Star Awards 2009 红星大奖 2009: BEST ACTOR


Click HERE for the FULL list of nominations!!


*all nominations are listed according to alphabetical order*


  1. Adrian Pang as Alan for “Nanny Daddy 奶爸百分百”
  2. Chen Hanwei as Chen Bufan for “By My Side 不凡的爱”
  3. Huang Wenyong as Lin Bang for “Just in Singapore 一房半厅一水缸”
  4. Pierre Png as Chen Sheng for “The Little Nyonya 小娘惹”
  5. Qi Yu Wu as Chen Xi for “The Little Nyonya 小娘惹”
  6. Tay Ping Hui as Huang Kaijie for “The Golden Path 黄金路”


there is only competition between Chen Hanwei and Tay Ping Hui. their roles were the most challenging, and would be remembered for ages. they are breakthrough roles, which showcase their brilliant acting skills.

i’m also very glad to see Huang Wenyong in the list! he’s a great actor, but his role in “Just in Singapore” just pales in comparison to the challenging roles which Chen Hanwei and Tay Ping Hui portrayed!

as for Adrian Pang, i can’t really say much, ‘cos i didn’t watch “Nanny Daddy”. his portrayal was pretty OK, very comical.

i don’t know why Pierre Png is nominated for his role in “The Little Nyonya”. his character was rather boring. he just sang and danced and drank all day after the war was over… it was a good effort, and we could see that his command of Chinese had improved, but he’s definately not a strong contender.

Qi Yuwu is another strong contender. although i didn’t really think much of him as Chen Xi, he did as much as a hero-figure would have done. this role marked his return to the small-screen, and he didn’t disappoint. the Best Actor award isn’t for him this year. he should’ve won Best Actor in 2006 for his role in C.I.D. – that role made me see him in a different light, as a really devoted actor.

i’d like to win: Tay Ping Hui in “The Golden Path” (based on the fact that Huang Kaijie totally creeped me out. i mean, how can someone be so evil?! please give our ah-ge some recognition! after all these years he only has a Best Supporting Actor win, which was 10 years ago!!)

who would win: Chen Hanwei in “By My Side” (based on the fact that he sacrificed a lot for the role to look weak, unhealthy, and very very sick. he was very very convincing; a first-class actor)


Who I Think Will Win: Chen Han Wei

Why I Want Him To Win:
i think that Chen Han Wei will win the “Best Actor” title for his role in “By My Side” because he had to look so under the weather, sickly, and weak. he also managed to project the messege of how easy it is to contract AIDS and how to handle the illness.

Who I Want Will Win: Tay Ping Hui

Why I Want Him To Win:
i want Tay Ping Hui to win because in his role in “The Golden Path” he broke away from his usual “cool guy” roles and played a super scheming and evil character. in this role, he also managed to not over do his role and keep the suspense going throughout the show.

(by Shi Liang)

predictions to win/ want to win: Chen Hanwei
why: he handled his role in “By My Side” very well

(by Qinghao)

want to/ will win: Tay Ping Hui
why: his acting skills in “The Golden Path” are extremely real; esp. where he kills rougu-mei and begged Li Nanxing’s character to spare his life. you could see the fear in his eyes, and his merciless expression.

as for “The Little Nyonya” best actor nominees, i predict that they won’t win the award this year, despite the fact that “The Little Nyonya” has many fans –  no offence to the fans :)


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