to find the link


  131. regina

    can help me find links for “No Problem”(2002)
    and “A Toast Of Love”(2003) ??
    thanks a million…

  132. regina

    Can you help me find links for ”no problem”(2002) and ”a toast of love” (2003) ?
    thanks a zillion! hahah just kidding.

  133. [regina]: hmmm… just kidding means you want the links or not??

    haha :)

    i’ll find them for you lah! but it’s not easy… will take a while…


  134. [johnx]: i’ve found the Chinese title of “Waves of Courage 逐浪青春”! i’ll look for the link to watch!


  135. regina

    i think someone used my name leh…i didn’t write “thanks a zillion! hahah just kidding.”

  136. [regina]: hahaha :)


  137. Amanda

    Em can u help me find the link for Baby Blues, the one showing now on channel 8 on weekdays at 5.30pm?
    Cos i have no time to watch it, miss a lot of episodes…
    Please & thanks in advance (:

  138. [Amanda]: i don’t think anyone has uploaded it. i’ll continue looking…

    qingling~ :)

  139. [Amanda]: you’re welcome :)


  140. Passerby

    Got A Mobile Love Story 爱情的占线?

    Please find for me…thank you

  141. [Passerby]: i’ll look for it


  142. Do you have the Ten Brothers Show Pls.

  143. [Ivan Low]: ok, i’ll look for it, but do you want it in Mandarin or Cantonese?


  144. passer_by

    if it can be chinese i would be glad

  145. Amanda

    Can’t find the Baby Blues show? I noe it’s pretty hard to find…

  146. passer_by

    could you please help me find the links for the drama “baby blues” thanks!!!

  147. reddiodd

    hey thanks a lot… i wonder how much effort u put in, reli impressive!
    reli appreciate it XD
    gotta watch mars vs venus later

  148. [passer_by]: Chinese for what? Ten Brothers?

    [Amanda & passer_by]: i’ll try my best!

    [reddiodd]: you’re welcome!!


  149. passer_by

    yap it is for ten brothers.>>thks…

  150. [passer_by & Ivan Low]: ok, i’ll look for it. i’ll be putting any TVB links at my new TVB site —


  151. SM

    hi qingling! erm..the show WOMEN OF TIMES link is wrong…

  152. [SM]: i’ll change it A.S.A.P. thanks for telling me!


  153. supporter

    qingling: there was a volleyball show played by chen liping many years ago, i believe in the 80s.. & another swimming show which had irene ang in it.. cant remember these title. will you be able to find the link?

    many thanks in advance! no hurry, i will keep checking back if the link is available..

  154. [supporter]: ok, i’ll try my best!! :)


  155. NIGEL

    NIGEL wan jiejie write review of BY MY SIDE 9pm channel 8 show.

  156. the-boy

    supporter i here is the link for show about the volleyball

  157. [NIGEL]: yes, i know it is LONG overdue. will be up soon!

    [the-boy]: thanks for the link for Chen Liping’s volleyball show 飞跃巅峰 :)


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    NIGEL ask jiejie,had jiejie watched THE CRIME HUNTERS ALREADY??????????????????????????? NIGEL THINK JIEJIE WATCHED ALREADY.NIGEL tell jiejie,is it very very very nice,very thrilling,very exiciting,very scary???????

    NIGEL wan hear jiejie comments about that fun and interesting police show. NIGEL wan jiejie put high rating of that show and put to HALL OF FAME. NIGEL say fun.

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    NIGEL also wan to tell jiejie,JUST IN SINGAPORE is also re-run at SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 4.30pm to 6.30pm.

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    NIGEL wan ask jiejie,DOES JEFF WANG JIAN FU HAVE A SINGING ALBUM or don have.NIGEL ask jiejie if don have,WHEN WILL JEFF WANG JIAN FU RELEASED ALBUM???????????nigel say when.nigel say when.

  163. NIGEL

    NIGEL ask jiejie,why does some singapore drama songs don have FULL VERSION,ESPECIALLY FENG DE JIAN BANG.NIGEL like the song FENG DE JIAN BANG by wang jian fu ,very much.nigel like that song very very much.NIGEL find it a very nice soothing song.NIGEL say since is a nice song,but why don have full version??????? NIGEL say why? NIGEL say can jiejie explain why some songs DON WAN have FULL VERSION,some then can have??????.NIGEL say what is the reason of they not having full version????NIGEL say can jiejie explain??? NIGEL say thank you JIEJIE.


