Star Awards 2009 红星大奖 2009: BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS


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*all nominations are listed according to alphabetical order*


  1. Cai Peixuan as Rougu-mei for “The Golden Path 黄金路”
  2. Eelyn Kok as Huang Zhenzhu for “The Little Nyonya 小娘惹”
  3. Li Yinzhu as Chen Lao-tai for “The Little Nyonya 小娘惹”
  4. Lin Meijiao as Guihua for “The Little Nyonya 小娘惹”
  5. Ng Hui as Ah-Tao for “The Little Nyonya 小娘惹”
  6. Xiang Yun as Tianlan for “The Little Nyonya 小娘惹”


wow! the category dominated by “The Little Nyonya” women!

what?! Li Yinzhu is nominated for her role in “The Little Nyonya” not “Just in Singapore”?! that’s so sad. if she’d been nominated for her role in “Just in Singapore”, i’d be rooting for her to win. now i guess this win will have to go to another… Li Yinzhu’s role in “The Little Nyonya” was nothing special. she was just a grand-old-lady who spoke slowly, and was very prim and proper in her mannerisms. other than that, she had to look sickly. nothing much. why wasn’t she nominated for her role as ‘zi-dong sao’ in “Just in Singapore”?! that’s so disapointing!!!

Cai Peixuan impressed in “The Golden Path”, and everyone was asking who she was. it was the first time Singaporean viewers had seen her onscreen (she acted in collaborations aired in Malaysia earlier). she made such an impression that she was soon just called ‘rougu-mei’, after her character in the show. i felt that she did a pretty good job, and held her own, sharing most of her screentime with ah-ge Li Nanxing.

Eelyn Kok was the evil Zhenzhu in “The Little Nyonya”. she was so selfish, whiny and downright horrible. she did everything for herself, even at the expense of her loved ones (she cruelly walked away from her sister who was being raped)… she was always out to sabotage and wreak havoc; she always looked so detestable! she has improved from her Best Supporting Actress nominated role in “Kinship” (Star Awards 2007), but i’m not sure if it is enough to make her a front runner for this award this year.

Lin Meijiao — the evil matriarch in “The Little Nyonya”. she did so many evil thing possible, and ruled her household by putting the fear in everyone. when she cold-heartedly broke Tao (Ng Hui)’s leg, it put so much fear into Tao that she refused to make eye contact with her anymore. Lin Meijiao had this evil stare which made her look so fierce, and frightening. a definite favourite for the win!

Ng Hui — a favourite for the win! as Ah-Tao, the lovable maid, she showed a different side of herself which, us, as the audience have not seen her before. she managed to bring the life into this character :) this is her breakthrough role. she is better known as Ah-Tao now, so you can see how much her performance in this drama has benefitted her career! her portrayal just made me go ‘wow!’, she is a pretty good actress afterall! and she didn’t disappoint throughout.

Xiang Yun — when asked for predictions in Paul Chan’s bagua blog, i’ve not come across anyone who nominated Xiang Yun. whether for her role in “The Defining Moment” or “The Little Nyonya” (coincidentally, she plays Jeanette Aw’s mother/grandmother in both shows!) but that aside, Xiang Yun is an actress who can hold any role given to her. in “The Little Nyonya”, she was a very timid woman outside the kitchen, but in the kitchen, she exerted more authority. her character, Tianlan, is really miserable. she is constantly seen on her knees, and you can feel her pain when she keeps kowtow-ing to Guihua.

i’d like to win: Lin Meijiao in “The Little Nyonya” (based on the fact that such a nice sweet lady like Meijiao can tackle such a hateful role! everything falls into place — her evil voice, her ‘dagger’ stare, the way she stomps around like the queen of the world… first-class acting!!)

who would win: Ng Hui in “The Little Nyonya” (based on the fact that she should be finally recognised for her efforts, and that her acting has improved tremendously)

(by Shi Liang)

predictions to win: Ng Hui
why: i don’t have any reasons, i just think they’ll give it to her.

want to win: Lin Meijiao
why: she acts as a baddie very well.


  1. cymm

    I think Ng Hui did a brilliant job as Tao Jie and deserves to win!

  2. [cymm]: yes, she’s definitely a front-runner!!


  3. Hui Ying

    With respect to your disappointment that Li Yinzhu wasn’t nominated for a role in “Just In Singapore”, I feel like Mediacorp is just tryin to push as many nominations as possible for Star Awards.. It’s really disturbing because anyone who watched both Little Nonya and Just in Singapore , would be able to tell that Li Yinzhu’s performance was exponentially better in Just In Singapore. To actually nominate her for that role she played in Little Nonya, really just makes one wonder if there’s an invisible hand behind all these nominations and how they’re so biased towards Little Nonya.

  4. [Hui Ying]: yup, when you compare those 2 roles, it’s really such a big difference, and her as zidong sao definitely left a much bigger impression!

    yup, nominating her for her role in The Little Nyonya is really akin to telling her she’s not in the running for the award. that’s how i see it. well… with her nomination for Best Supporting Actress for The Little Nyonya made 5/6 of the nominees actresses from The Little Nyonya!!

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