Housewives’ Holiday 煮妇的假期


this drama starts on 4th March 2009, at 9pm on Channel 8.

Hong Huifang as Chen Simei, Ann Kok as Alice, Xiang Yun as Ai Qin, Brandon Wong as Chen Weibin, Yao Wenlong as Zhang Jia Sheng, Rayson Tan as Brian

official site HERE
synopsis from Mediacorp site

Three housewives become friends when they worked together to nab a thief that stole bras from the neighbourhood.

Each housewife is different in character. Chen Si Mei, 42, is very thrifty and looks out for small advantages. Alice, 40, is the modern one, who enjoys making herself look good. Zhong Ai Qin, 39, is a natural worrier.

Alice looks down on the others and pretends she’s a rich tai tai. Si Mei, in a bid to stand up to Alice, lies that her husband is a rich businessman.

Each has a different set of problems – a philandering husband, interfering in-laws and marriages that have lost their romance.

All things come to a head when Alice discovers her husband has a mistress. Ai Qin, too is shocked when her suspicions about her husband is confirmed. Si Mei is devastated when she finds that her husband has resumed his gambling habit again.

The three women, who had been fighting secretly amongst one another, realise they are all in the same boat. All their sacrifices for their families had come to a nought. It was time for them to live for themselves.

They decide to go for a long holiday and set off without saying goodbye to their families. Their disappearances cause chaos in their families.

Ai Qin decides to divorce her husband but her husband pleads for forgiveness. Alice is touched by her husband, Jia Sheng’s sincerity and forgives him. Si Mei returns home and realises that her husband has finally kicked the gambling habit.

does this drama remind anyone of “La Femme”? Ann Kok’s part of the trio again! haha :) and Yao Wenlong’s in here too – and as a husband who is having an affair. AGAIN!
what’s different is that this drama will concentrate on people in the heartlands. Hong Huifang’s character lives in a 3-room flat; Xiang Yun’s character lives in a 4-room flat; and Ann Kok’s character lives in a 5-room flat.
i think there will be more comedy in this drama than “La Femme”. i think it’s guranteed to be ‘less serious’ than “La Femme”. OK, i should stop comparing it to “La Femme”!!! haha :)

wait a moment. i just visited the forum, and saw the comparison to HK-TVB drama “The Family Link”, which was a drama about housewives. OMG. it’s almost exactly the same!!

  1. Hong Huifang’s character with Kiki Sheung’s character — the ‘ugly’ housewife
  2. Ann Kok’s character with Cecilia Yip’s character — the ‘so-called’ taitai
  3. Xiang Yun’s character with Sheren Tang’s character — the ‘once-pretty-but-has-now-neglected-her-looks’ housewife; a worrier

i’m pretty amazed that in the show, Ann Kok’s supposed to be older than Xiang Yun! another notable point i gathered from the forum is that (and now i remember) Xiang Yun played Ann Kok’s MOTHER in “Kinship”!!! other than that… Hong Huifang really looks so horrible! haha :)

i like the fact that actors and actresses — Hong Huifang, Xiang Yun, Brandon Wong, Yao Wenlong and Rayson Tan, who are always playing supporting roles (with the exception of Ann Kok) are given the chance to play the leading roles! it gives us a break from the princesses and ah-ges, who i think are over-worked, ‘cos we see them in every other show :)

hmm… it’s from the same people as “Nanny Daddy”! i see. i really really DIDN’T LIKE that show.
anyway, it’s a rather simple plot, i don’t know how it’ll fair, but i’ll be watching… more updates when i’ve seen more episodes!! :)

CLICK HERE to see the special preview!!!


  1. evon

    i dont think u can comment cai qi hui like that ! if u think she act not well..than u can meh?do u have a chance to go on tv?dunt have rig!

  2. [evon]: are you talking about my Star Awards 2009: Best Newcomer post?

    Paige Chua — she made her debut in “Just in Singapore”, where she was the materialistic girl wanting to erase her lowly background, and acknowledge her wealthy father and marry into a rich family; at the same time, she won a campus beauty contest. her character was really hateable! she was so selfish, and very ice-queen-ish. argh!! then she appeared in “La Femme”, where she was a married woman, who was childish and threw tantrums. she didn’t carry her role very well there as she was not really good at portraying a bubbly character. then came the role in which she impressed, as a mentally disturbed forensic pathologist. she was really great there! she was full of pain, angst, suffering…

    or about this certain comment?

    it gives us a break from the princesses and ah-ges, who i think are over-worked, ‘cos we see them in every other show :)

    i don’t get you. i’ve not said anything very negative about her! and NO, i can’t act, and NO, i don’t have a chance to go on TV. do you?


  3. fw

    hi could i know where to download mp3 of all chinese drama song.

  4. [evon]: ok, that seriously, is cool :) where did you act in?

    [fw]: i have a collection of links —

    hope it helps!


  5. fann yi

    hi! can u go to this blog: paige de me check what that song..very nice..but i dunt know the name..

  6. FANN YI

    HI…can u tell me the song name?can u go to this blog: paige de me check what that song..very nice..but i dunt know the name

  7. ah girl

    oh..hi qing ling…
    do love the song u put in.
    alot of dramma song…
    i think u have made alot effort.. u wont be update any song le?
    because i did not know how u can do it…
    mAYbe leave down the link and step?
    do add me in msn..

  8. fw

    i finnaly found the show i want here

  9. [fann yi]: Paige’s personal blog or her FC blog– ?

    the song at Paige’s FC blog — is “自己的梦”.

    [ah girl]: glad you like what i have here! i have put up DL links at :) do look for what you want there, click on the links and download; that simple!

    [fw]: great! glad i could help :)


  10. fw

    ya..u did help me alot…ples add me in msn can??

  11. fw

    arm i can’t find this song 自己的梦?
    the show in duduo not clear..not all tv show was listed rig?
    i was looking for ” yu wang jie zhe”

  12. fw

    自己的梦…i want to dl as mp3 song..ples help me..thanks…so much

  13. fw

    i found the song at imeem..but i dunt know how convert to mp3..i try the like u give..but can’t

  14. [fw]: haha, you didn’t leave you msn for me to add you!

    you can use the RealPlayer Downloader to download the flv file, then you can convert it –
    if not, i can try to find a DL link for you. it’s quite difficult to find a DL link, so maybe you could ask the imeem person to send the song to you! :)

    ok, what show is “Yu Wang Jie Zhe”? can type the Chinese title, and i can help you find.


  15. John

    fw wants ‘ yu wang jie zhe ‘ – it is this Show : 欲望街车 a TCS Channel 8 Production back in 1996 . It is called ‘ Driven By A Car ‘ in English . Just to help u out in your search for your reader .

  16. [John]: oh ok, thanks!


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