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    NIGEL wan tell jiejie,this are the song names NIGEL have.nigel wan jiejie look below.
    1)BING JIAN DE FANG XIANG(LIVE) – full version
    2)NAN REN SI SHI – full version
    3)FENG DE JIAN BANG – short version

    NIGEL wan tell jiejie,NIGEL hope feng de jian bang have full version,then NIGEL can replace it FULL VERSION better than the short version.NIGEL wish JEFF WANG JIAN FU CAN FASTER RELEASED FIRST ALBUM with THE SONG FENG DE JIAN BANG inside.

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  167. [NIGEL]: nope, i’ve not watched The Crime Hunters yet…

    ok… my review will be out soon! i know it’s long overdue! sorry to keep all of you waiting!!!

    yup, thanks for telling me! i know… they’re great shows!!

    i have no idea if Jeff Wang has an album, and if he doesn’t, well… I DON’T KNOW WHY. maybe you can write in the Mediacorp and ask them.


    [supporter]: the other swimming show = Xiao Fei Yu??


  168. Someone


    Your 至尊红颜 link is not working.

    It linked me to some other show.

    Please fix it.


  169. Someone

    Oops forgot to ask, got any 小娘惹 The Little Nyonya?

    Thanks so much :)

  170. [Someone]: i’ve fixed it!!! there are many alternative links now — please look above! :)

    right. i’ll look and update!!


  171. supporter

    i dont think so.. it has irene ang in it (i think her nickname was 大白沙), and i think chen liping acted in it as well.. but i’m nt very sure abt it.. sorry.. its ok if u cant find any links.. thanks for the trouble..

  172. SM

    hi qingling! can u post the shows Family Combo ??

  173. [supporter]: hmmm… i’ll try my best :)

    [SM]: i’ll look for it!!

    TO ALL: The Little Nyonya links are updated!!! :)



  174. SM

    hi qingling! fyi, the next long series show(lyk love blossoms) will b either:

    -the ultimatium


    -xiang wo ni de shou


  175. [SM]: thanks for letting me know…

    if i’m not wrong, the blockbuster drama of the year (eg. The Golden Path, Little Nyonya) will be “The Ultimatium”, and the long-running mega-drama will be the one with Chen Liping – is that called “xiang wo ni de shou”??


  176. Someone

    Hey thanks for finding The Little Nyonya.

    Would you help to find 心花朵朵开II Love Blossoms II?

    It starts today =)

  177. [Someone]: you’re welcome!

    i’ll post up links for 心花朵朵开 II Love Blossoms II when i find it


  178. SM

    hi qingling. could u do the review on xin hua duo duo kai 2?? thx!

  179. [SM]: yup, i have to do the Part 1 FINAL REVIEW + recap, and Part 2 :)


  180. pona

    Hi qingling, could u plz let me know where i can watch tong xin yuan, the link u some episodes are missing can u tell me where i can watch them

  181. [pona]: right now, this is the best link i can find… will continue looking!!


  182. hi.. wonder if u can upload Spice Siblings if have..

  183. SM

    hi qingling. could u post the link for the Fei Yi Ban Ma Ma ? thx.

  184. [xueqi]: i don’t upload any shows… will continue looking!

    [SM]: ok, will do :)


  185. SM

    hey qingling.. could u post the link for Spice Siblings ?


  186. Anonymous

    Little Nyonya is nice…and really thanks for those links…Frankly speaking Qi Yiwu make a good couple with Jeanette aw…I think they kind of have the husband and wife look…hehehe

  187. Anonymous

    Episode 15 & 16 please….I miss them…nice episode…Thank you very very very muchie

  188. Someone

    Thanks for the Love Blossoms II links.

    I just wondering, why not you set up another side dedicated to SG movies?

    That would be quite nice =)

  189. [SM]: i’m still looking!!

    [Anonymous]: you’re welcome! haha :) yea, i think so too…
    hmmm? ep 15 & 16? i don’t upload the shows! you have to check with the links i’ve provided :)

    [Someone]: you’re welcome! SG movies – like I Not Stupid, Sing to the Dawn etc.
    i don’t really watch every SG movie, sorry.


  190. Anonymous

    Cool…Thanks alot for the Episode 15&16….cool!…Yueniang is so poor thing…so tired liao still have to handle so much nonsense….you are Great..have to give you a big round of applause cos i bet you don’t wanna my hug too…heheheh

  191. [Anonymous]: you’re welcome! hahahahahaha :) well.. thanks for the round of applause!


