Dear Readers,

TODAY IS THE DAY! 14 November 2008!
~i’m the girl who reviews~ qingling.wordpress.com is 2 YEARS OLD!

thank you for the continuous support, and for all the help and suggestions which you all have provided me with. without all of you, this site wouldn’t be a success, and might not even make it past 2 years! if not for the support of all my readers, i don’t think i’ll be able to write this post, celebrating my 2nd anniversary!


I HOPE THAT YOU ALL CAN CONTINUE TO SUPPORT ME AND PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS IF YOU’D LIKE TO SAY ANYTHING!! :) i really appreciate your views, and all the help you’ve rendered me the past 2 years!

THANK YOU, all my readers!

i hope i won’t disappoint in my future endeavours, like the new TVB review site ~i’m the girl who reviews: TVB~ qinglingtvb.wordpress.com, which will officially open TODAY!

in the years to come, 14 November will be an important day for me, as both my sites will be celebrating their anniversaries! i hope that all of you can look forward to that day too, as i hope to have something new to offer you every anniversary! :)

Yours sincerely,


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