Star Awards 2009 红星大奖 2009: BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR


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*all nominations are listed according to alphabetical order*


  1. Chew Chor Meng as Huang Kaida for “The Golden Path 黄金路”
  2. Dai Yangtian as Shanben Yangjie for “The Little Nyonya 小娘惹”
  3. Darren Lim as Huang Jincheng for “The Little Nyonya 小娘惹”
  4. Yao Wenlong as Liu Yidao for “The Little Nyonya 小娘惹”
  5. Zhu Houren for “The Defining Moment 沸腾冰点”
  6. Zzen as Robert Zhang for “The Little Nyonya 小娘惹”


why on earth is Dai Yangtian nominated?!! if he wins, i swear i will never ever review again. period.

there are so many other deserving supporting actors who should be recognised! Chen Tianwen as Lu Gua in “Love Blossoms I” is one!! Adam Chen as Zhigang in “Just in Singapore” is another! OMG. this is infuriating!

sorry, back to business!

with the exception of Dai Yangtian, all the nominees deserve their nominations! :)

Dai Yangtian is just not in the same league as the rest of the nominees; he’s stiff, and still needs a lot more exposure. sure, he made a big impression in “The Little Nyonya”, but just making an impression based on — lets face it, everyone just thinks he looks good. nothing more. theres no substance. not yet, he doesn’t have the acting chops requried for this category. yet. — his looks. and his role, seriously, wasn’t very challenging. yes, i admit he eluded the right personality of this hero figure, to save the damsel in distress, but other than looking ‘cool’ and calm, his acting just didn’t cut it.

ok. i think i’ve explained enough about Dai Yangtian, yes, i’m biased against him. but i feel my explaination doesn’t hint my biasness. argh. whatever.

it’s never easy to play a mentally-unsound person, and Chew Chor Meng did that really well in “The Golden Path”. he eluded all the right emotions and expressions which you’d expect a mentally-unsound person to show. bravo! :)

it isn’t very easy to play a spine-less loser either. i mean, Darren Lim’s Jincheng in “The Little Nyonya” was so irritatingly stupid. he was such a stupid man who refused to stand up for himself, and just listened to what everyone around him said. as a father, he depended so much on the advice of his son. and he managed to look so miserable, but yet, when he was having his affair, his facial expressions were so different, like he was a totally different person. Darren won last year’s Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Kinship”.

Yao Wenlong is a very versatile actor. i never thought he’d be good as a bare-bodied butcher, wow, very eye-opening. oh gosh, sorry, that sounds wrong.
i felt that he balanced the character of Liu Yidao very well — the boorish fierce side of him, and the very kind-hearted and filial side. it is amusing that he managed to keep his eyes wide open the whole show, it really put the fear in you, especially when he was wielding his chopper!

aha! down to whom i think are the 2 front-runners — Zhu Houren and Zzen…

Zhu Houren is brilliant! as seen in many shows, he’s an extremely versatile actor, who fits into any role he’s given. it is the same case with him in “The Defining Moment”, where he goes mad but denies it vehemently. his classic scene was the “踩死你! 踩死你!” bit. so convincingly mad. brilliant!

Zzen. he always plays these ‘pia kia’ roles, but here, he’s not just a ‘pai kia’, he’s an evil kia! muahahahahaha. he was evil, he looked evil, behaved evil, and just didn’t have a redeeming feature in him at all. it was really eye-opening to see him here, ‘cos he portrayed the role so convincingly. WOW. i want him to win!

i’d like to win: Zzen in “The Little Nyonya” (based on the fact that his character was probably the evil-est of the year. there wasn’t a redeeming feature at all; he just did more and more evil things for personal gain. he eluded the right vibes which made you hate him so much, you wished he’d die a really horrible death!)

who would win: Zzen in “The Little Nyonya” (based on the fact that he should finally be recognised as a capable actor who isn’t subject to only small ‘pai kia’ roles)

(by Shi Liang)

predictions to win: Chew Chor Meng
why: his acting was quite good and convincing in “The Golden Path”, especially since he hadn’t acted for a while until that drama.

want to win: Dai Yangtian
why: for a newcomer, his acting impressed me.


  1. Jacelyn

    Its more infuriating that 王昱清 did not nominate for 黄金路as 阿林。>.<

  2. [Jacelyn]: oh yah, i forgot about his very convincing acting for that role! but it wasn’t a big role, so i don’t think it’ll even be considered to be a supporting role? i’m not sure.

    but one thing is for sure — he did brilliantly!


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