  192. Jas



  193. [Jas]: you have to check the playlists!! i don’t upload any shows!!!


  194. Someone

    Hey do you have the show 星闪闪?

    It’s playing on TV from 5.30-6.30 nowadays…

  195. Anonymous

    OMG…I just watched 2day’s episode…stupid Robert!!!!! What the hell…..should castrate him…….he is a truely jerks!!!! eeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrk……..arghhhhhhhhh………

  196. Anonymous

    (TO another anonymous) AIYO! what’s your problem? -___- ,IT JUST A SHOW! DO you need to be so SERIOUS ? =(

    (To qingling) qingling don’t you agree with me?? ^^^^^^

  197. [Someone]: i’ll look for it and let you know :)

    [Anonymous]: OMG. YEAA! he’s SO EVIL! he and his father should DIE a TERRIBLE DEATH!!!!!

    [Anonymous]: haha. i think there’s nothing wrong. firstly, the scriptwriters did a great job in creating such a character, which is so detestable, and whom everyone wants to KILL! secondly, Zzen does justice to this EVIL role, and he really looks SO EVIL! I WANT TO KILL ROBERT ZHANG!!!!


  198. Anonymous

    hahahaha…yeah men…he and his father should die a terrible death….hahahaha…o ya its a show after all…But I think yuzhu would have just let Yueniang Go and quickly lock back the door and run up to put the keys back..then won’t gana so much thingy liao…

  199. [Anonymous]: EXACTLY. she should have just locked the door and went to her room or something… ‘cos there isn’t an internal lock… but she must’ve thought that it was her mother or someone who’d come to check.

    and stupid Tianbao! he made Robert drunk, and so he thought Yuzhu was Yueniang!


  200. Jas

    hi qingling

    de xin huaduo duo kai2 haf nt upload esp 10 onward
    pls update

    enjoy christmas

  201. Jas

    where can i dl den youku convertor thks

  202. [Jas]: they’ve updated it to ep14 already!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too :)

    you can download youku videos using, but putting the playlist link there, and download the .flv files by right-clicking “save file/target as”

    hope it works!!!


  203. Anonymous

    Hihihi…can upload episode 26 for little Nyonya????? I missed it…Really wished to watch…thanks!

  204. [Anonymous]: sorry, i don’t upload any of the shows. the links above are those i’ve found…


  205. Anonymous

    OMG…..soo sad….my episode 26…Mon I’ll have to try catch ball liao…sooooo sad…..

  206. Someone

    Hello qingling, I found a half-complete list of 星闪闪 on youku.

    It’s short of episodes 5, 7, 8, 11, 13, 14, 16, 19…

    Would you mind trying to find these episodes and conglomerate them into one complete list?

    Thanks =)

  207. Someone

    I found 星闪闪 on youku…but it’s incomplete…

    It’s short of episodes 5, 7, 8, 11, 13, 14, 16, 19…

    Can you find those episodes and create one complete playlist?

    Thanks =)

  208. [Someone]: thanks so much :)

    i’ll update it above soon… and try to find a better playlist!


  209. mikky


    Just wondering if you could help find the 1999 drama serial ‘The Reunion’ since I’d tried and failed?

    Thanks (:

  210. Anonymous

    Actually I find that the ending of the nyonya show is abit like rushing…too faster faster wanna to complete the show…but then…overall still a nice so…anyway…its quite expected that xiaoqi is yuzhu’s granddaughter….Yuzhu is so poor thing…if I were her I will also go mad…especially when stuck in those kind of asituation…..and luckily robert and charlie dies..Good thing that they die..hmm…not a happy ending overall though…so sad

  211. [mikky]: isn’t “The Reunion” a 2001 show? and yes, i’ve also been trying to find it to no avail. sigh. :(

    [Anonymous]: i didn’t think it was a rushed ending… but most loose ends were tied up, and it left not much question on what happened to all the characters right? yup, expected that Anqi is Yuzhu’s grand-daughter, and i liked how they portrayed Anqi’s father = looks exactly like Robert! so Anqi’s father is really Yuzhu and Robert Zhang’s son. YAY, i was so happy when Robert and Charlie died! yea, it was really quite sad… the old Yueniang died too…

    overall, i really liked this show! :)


  212. Little nyonya fan

    Hi qingling, are u able to obtain the 3 min ending clip for little nyonya?

