this drama ended on Monday 27 October 2008, at the 9pm slot on Channel 8.

this post will focus on the last 3 cases, and the general review of the entire series.

Cases 4,5, and 6 were all linked to Yu Jie, and her past. Ultimately, it also linked the story back to the Surgical Maniac.

CASE 4: Fallen Angel

this case surfaced when Daxiong and his team were informed that the mentally unstable Chen Zhihui hanged himself in the mental institute. Chen Zhihui had stabbed James Tan, and murdered him a few months ago, but as his mental health posed a problem, he was serving out his sentence in the mental institute. When Daxiong and Jingyi investigate, they discover that the last person who went to visit Chen Zhihui was ____. they pay ___ a visit, and Jingyi starts sneezing non-stop after smelling an incense he has in his house. they find no leads.

meanwhile, Jingyi decides to break up with Dazhi, and leaves him feeling miserable. while nursing his sorrows, he meets an innocent young lady, Xiaoyun (Candyce Toh), and discovers that she has the gift of foresight. they save a young girl from being knocked down by a cyclist (did you notice who was riding the bike? CSS 2 finalist Zijie!). he brings her back to her uncle, Xue Youren (Rayson Tan), and observes the meeting of a group, the ‘White Cloud Group’, where their followers are dressed in white. Xiaoyun is called ‘fairy white cloud’, and she uses her gift to help the people who seek advice on matters.

when Cantik’s daughter, ah-boy, gets kidnapped, Dazhi brings her, Jingyi and Daxiong to ask for Xiaoyun’s advice. Jingyi smells the same incense which makes her sneeze, and finally manages to link ____ to the “White Cloud Alter”. Xue Youren insists that they are not a cult.

Xiaoyun manages to locate ah-boy, and Cantik is elated. Xiaoyun enjoys spending time with Dazhi and has fallen for him, but Xue Youren strictly tells her not to look for him anymore, and insists that she must listen to him, as he loves her the most, and that Dazhi might not be as good a person as he seems.

it is revealed that Xue Youren is taking advantage of Xiaoyun, and Dazhi attempts to expose him. meanwhile, Yu Jie and Jiang Zaixi investigate on the whereabouts of ‘one-horned dragon’. Zaixi investigates, and gets Monkey and Xue Youren to meet up. Realising that they’ve been set up, Xue Youren sends Monkey away with some money. Obviously, Xue Youren has had something to do with the child-smuggling syndicate…

Dazhi gets into trouble when he is too impulsive, and has absolutely no proof that Xue Youren is taking advantage of Xiaoyun. Xiaoyun refuses to reveal the truth. the ‘White Cloud Alter’ is revealed to be a crime syndicate… Xue Youren ensures that Xiaoyun’s divinations come true, and resorts to setting fires and injuring people to make people believe, become followers, and donate large amounts of money to them.

Chen Zhihui was a follower. 6 months ago, Xue Youren was approached by another follower, Evan, who wanted James Tan dead, for James had found out too many of his secrets. Chen Zhihui was sent to kill James, but now Evan returned, and wanted James’ wife dead, for she held the evidence which James had collected against him. first, Xue Youren ties Xiaoyun up, to prevent her from hindering his operations. He tries to kill 3 birds with one stone, by sending someone to kill James’ wife, and he would knock Jingyi and Dazhi down, as they knew too much. his plan fails, and Jingyi and Dazhi end up in the hospital. although Jingyi was not badly hurt, Dazhi remained in a coma.

Xue Youren runs away. Xiaoyun manages to escape, but faints. she awakes in the hospital, and keeps vigril by Dazhi’s side. when Dazhi wakes up, he finds Xiaoyun unconcious. she has brain cancer, and must be operated on immediately. Dazhi, recovering, keeps the unconcious Xiaoyun company, and plays her favourite song, as he bought her the CD which she wanted but was out-of-print already.

when Xiaoyun awakes, she has forgotten who Dazhi was, but he starts anew with her, now truly in love with her.

Xue Youren and Monkey are found dead. Jiang Zaixi had kidnapped them, hoping to find the whereabouts of ‘one-horned dragon’. Xue Youren finally tells that he knew ‘one-horned dragon’ was in Thailand, 8 years ago. Zaixi kills Youren and Monkey.

CASE 5: A Pact with the Devil

a reporter was killed a few months back, and his brother comes to Daxiong and team with a back-mail note he found among his brother’s things. with this note, Daxiong suspects that the reporter, Song Guanghua, did not just die of a drug overdose, but was murdered.

among Song Guanghua’s things were pictures and an incomplete report about a child-smuggling syndicate. Daxiong is sure this is the reason for his untimely death. meanwhile, Zaixi does some digging, and suspects that philanthropist, Xu Manling’s husband, Du Min, is actually ‘one-horned dragon’. the couple and their 2 children had relocated to Singapore a few years ago, from Thailand.

with Yu Jie, the two of them pose as reporters to find out more about Xu Manling and her husband. however, they are unable to find anything, and rouse Manling and Du Min’s suspicions.

