plans for 2nd anniversary!



  1. rhythm of life

    hey qingling.wad abt collab 5,6 and 7?
    ig you haf tlme pls,help me with this reviews.I wouldlike to hear frm you.tks

  2. [rhythm of life]: sorry, i don’t think i’ll review collaboration dramas

    sorry. if you’d like, i could find links of reviews for you, ‘cos i didn’t watch all those series’ and don’t plan too.


  3. miriam

    hello qingling! been busy recently, so couldn’t visit ur website very often! anyway, congrats on the 2nd anniversary of ur website! :D happy belated 2nd anniversary! haha. good luck on ur tvb website too! i love the show Le Femme Desperado! :D

    ohyes, i can’t wait for Little Nyoya on 25nov! i’m sure you would do a great review on it! haha!

  4. [miriam]: hi! thanks so much! yup, i’ll have to get down to work on my TVB site soon!! yup, i love La Femme Desperado too!! haha :)

    yes, i’ll be watching Little Nyonya! it looks really good! thanks for the support!


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