Star Awards 2009 红星大奖 2009: BEST DRAMA


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*all nominations are listed according to alphabetical order*


  1. By My Side 不凡的爱
  2. Just in Singapore 一房半厅一水缸
  3. Love Blossoms I 心花朵朵开
  4. Perfect Cut 一切完美
  5. The Golden Path 黄金路
  6. The Little Nyonya 小娘惹


my 3 favourite dramas are up there — The Little Nyonya, Just in Singapore and The Golden Path!! yes, they are all productions of Ang Eng Tee 洪荣狄 :) i’d be really happy if any of them win!

but who knows? many years have passed where educational-sponsored dramas have taken the Best Drama title and not really deserved it, considering the other nominations! By My Side might just win based on this! and to be fair, this show has many fans, people like it! it managed to touch on a sensative issue, and bring it close to the people.

everyone expects The Little Nyonya to win, and why not?! it was a really good show, and it was engaging, and full of evil people. but its weak point was that it was too simple a story — it was either black or white, people was just good or bad, no grey, no conflicting struggles within a character.

Just in Singapore was a different kind of show — it was a heartlander-ish based drama, which was funny, and very close to ones heart. one could easily relate to the characters and their struggles for a better life; you cursed the selfish people, and felt pain for the ones who’ve been taken advantage of…

and as for The Golden Path, it was a story about family, greed, love, hate, revenge — a very powerful drama which in terms of production values, is so much more superior to The Little Nyonya. people struggled with their decisions; even the good characters made bad decisions. it was a very suspenseful drama, and the acting was brilliant!

Perfect Cut caused a craze, and a whole lot of loyal followers. although likened to a US series about plastic surgery, this drama brought plastic surgery and psychology closer to us. acting by the guest stars, i’ve heard, were brilliant. i’ve heard tons of praises for this show. this drama is the only Channel U drama which has been nominated in all the Star Awards so far. it stands a high chance of winning too. i’m quite sad that i’ve not watched the 1st season yet, ‘cos they’re airing the 2nd season soon. i should really get down to watching it.

i can confidently say that Love Blossoms won’t win this year. although i personally feel that it’s the best mega-drama (i didn’t see Holland V, saw all the rest), it has no chance this year, ‘cos the rest of the nominations are just too strong. sure, this was a nice drama about family, but not strong in production values. there was too much of things going round-and-round, repeating the same thing again and again, and bickering, shouting. there was just too much of it!

(edit: i didn’t see Perfect Cut, so i can’t judge it, and i didn’t finish watching By My Side.)

i’d like to win: “Just in Singapore” (based on the fact that i wouldn’t mind watching it again and again and again!)
what would win: “The Little Nyonya” (based on the fact that it’s the biggest thing which has happened on Singapore TV in 20 years!)


What I Think Will Win: “The Little Nyonya”

Why I Think It Will Win:
i think it will win because this show had and still has a blockbuster number of fans. although the plot was simple it still managed to portray what life was like back then, and still remain dramatic and as realistic as possible. another reason why i think it will win is the acting… i think that all the actors and actresses performed very well and made signature roles for themselves.

What I Want To Win: “Just In Singapore”

Why I Want It To Win:
i want “Just In Singapore” to win because it really portrays the lifestyles and habits of the residents who live in one-room flats, and make it heart-warming and hilarious at the same time. the acting in “Just In Singapore” was very convincing and well acted. even though i did not watch this show from beginning to the end, i enjoyed it so much that i will always remember it.

(by Shi Liang)

predictions to win/ want to win: “The Little Nyonya”
why: great storyline, overall colours and setting… the cast put in a lot of effort. this drama deserves it!


  1. engsamnang

    THe Little Nyonya must win to be fair.It’s so good.

  2. [engsamnang]:


  3. engsamnang

    it’s arrived cambodia now, the little i can watch it in my languages.Just episode, aired today.A rate increased strong in PHnom Pehn.Over 30 watch it but it re-release in mid night.Predict over 40 watch it.

  4. engsamnang

    it’s arrived cambodia now, the little i can watch it in my languages.Just episode, aired today.A rate increased strong in PHnom Pehn.Over 30 watch it but it re-release in mid night.Predict over 40 watch it.

  5. [engsamnang]: hi! that’s great! enjoy :) i did!

    btw, i’ve moved to
    pls support me there! pls also click … and join our forum —


  6. Hui Ying

    [QingLing]: I really enjoyed watching Little Nyonya. It’s a huge production, has beautiful setting and art direction. I knew it was definitely goin to be nominated for Best Drama. However, I don’t feel it is the best out of the nominated dramas and I felt like it shdn’t win. I couldn’t put my finger to the reason why I felt that way until I read your review. You mentioned that the storyline was just too simple and not as powerful as The Golden Path. Yes, that’s it!

  7. [Hui Ying]:
    :) wow, i can’t tell you how happy i am to hear that! thanks!

    and i do hope The Little Nyonya won’t win Best Drama… it’ll already have the prestigious Highest Viewership award. let another great drama win the award!

    I’VE MOVED TO :)
    please comment there, and you might want to join our new forum @
    see you there!


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