HAPPY ‘NIU’ YEAR!! 新年快乐!!

Dear Readers,

Here’s wishing all of you a very


all the very best wishes from me to my readers!!

may you all have success in everything you do, have good health, and happiness!!







Best wishes,

Thank you, all my readers! this site has reached 300,000 hits and it is continuing to rise!
hope this new year will bring further success to this site, and hopefully reach a target of 500,000 hits soon!

  1. John

    Check out my Blog when u are free ! I have updated my Blog with Posts of what Programmes u can watch on Malaysia’s 8TV Channel & ntv 7 Channel this Chinese New Year !

    Starting now at 7pm , watch ntv 7 Artistes sing & perform CNY Songs for u in a one hour Special !

    More to come in my Blog …. Stay tuned for more surprises & Latest Updates !

  2. [John]: thanks :)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!


  3. rhythm of life

    same greetings here too! had ur reunion dinner?

  4. [rhythm of life] — :)
    yup, i’ve had my reunion dinner earlier already! you?


  5. myreviewcorner

    祝你, 新年快乐! 心想事成, 万事如意。。。


  6. [myreviewcorner]: thanks :) same to you!!


  7. rhythm of life

    any news abt dreamcatchers?I cant wait 4 it. I bet SM too!I checked with her mann.

  8. [rhythm of life]: gosh, sorry, been so busy! haven’t updated!

    k, erm… “The Dream-catchers” starts on 4th Feb, at 9pm. it stars: TPH, Shaun Chen, Jesseca Liu, Rui-en, Elvin Ng, Dawn Yeoh, Nat Ho… :)
    it’s about this group of engineers – i think it’s very similar to “The Peak” in its theme and all… yups. it aims to let people understand more about the engineering profession etc.

    for more info: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Dream-catchers/47891080145

    till i update! :)


  9. rhythm of life

    just love the dreamcatchers theme song.hey qingling, why nv update?

  10. [rhythm of life]: haiz… i’ve been so busy! i’ll update soon!!! sorry to keep you waiting~


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