this drama debuted on Tuesday, 28 October 2008, at 9pm on Channel 8, and airs in collaboration with World AIDS Day (1 Dec). it attempts to inform, warn and educate the public about AIDS.

additional info:
World AIDS Day 2008
buy (RED) save lives
World AIDS Campaign
UNAIDS: The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS


This drama stars:
Chen Hanwei as Chen Bufan, Zoe Tay as Lin Xinya, Rui-en as Zhang Yuhang, Elvin Ng as Chen Buqun, Terence Cao as Zi Xin/Zi Jian, Vina Lim as Chen Tiantian, Zhu Houren as Lin Chunxiao, Zhu Yu Ye as Wang Qiuyue, Chen Tianwen as Andy, Brandon Wong as hui-gou (grey dog), Ong Ai Leng as Cecelia, Ye Shipin as hei-ma (black horse), Benjamin Heng as Xinya’s brother, Melody Chen as Xinya’s brother’s wife

This drama starts with Chen Bufan (Chen Hanwei) passing out after coughing incessantly, and he is taken to the hospital, with his wife Xinya (Zoe Tay) and daughter Tiantian (Vina Lim) following him.

Flashbacks show that Chen Bufan is a loving husband and model father. He works in a meat factory, and his wife is a tutor. Their daughter, Tiantian, is 6 years old, and they are well liked in their neighbourhood.

Scenes in the current and past show the set of events which happened after Bufan discovered he has AIDS. His entire family were discriminated against, and life became very painful for them, as they were regarded like the plague.

I gave up 1/2 way. It got boring and kind of pointless, as it was really miserable… All the info in a drama setting was definitely better than doing it in a magazine programme. I appreciate the fact that this drama set out to create awareness among the masses, and it did it’s job.

Chen Hanwei was brilliant! He looked so sickly, and looked like he was going to collapse and die anytime.

Zoe Tay’s role was quite pointless. She was so cold, and strict.

There was no chemistry between her and Chen Hanwei, even in the beginning, when they were supposed to be a loving couple. Therefore, I was not surprised when they were having a cold-war and all. You couldn’t feel the love between the couple.

On the other hand, I thought Vina Lim as Tiantian did a good job, and kept the life in the show. she was the one who asked questions which everyone watching would, at one point or another. so I think she can be called the audience’s conscious-voice

Rui-en was quite an ’emo’ character, and Elvin Ng was the one who managed to melt her heart. Rui-en and Elvin as a couple… they were quite sweet.

Terence Cao in the show — quite meaningless. really.

OVERALL, this drama did what it was supposed to do — create awareness about AIDS, and warn people about its dangers. it attempted to show how a family’s love can change almost every situation, and also focused on current issues like unfilial children, discrimination among kids due to adult’s thoughts…

FINAL RATINGS: 3.1/5.0 (Fair)

THE REVIEW BELOW is done by my sister, KiM:

I think that the plot is very simple and it almost seems like that were trying to stretch a 10 episode drama to 20 episodes. The show was quite bland and colourless, and I gave up watching it half-way through.
The show was made to get people to be aware that AIDS is a very dangerous illness and how you could prevent yourself from getting it as well as informing audiences how you could contract AIDS.
The show also shows how people with AIDS are discriminated against and that it is not as easy to contract AIDS as getting a common flu.
Chen Han Wei’s acting was really good in the show. He had to look sick throughout the whole show and he achieved it. Zoe Tay’s character in the show was very bland and it did not show her acting skills. Rui-en’s acting was to her usual standard as she normally does not act in very challenging roles. Elvin Ng was trying to be cool in the show and really did not bring out any acting skills.

I’m sorry, I didn’t have the time, and I was not interested in doing a review for this. If this review disappointed, I’m terribly sorry!


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