  213. [Little nyonya fan]: i’ll be looking out for it! would you like the one with subtitles or the one without?

    qingling~ :)

  214. Anonymous

    Actually, frankly speaking, Qi Yiwu and Jeanette Aw made a good couple..they have the couple look….If in real life they are a couple then good also….I guess I just like Jeanette to pair with Yiwu…just have this strange chemistry that is nice to watch…Apart from the Good old days of Zoe and Nanxing and Fann and Wang Tiancai….they are another Good match…the upcoming Good match…wish they were together…

  215. Someone

    Thanks for 星闪闪! =)

    Many many thanks =)

  216. Someone

    You have 同心圆 II?

    And the tudou list is not complete…what a pity…

    Sorry for just making stupid comments when I cannot help xP

  217. [Anonymous]: yea, their chemistry has always been good, even since “The Champion” days :)

    [Someone]: you’re welcome!! but i think some of the ku6 videos are not working right? please tell me if all the links work!!

    nope, i have to search for it somemore…

    nope, not stupid comments. i did ask all of you to inform me if anything is incomplete or anything :)


  218. Someone

    All the links are working =)

    Thanks so much =)

  219. [Someone]: oh, that’s good!!
    you’re welcome :)


  220. Someone

    You have CNY songs from 福牛迎瑞年?

  221. [Someone]: nope, i don’t. please support the original artistes and buy the CD!! :)

    if not, you can always look on youtube for the MVs they’ve been showing on TV…


  222. zj

    can you upload measure of man(大难人小男人)

  223. Here’s a link for Takeover from 1985:

    It’s a cohesive and compelling story with a great ensemble cast.

    Do you, by any chance happen to have links to other old SBC dramas? I would love to see stuff like Kopi-O, Painted Faces, The Bond, etc.

  224. Here’s a link for Takeover from 1985:

    It’s a cohesive and compelling story with a great ensemble cast.

    Do you, by any chance, happen to have links to other old SBC dramas? I would love to see stuff like Kopi-O, Painted Faces, The Bond, etc.

  225. Jayson


    Great site, do you have the video or movies for Measure of Man 大男人小男人 ? I miss the first 5 episode and would appreciate if you can upload this drama. Thanks a million

  226. [zj and Jayson]: i don’t upload any dramas, but i could keep a lookout for 大男人,小男人 for you all… :)

    [olaf]: thanks for the link! i don’t upload any shows… but i could help you look out for the links to those shows!


  227. little nyonya fan

    Hi qingling,

    i dont mind either of the clips, as long as i can find it!

  228. [little nyonya fan]: i’ve already linked them above (both with subtitles)! i hope they work!!


  229. RowenaC

    great site. im a huge fan of sg dramas. been searching high and low for website like urs. superb job. n thanks for spending the time to share ur interest with all of us . :)

  230. [RowenaC]: THANK YOU :)



  231. zj

    thanks for keeping a lookout! please keep me informed once you’ve found a site relating measure of a man!

  232. [zj]: yup sure. unfortunately, there’s still nothing at the moment…


  233. SM

    heyy qingling.. u haf not update for a veri long time!
    u haf not update Reunion Dinner & Love Blossoms 2 after afew episodes…
    keep on posting plz.

  234. [SM]: yes, I KNOW!!!
    i’ll try to keep updated and quickly do up all the reviews which i owe all of you!!!

    sorry, i’m afraid you’ll all have to wait for a while longer…


  235. Someone

    Help me find

    The Dream-catchers

    Ok? =)

  236. chinz

    can u pls upload measures of man the show on 11pm at channel 8

  237. [Someone]: ok, sure…

    [chinz]: sorry, i don’t upload any shows!
    i’ll try to get a link, but so far, it’s proving quite difficult!


  238. SM

    hi qingling. could u post the link for Wei Lai Bu Shi Meng? thx.

  239. [SM]: thanks to Someone who has provided the links, i’ll edit the above soon!! :)

    [Someone]: THANKS SO MUCH!! :)


  240. Anonymous

    O is there any “未来不是梦“show????? If have got its link, can upload???? Thanks Thanks!

  241. [Anonymous]: i’ve updated the links above :)


  242. jonathan

    hey qing ling,
    i know you maybe busy
    but i was hoping that the links could be updated
    or other links
    it’s only up till episode 3
    but the tv already telecast much further
    i hope that you can find the links,
    please and thank you :D

  243. [jonathan]: which links would this be? The Dream-catchers?
    i’m afraid i can’t do anything but wait for the creators to upload the eps.
    ‘cos most upload the bulk of the eps on the weekends.
    if you could, pls give me more info on what you’re looking for!!


