hi everyone!

here’s an update on what is happening here on ~i’m the girl who reviews~ qingling.wordpress.com!


  1. the tables have turned in the polls, and ‘no’ has taken over ‘yes’. with only over a week to go, i’m not sure what to do now, as the results are so close, but ‘no’ is winning! of course, a win-win situation would be for me to continue with the TVB drama review blog, so as to not disappoint those who have voted ‘yes’, and for those who have voted ‘no’, you don’t have to visit the TVB drama review blog. it’s harsh and direct, i’m sorry, but i can’t think of anything else to say, or anything better to do at this crucial moment in time. PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR COMMENTS ON THIS, AS THIS DECISION IS STILL NOT FINAL! THANKS :)
  2. the results for the url shows tough competition between qinglingtvb.wordpress.com and tvbdramas.wordpress.com, but the former is winning.
  3. for the blog name, ~i’m the girl who reviews: TVB~ has been the clear winner from the start.

UPDATES ON qingling.wordpress.com REVIEWS

  1. i’m finally done with the “Crime Busters x2 : FINAL REVIEW
  2. next up will be an overview of “By My Side 不凡的爱” Mediacorp synopsis HERE
  3. before Part 2 airs, i hope i can do a thorough review of “Love Blossoms 心花朵朵开: Part 1 FINAL REVIEW”

i hope i won’t disappoint in my new project and in my upcoming reviews!


AND… my 2nd ANNIVERSARY is coming soon!! {i’m excited!!}



  1. John

    U may want to start the ball rolling on your new TVB Blog by doing reviews on these two TVB Serials : Dance of Passion & Forsenic Heroes as it is currently now being shown on ntv 7 Channel at 6pm & 10pm respectively on weekdays ! Just a suggestion from me …

  2. rhythm of life

    wa abt steps and the drive of life too?and also tang xin feng bao zhi jia hao yue yuan(sorry I 4gt the eng title)I haf been watching these.

  3. [John]: ok, thanks for the suggestion, but i’m not sure how many people get ntv7, and watch those 2 serials. i’ve seen them both before, so i’ll consider! maybe not the the 1st review, but the later ones… :) thanks!

    [rhythm of life]: i’ve sorta decided to review Steps 1st, ‘cos it’ll be over by the time the site launches, and i really like the show!! yup, Drive of Life is nice too, i’ll consider reviewing that too! i’m supposed to start watching Moonlight Resonance (tang xin feng bao zhi jia hao yue yuan) but i haven’t, so i won’t be able to do the review till i’m done watching that. i may also do Last One Standing (Kevin Cheng and Roger Kwok drama) if i can finish it soon!



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