this news is very sudden, but I’M MOVING!

i’ll be moving to a .com site, so there will be quite a few changes.
don’t worry, i’ll try to make the move as smooth as possible, and i hope i’ll continue to have your support :)

i’ll need your help though.
please VOTE in the poll i’ve placed below and let me know which url you like the best!

unfortunately, is not available… well it is, but i have to pay USD$3500 for it! (OMG.SO EX LAH! haha!!)
so please vote for what you like the most, or suggest something else! i’ve brainstormed for a long time before i came up with these few urls!!
**i’ll be integrating my TVB site into the new .com site too!

it’s quite urgent, ‘cos i’ve gotta confirm the url by early next week!!!
THANK YOU for the continuous support, and PLEASE VOTE!! :)

**EDIT: POLL CLOSED. (12/03/09)

results (click for a bigger image):



  1. fw


    arm so ur http???

  2. [fw]: yup, my new site is confirmed to be —


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