  244. Someone

    Actually, just curious, do you collect money from the ads you run on your blog?

    If you feel uncomfortable you can choose not to reply…

  245. [Someone]: haha :) nope. i don’t. those banners up under ‘ADS’ are favours for my friends!
    i wanted to make money from ads, but no one was interested putting ads on my site.
    so i just put my friend’s banners there for promotional purposes, and don’t collect a cent. i don’t get a cent from running this blog.


  246. NIGEL

    NIGEL wan big and fun qingling jiejie see lots and lots of entries/reviews(XIN HUA DUO DUO KAI 2,BAR BENDER,THE DREAM CATCHERS,THE REUNION DINNER)written by NIGEL at NIGEL’S BLOG FOR JIEJIE TO SEE NIGEL entries.
    NIGEL wan jiejie click blue link:

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    NIGEL say big jiejie have how many songs in jiejie phone already. NIGEL have 179 songs already in phone.

  248. SM

    hey qingling. u wrote dat u wont b watching The Dream-Catchers rite??
    u should watch it. if u watch it, u WILL be glued to the tv set during 9pm-10pm…hahas.

  249. [NIGEL]: thanks, i’ll take a look!
    i have 700+ songs! haha :)

    [SM]: haha. i do watch bits and pieces, but not really interested.


  250. Anonymous

    Dream catcher is nice…. I like it…….I guess I like the “fireworks” between Zhiwei and Jiale….heheheheh quite cute………….should watch should watch……..

  251. [Anonymous]: haha :) well… don’t feel like watching it. trying to cut down on the shows i’m watching now, ‘cos gotta study. haha :) so i’ll only watch when i feel it’s worth spending time… i might regret it, but well…


  252. Someone

    Do you have the song which has lyrics of

    “我看啊 看着电视 越来越有意思 说着我生命故事”

    Do you also have the song

    “老师早, 同学们好, 我们开始上课了”

  253. rhythm of life dreamcatcher

    I 100% agree with sm. tt show is the nicest. and u gt nothing to do.I watch the 7 b4 and it is sort of boring, so….

  254. [Someone]: no i don’t. i’ll try to find them!

    [rhythm of life dreamcatcher]: erm, who’s got nothing to do? and what 7??


  255. mary

    can u please help me find the drama for a child’s hope( 孩有明天) please???thanks you…

  256. Anonymous

    hihihi…do the dreamcatcher had more episodes??? cos I see that it only stop at epi8…thanks!!!

    Qingling, I must praise you and salute to u for taking so much efford on these so that we had the Eye “Fu” to watch missing episodes…Thanks alot for your effort…and if you need help…throw to the floor too…so that whoever has the ability to help can help too….Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, I miss some episodes of dreamcatcher, dont knw whether can put up if available??…Thanks!!

    Thanks a million!!!

  257. [mary]: i’ll look for it. you’re welcome in advance! :)

    [Anonymous]: hmmm… i’ll have to see if there are any more updated playlists, but the creators usually upload a whole week’s load of eps on the weekends, so you may have to wait.

    oh, thank you! :) all i do is source for the links, i don’t upload. if you’d like to thank the uploaders, you can leave a comment at the tudou or youku playlists, k?
    erm… Eye “Fu”? sorry, i don’t understand leh.
    i must also thank those who’ve provided me with the links when i was too busy to update :) and of course to those who’ve uploaded the dramas :)

    well.. as i’ve said, i don’t upload, so we’ll just have to wait for the uploaders!! haha

    you’re welcome again! glad i could help :)


  258. Anonymous

    hohohoho….Eye “Fu” is 眼福..just like 口福 is just tat in this case its a pleasure to the eye instead of the mouth…kekekekekekek…..But still have to thank you for compiling the episodes and linking them together as well as categorising them for easier search and watch for viewers like us….Thanks gal!

  259. [Anonymous]: OHH! haha :)

    you’re welcome :)


  260. mary

    thanks alot qingling…..

  261. [mary]: you’re welcome :) you’re looking for part 1 right? it’s proving very difficult to find!! i’ll try my best!

    in the mean time, here’s a music clip of the subtheme song —


  262. Jayson

    Hi qingling

    Any chance in finding the link to Measure of Man 大男人小男人 ?. Thanks a million

  263. mary

    part 1 or part 2 will do… thanks alot…..

