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(my old email: will still be in use, but it’ll be great if you could change my address in your contact lists. thanks!)

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  1. Sawajiri Samliz

    Hello… can you kindly send me hia you ming tian song lyric to my e-mail account…

  2. John

    May I ask u what is this thing about placing an advertisement on your Blog about ?

  3. [John]: hi. well… i just thought that i could err… earn some money doing this blog, by allowing people to ‘buy’ advertisement space.

    it’s just an attempt. i don’t think it’ll work out though.


  4. Flora

    Hi, can i check with u if u know Michelle chong’s blog address?

  5. [Flora]: sorry, i really don’t know! will continue looking though :)


  6. aqlim

    Hi! Love at zero degrees is ending soon in Malaysia’s 8tv.i missed alot of episodes as i need to u know that any websties that i can watch online? i searched through tudou,it has been removed. thanks!! but if due to copyright problems then is ok.

  7. [aqlim]: hi! i found a link to a youku playlist here

    but episode 13 is missing! that’s the best i can find already. yes, it’s removed on tudou due to copyright problems…



  8. aqlim

    Hi!!! i have searched around google again…i found this too!!!
    thanks ya!! but its lag..but no others.

  9. aqlim

    ya..13 is missing,,never luck..

  10. [aqlim]: you’re welcome! enjoy! will let you know if i can find the episode 13 anywhere :)


  11. John

    It’ll be great if the English subtitle are available in the movie clips. Anyway, thanks for your blog. I love it. best regards, John

  12. [John]: English subtitles for… what? all of our Channel 8 dramas have English subtitles… or are you talking about the theme song videos??

    thank you! i’m glad you enjoy what i have posted!!


  13. Hi…

    I like your reviews btu how come you didnt do one about Love Blossom?

    Hope there’ll be a review on that soon. I’m a huge fan of Felicia and Yaodong! Thanks!!


  14. [nich]: hi! thanks a lot! glad you like what i’ve written!

    yup, i know my LOVE BLOSSOMS review is overdue! i haven’t followed up on it since my first post on it…

    will be up soon!! :)


  15. bAbyAnGeLz

    hi can u send me the song yue guang xia (it is on the the show love is all around)

  16. Kite

    hi, can you edit Dawn Yeoh’s FC site to
    thank you.

  17. [Kite]: thanks for informing me! done already :)


  18. Cin Er

    Hi Girl,

    Do you mind to send me this song sang by
    蔡美仪- 局外人?
    Pls send to my email

    Thanks. :)

    Cindy Er

  19. [Cin Er]: please, don’t ‘Hi Girl’ me. my name is qingling~

    sorry, i don’t send songs.
    you can check for links :)


  20. swiftpaw

    i miss a lot of ep of the dream catchers if there a web where i can watch the show?

  21. [swiftpaw]: the links are at —

    enjoy :)


  22. linked=) as drama reviews,now’s ur turn,haha

  23. [jiahui aka ouxuanfan]: thanks a lot. what shall i link you as?


  24. Yukiko

    Hi do you have A-Go-Go song and Table Of Glory?
    I love your blog big fans

  25. [Yukiko]: The A-Go-Go Princess theme by Carrie Yeo —

    Table of Glory theme by Jeff Wang–

    Jeff Wang 王建復 主题曲

    上选下旋 懂得伪装
    横拍竖拍 自由转换
    弧圈削转 变化自然
    小小乒乓 硝烟弥漫
    伺机强攻 要让你猝不及防
    每一场仗 我都要赢得漂亮


    不要一味 横冲直撞
    要懂得原谅 学会谦让


    thanks for your support :)

    I’VE MOVED TO :)
    please comment there, and you might want to join our new forum @
    see you there!


  26. Yukiko

    Qingling could I have the song to be download in my hp?Cos for it to be at youtube is easier.Thanks

  27. [Yukiko]: you can just convert the youtube videos to .mp3 using :)

    please comment @, ‘cos i’ve MOVED already! thanks!


  28. leona

    hihi can U help me to download this song. welcome home my love, daddy at home 企鹅爸爸,your hand in mine and Together 当我们同在一起. pls sent me my e-mail is thx U

  29. leona

    hihi can U help me to download this song. welcome home my love, daddy at home 企鹅爸爸,your hand in mine.. my e-mail is

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