Polls CLOSED; results revealed!!

With 2 days to go to my 2nd Anniversary, the polls will ‘close’
(actually, i can’t really close them, but only delete them, but i don’t
want to, so i’ll just tally the results here!).


interested in TVB drama reviews by qingling?

yes: 106
no: 98
maybe: 30
other: 8
– As long as you continue to do this site, I’m ok with anything.
– ya,but still prefer singapore drama reviews.
– and taiwan dramas as well =D
– yes! more work huh :D
– no way!
– 3 are from spammers. grrr.

TVB drama reviews: blog url??

qinglingtvb.wordpress.com: 37
tvbdramas.wordpress.com: 25
tvbqingling.wordpress.com: 13
tvbonline.wordpress.com: 5
tvbserials.wordpress.com: 4
other: 4
– qingling.wordpress.com/tvb
– tvblife.wordpress.com
– crap
– better don have it better…

name for new TVB drama review blog?

~i’m the girl who reviews: TVB~: 54
TVB dramas :) : 50
qingling’s TVB drama reviews: 19
TVBdramaReviews: 16
TVB drama reviews galore! : 7
other: 16
– xxx (8)
– xxxx (2)
– nonsense
– TVB@qingling
– f***
– sfopsdgjuweiogjweif
– fsdpqkjwoijeifasf
– sdasfsdf


on 14th November 2008, qingling.wordpress.com will celebrate its 2nd ANNIVERSARY, and the new TVB site will officially open!

~i’m the girl who reviews: TVB~

thank you again!



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