  264. Anonymous

    so sad there is no more updates for the Dream Catcher ??? cos I miss 2day episode… sad……

  265. [Jayson]: nope, i’ve been searching, but no results! :(

    [mary]: sorry, can’t find. will continue looking!

    [Anonymous]: i think they should be up already! it’s past the weekend, the people should have uploaded the latest eps!


  266. Jayson

    Hi Qingling

    Thanks for trying. I hope you will find it one day. I am sure there are people who are looking for it too.

  267. Someone

    Just wondering, Qingling, why don’t you do variety shows too?

    You can have a seperate blog on variety shows…

    Though they may be hard to find…

  268. mary

    thanks alot….

  269. mary

    thanks alot for trying to find….

  270. [Jayson]: yea, i know… haha :) i’ll try my best!

    [Someone]: nah, sorry. i don’t watch variety shows, but if anyone uploads them, i could help you look for them!

    [mary]: you’re welcome :)


  271. liz

    hey qingling! it’s me again.
    I was wondering if there are links available for “As you like it”? Starring Ix Shen and TayPingHui. Thanks in advance!:)

  272. [liz]: hey!
    right. not sure if these links still work —

    pls tell me if they work, if not i’ll look for alternatives! :)


  273. Anonymous

    *** Weep Weep *** I missed yesterday episode on Dream Catcher…anyone has it????……….weng weng…thanks thanks!

  274. rhythm_of_l1f3_dreamcatcher

    anybody can tell me where to watch the last epi of tdc? I dun think I can watch on tues so pls help me.I really wan to noe wad is going to happen. I only noe that jiale accept zhi wei’s love and jiaqi go with sato. so sad.:(

  275. [Anonymous]: haha, wait for the people to upload!! :)

    [rhythm of life]: i think you’ll have to wait for the people to upload!!


  276. Liz

    omg omg! Thank you so so much qingling!!!*wide smile* I’m watching it now. Thank you so much!! :D I’ll tell you if it doesn’t work. Thanks again for your help!I appreciate it.:D

  277. [Liz]: YOU’RE WELCOME!


  278. supporter

    hi qingling, to sidetrack from this topic: Just a suggestion.. why dont u do a voting system for all of us here to vote for the nominees whom we think shd win for Star Awards? I believe there will surely be cases where the well-deserved winner will not win on the actual day, but at least, based on this system, we can show our support to whom we feel should win for the respective categories.. what do u think? The nominees for this year’s award is very well selected (except for a few obvious kelong case).. I believe the show’s going to be exciting!!

  279. :D

    hey, can u help me to find the link for perfect cut 2?
    i would appreciate it alot! :)
    thanks anyway

  280. Liz

    Hey qingling. I’m done with ‘As you like it’. But the links available are only up till episode 10. Hope you can help :) Thanks!

  281. [supporter]: yes, i was thinking of that!
    will try to get it done A.S.A.P — on the sidebar you think? or should i put it in each post?

    [:D]: ok, sure.

    [Liz]: ok, i’ll try to get a complete set


  282. JASLINE((:

    hi…thanks for uploading so many dramas…
    will you be uploading PERFECT CUT 2? cause i missed the 1st two eps!

  283. JASLINE((:

    sorry…i mean can u try to get the PERFECT CUT 2 links if there is? thanks!

  284. Liz

    Thanks qingling. :) Sorry to trouble you…

  285. supporter

    Hi Qingling, i thot by the sidebar should be good enough.. else u can create another page link just for that.. hehe…=) afterall, as u wish!! Cheers~

  286. [JASLINE((:] — yup, sure. they should be up in a few day, i’ll keep tabs on whether people upload it!

    [Liz]: no trouble at all :)

    [supporter]: hmmm… ok. :) i’ll try to place them at the sidebar, but it might take too long for my homepage to load.
    i’ll probably link to another page…


  287. this web is very very nice n thx 4 providing all the movies n iie can fins those tat iie wanted to see long a go but they r not upload on other webs so thx

  288. [jiayi]: thanks so much!! :) you’re welcome, glad i could help!


  289. JASLINE((:


  290. Anonymous

    Does anyone has 同心圆_ep43???? 同心圆 only until ep42…very sad….watch half way and no more liao….so sad…..anyone has ep 43???? Please help thanks!

  291. jon

    they have uploaded perfect cut 2 online!

  292. [JASLINE((:]: you’re welcome! thanks so jon, he’s provided a link —

    [Anonymous]: i’ll look!