Yu Jie’s brother, Yu Qing, comes back. he is the head of a child-begging syndicate. upon meeting Jiang Zaixi, he finds him familiar, and warns Yu Jie not to get too close to him. Yu Qing is determined to locate ‘one-horned dragon’, and stopped at nothing to find him, including killing Song Guanghua, and getting Yu Jie to doctor the autopsy report.

Daxiong and team manage to get Yu Qing’s picture, and attempt to find him. they spot him in a picture taken of Xu Manling and Du Min, when the philanthropists were raising protest against developers who wanted to buy the land an orphanage was on. on that day, Yu Qing was going to kill Du Min, but was interrupted. Daxiong and Jingyi pay the Du’s a visit and warn them about Yu Qing, whom they think is out to take harm them.

however, what Daxiong and Jingyi don’t know is that Zaixi had kidnapped the Du’s 2 children, and handed them over to Yu Qing, who demanded ransom from Du Min, and for him to deliver the ransom personally. Du Min was about to walk out of the house when Daxiong and Jingyi came.

Yu Qing loses his cool, and takes out a knife, wanting to harm the 2 Du children. however, Yu Jie arrives in time, and begs him not to harm the children.

Later on, Daxiong and Jingyi visit Yu Jie, and she tells her story, where she recalls the love and care her brother gave her, even as they had been kidnapped, and forced to become child-beggers. she tells them that her brother begged the kidnappers not to amputate Yu Jie’s leg, only his, but he’ll beg for enough money for both of them. the surgeon had a face mask, so only her eyes were visible, and she had a red birthmark behind her right ear… she said: “小弟弟,你连死都不怕,以后,什么事也难不倒你。”

but Yu Jie told Daxiong and Jingyi that her brother had already died many years ago, when they were in the orphanage.

Du Min finally comes with the ransom, and is beaten up by Yu Qing, who reminds him of what he did to them many years ago. Du Min finally remembers them, and expresses his regret for all the bad things he’d done in the past. he now tries to make up by being charitable, but he knows that he’ll have to answer for his actions some day.

he accepts his fate, and does not beg Yu Qing to spare his life. Yu Qing is greatly disturbed by this, and goes mad, threatening to saw off Du Min’s leg, like how they did to him years ago…

Daxiong and Jingyi arrive in time, and take custody of Yu Qing and Du Min.

it’s not over. Zaixi had put CCTV cameras in the go-down where the Yu Qing and Du Min showdown took place. irritated that revenge was not taken, he plans something else…

a romantic dinner with Yu Jie, no doubt, is part of his plan. it arouses Yu Jie’s suspisions, when he says: “你哥哥连死都不怕,以后,什么事也难不倒他”, which sounds stangely familiar. she writes it down, and pastes it on her wall… then attempts to rush to the hospital to look for her brother.

but Zaixi is waiting outside. he kidnaps her, and she sees the birthmark behind his right ear… he? or her?

CASE 6: The Surgical Maniac (Part 2)

Daxiong and Jingyi rush to Yu Jie’s house, to find the piece of paper. they take it to Yu Qing, who tells them what took place many years ago…

Yu Qing had always cared for his sister, and the day they were kidnapped, Yu Jie was eating the first ice cream Yu Qing had ever treated her to. they were on their way home from school, when they were abducted by a child-begging syndicate.

Yu Qing had begged the kidnappers not to amputate Yu Jie’s leg, but only his, but he’ll beg enough for her too. he recalled that phrase “小弟弟,你连死都不怕,以后,什么事也难不倒你。” was said by the surgeon, only known as Blade.

they later realise Jiang Zaixi’s past. Jiang Zaixi was actually Zhu Yanmei, a very promising surgeon. his/her past was told by Duofu, Daxiong’s father, who used to be a professor in the surgical department, and Zaixi/Yanmei’s professor’s good friend. upon knowing the truth about her health (she was born with 2 sex organs), her professor felt threatened, and refused to accept a student like her; she had to choose and take the necessary procedures to make herself a man or woman. she refused, and her professor resorted to underhanded means to malign her, and kick her out.

they find the body of her professor, and he was killed by the surgical maniac. hence, they deduce that Jiang Zaixi/ Zhu Yanmei is the surgical maniac, and that he/she’ll make an appearance at her professor’s funeral, where Duofu was giving the eulogy.

with Daxiong and Jingyi on duty, staking out the place, Duofu is actually posing as bait, to lure Zaixi/ Yanmei and they need to find Yu Jie’s whereabouts, and of course, catch him.