    [jon]: thanks so much! :) i’ll update it A.S.A.P.


  293. Someone

    You got 同一屋檐下 My Love, My Home?

    Cast: Li Lin, Edmund Chen, Chen Hanwei, Priscelia Chan.

    Saw it from the Mediacorp Channel 8 website

  294. Someone

    How about Jack neo’s Happily Ever After?

  295. [Someone]: i’ll look for it :)
    has Jack Neo’s show started yet? i’ll look for it too :)


  296. Someone

    LOL jack neo’s show started 1 Mar. Ending on 8 mar.

  297. [Someone]: ok, i’ll see if anyone has uploaded it!


  298. hey qingling..thanks for trying ever so hard to find the links for the shows and songs…i konw some shows are especially hard to don’t be too disappointed or sad if you can’t meet people’s demands…

    anyways…keep up the good job!!all the best in finding old and new shows..

  299. Stranger

    err , is there 荷兰村 show ?

  300. [Grace]: you’re welcome! glad i could help :) thanks for your support!!

    [Stranger]: i’ll look for it and get back to you :)


  301. Stranger

    err okay thanks .

  302. no problem…
    i always come here for Family Matters as i always miss it on thursdays…

    p/s:hope this page will keep on prospering!!

  303. [Stranger]: yup, i’ll try my best :)

    [Grace]: great! thanks, i hope i can try to get more shows up here!!


  304. hehe..ok.. u watch the little nyonya??
    i’m halfway through it and seriously’s so sad n touching..T.T

  305. [Grace]: yup, i’ve seen it :)
    it’s very addictive!! i like it :)


  306. Summer

    hi! can you pls upload double happiness?

  307. Summer

    hi! can you pls upload double happiness? Tq :)

  308. [Summer]: sorry, i don’t upload. i’ll help you find a link :)


  309. c h u a

    any idea if The Strategem (Zoe Tay, Tay Ping Hui, Edmund Chen) is available online? it was recently showing at 12am weekdays

  310. [c h u a]: hi!
    ok, i’ll look for it :)

    btw, i’ve moved to


  311. n u noe wat??although zzen is very handsome..he has that cunning look that catalyses his gruesome role..

  312. [Grace]: hmmm. so i think it’ll be a real challenge for Zzen not to act bad. haha :)

    btw, i’ve moved to
    pls support me there! pls also click … and join our forum —


  313.’s a real challenge..
    ok..sure..i’ll support u..
    i’ve finished little nyonya n i think it’s really great!!
    hope mediacorp will continue with even better dramas..

  314. JASLINE((:

    hi! u’ve moved! but will u still be uploading links of dramas here?
    if there’s Table of Glory please upload the links! THANKS! :D

  315. [Grace]: haha, yup.
    thanks for joining the forum :)
    yup, TLN is a really nice show! glad you like it! :D
    btw, pls comment at in the future! thanks!

    yes, i’ve moved! you commented there too! no videos have been uploaded at the moment. will update them when i can find over @ :)


  316. sorry to bother you again ,qingling, but i just want to know..r u going to maintain n update this page still??
    or u’ll just be at dramafocus??

    i’ll comment at dramafocus the next tym..

  317. [Grace]: nope. please comment at :)



  318. sportzie

    Hi… I am a Singaporean and chanced upon your website. I am now based overseas. I would like to watch the show that you have recommended so can you please advise how I could download the shows from Tudou? Thanks. Please email me instead.

  319. chinz

    y table of glory got only 3 episodes??

  320. [sportzie]: emailed! :)

    [chinz]: so far, the people have only uploaded that many. wait for the weekends — that’s when they upload the entire week’s episodes :)

    i’ve moved to
    please support me there, and you might want to join the forum


  321. chinz

    wad happen 2 like it got hacked

  322. [chinz]: OMG. yah. updates here for the time being. they’re trouble-shooting the problem now.

    hopefully all goes well :)


  323. can you please upload the episodes of beyond dawn the 1996 drama starring chen hanwei and phyllis quek?

  324. if can find try to find for me the links or videos for the 1996 channel 8 drama beyond dawn?thanks:)sabrina

  325. chinz

    y table of glory so long havent upload the videos??

  326. Qingling i hope you upload the episodes of beyond dawn or find for me the links as soon as possible ok?thanks,i will kindly appreciate it.

  327. [Sabrina]: you have the Chinese title?

    [chinz]: is updated! so are all the tudou ones above + this —


    please comment @, ‘cos i’ve MOVED already! thanks!


  328. sabrina

    the chinese title is niu zhi jian yu

  329. i hope you will upload the 20 episodes of beyond dawn in this website as soon as possible,i will really appreciate it:)sabrina

  330. regina

    now tudou also have 爱情零度C .

  331. hello all, erm can i know if there is any websites to watch ONLY singapore dramas ?? because this blogspot sometimes a bit laggy >< pls contact me via msn @ if you know of any,thank you :D

  332. willie

    hi, jux to ask… U didnt publish the new drama? named the school daze, the new 9pm drama..

  333. chinz

    can you help me find the links for the show measures of man

  334. TSL

    Can i know why the love blossom don’t have sub? Can you give me website that got sub?

  335. james

    could you post the reunion video starring tay ping hui, terrence cao and chew chor meng pls? Thats like the best blockbuster so far but not around-.-“

  336. TM

    do you hv 果实中的童话(大结局) which is a children educational programme? The last episode was aired this morning & my kids are so disappointed when our recording didnt work. Please help me…. thanks a zillion..

  337. Anonymous

    can you upload 我的校园有神探 the science mystery adventure club plz…!!!

    • cheryl

      hey u like watching SMAC? me 2! in fact, i luv it! btw, how old r u? who u like in the show? i like xuyuan. pls reply at cherylsoon0157@ hardly go to qingling’s blog cos exams.

      PS: remember to write ur name, age, sch(if from primary sch)

  338. Priyaa

    heyys ,
    may i know when are u going to upload
    the drama
    the champions !

    pls let me know as soon as possible ! :D
    thanks !

  339. cheryl

    Qingling, can u tell me where i can find Boys Over Flowers??

  340. Jas

    Hi hi,

    Happy new year.. not too sure if you will reply here again but somehow i can’t find somewhere to post a comment in ur new site.

    I just want to check if you have the drama that has wong lilin and jacelyn tay acting as angels trying to bring couples together?

    I search the web for a long time, just couldnt find it .:(

    Wonder if you can help me? Thanks alot

    • [Jas]: happy new year! :) yes, that’s the problem i’m facing – can’t comment on pages at my new site. you could just click any post and comment there, and i’ll be sure to reply :)

      as of now, my new site is down for maintenance, so i’ll just communicate with you here!

      hmmm i’m not sure what show this is. do you have an English or Chinese title?

      qingling~ the Drama Focus Network (previously &

  341. do you have the show 大男人, 小男人

  342. jimmy

    hi can u help me found the tcs drama serial
    called which stars lina ng
    in a tennis show

  343. jimmy

    do u have the drama serial called
    the tennis drama showing lina ng n chenxiuhuan

  344. Jessica Luong

    Hi Qingling. Thank you for your links share from the web. However, I’m trying to watch the old series “The Peak” but the link fail to open. Could you share me an alternative link for it. I’d love to watch this series with English subtitles – cause I dont know chinese language – or do you have any download link to share regarding to this series

  345. ljql

    Thanks for finding the links! i was so desperately finding all the past years’ dramas till i chanced upon this website… it was really helpful~ :D

  346. susan

    I want see baby boom drama but i can not find it at youtube,can everyone tell me where n how i can watch this drama sereis?tq

  347. Ben

    Hi, Thanks for finding the links. Are you able to help me find zao an lao shi. I know there are a couple of series. I am looking for the one that Evelyn Tan acted one.

  348. kai li

    hi i was wondering if u could find tong yi wu yan xia?tried alot of website cant find…thanks~

  349. candy

    i want to watch Mars vs Venus 幸福双人床 so badly… :

  350. Stevenfup

    Недурно бы рассказать свои впечатлениями относительно поездки по Европе.эмоции не о памятках культуры и похожем, а о проституции и еётипах.Как известно на территорий держав бывшего совка, а тоже на в Югославии, путанство вчистую ликвидирована и гоняется законом. этого не скажешь сравнительно про государства Западной и Средней Старого мира. В том плане земли делятся на пару частей- где полностью дозволена путанство и інтим услуги в той или иной типах элитные девушки Москвы, и где древнейшая профессия дозволена но закрыты публичные дома и сводничество. к первой части принадлежат ФРГ и Чехия. к следующему типу – Испания. первый вид – среди родоначальников секс-туризма, и именно в те страны лучше всего идеально нестись для такого замысла .

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