Zaixi runs up to the roof. after emphasising again and again that he is the winner, and having SMS-ed a website to Daxiong, telling him that he’d know where Yu Jie was after watching the video there, he jumps off.

the video showed him performing surgery on Yu Jie, and she died. Yu Qing, who is in jail, is devastated.

Daxiong and Jingyi, after avoiding each other and being awkward around each other for a long time… finally end up together.


cases 4, 5 and 6 were related, and i was quite impressed with the facts about the past, linking directly to the present. even though cases 4 and 5 involved the deaths of people who seemed completely unrelated, we had to look at the big picture.

even though case 4’s main focus was the death of James Tan, and the suicide of Chen Zhihui, involving the “White Cloud Alter”, Xue Youren’s cover for a crime syndicate, the case focused more on Xue Youren’s past, and his links with the child-begging syndicate and ‘one-horned dragon’.

i pretty much enjoyed case 4, as i thought Candyce’s character, Bai Xiaoyun, was so cute, and the chemistry she had with Jackson Tan’s Dazhi was really sweet. of course, Rayson Tan is a brilliant actor, who played the evil, schemeing and cold-blooded Xue Youren really well!

also, what was nice was that the focus altered from Daxiong and Jingyi to Dazhi and Cantik…

case 5 was full of vengeance, and where Yu Qing appeared. it was also in this case where many secrets were dug up, and Yu Jie’s child-beggar days were revealed. everything gets a little clearer, regarding the whole ‘one-eyed dragon’ and child-smuggling/begging syndicate. Zhang Yaodong’s acting was really quite good! i’m seeing him in a different light now, as the kind of actor who can play a revengeful kind of person… he looked so evil and so crazed, when thinking about revenge. that was all he lived for, and that was really scary.

i actually felt sorry for Du Min, ‘cos he was living such a civilised life now, and donating so much money to help children. i mean, he was trying to atone for his sins, and what he’d done in the past was so evil, and ruined many lives. even lives like Yu Jie’s where she is now successful, but she still lives in the unhappy moments and it has affected her psychologically, so much so that she is in so much agony, and pain, as she just can’t forget the trauma she went through. and lives like Yu Qing’s, where he now heads a child-begging syndicate, living a life like the one which ruined his, living only for revenge and nothing else.

yes, so i really felt sorry for Du Min, ‘cos even when Yu Qing was going to take revenge, and kill him, he accepted his fate; he knew he’d done wrong to all those children, and was prepared to be punished; he knew that he’d be hunted down sooner or later; he was prepared to die, but even though he knew that he would get his just desserts one day, he still gave to charity, and helped children.

these 2 cases were pretty well crafted, and were linked to the ultimate child-begging syndicate, which involved Yu Jie, Yu Qing, and Jiang Zaixi…

the last part of the 19th episode was really creepy, ‘cos that was when Yu Jie suspected that there was something seriously wrong, when the phrase: “你哥哥连死都不怕,以后,什么事也难不倒他” came out of Zaixi’s mouth. then he kidnapped her, and revealed who he/she really was. Jiang Zaixi was a WOMAN!

i really disliked the finale, ‘cos there were just too many things to squeeze into that 45minutes (minus advertisements), including Jiang Zaixi/Zhu Yanmei’s past, told to Daxiong by his father, Lu Duofu, who had a great role as the connector who knew the whole story. i didn’t really get the part about Duofu acting as bait to lure Jiang Zaixi/Zhu Yanmei out, ‘cos it all happened too quickly! we knew that Jiang Zaixi had gone to murder his/her former professor, but it was all so random, when they just cut from scene to scene that you got disoriented. i think it was meant to give you the sense of suspense and excitement, but it didn’t work. it made me confused, and i felt that there were many loopholes.

in the end, we have a usual rooftop confrontation, with Daxiong and Jingyi pointing their guns at Jiang Zaixi, who was standing on the edge, ready to jump. he does, after declaring himself the winner, and SMS-ing Daxiong a website which would tell him Yu Jie’s whereabouts. that’s it. Jiang Zaixi just jumped off without a fight. and he’d killed Yu Jie.

the ending was really disappointing, as i felt that the scriptwriters just needed to end the show, and could not get away with an ending where Jiang Zaixi didn’t die. there wasn’t enough time in one episode to fit all those important details, and it was never explained why he/she set up ‘wanttodie’ and ‘phoenix talon’.

ok, let’s recap: being the surgical maniac, he/she was proud of his/her skills, and would flaunt them, hence the ‘wanttodie’ fanclub, where he/she had fans who admired his/her work; did the ‘phoenix talon’ organisation have anything to do with the fact that her professor had framed her before, or was it for a pure hatred of men? why then did she decide to become a man then? i still don’t get that.

overall, with the exception of the finale (which i think is VERY important!), i really enjoyed this show! it was not too complex, and had many funny and amusing moments! the plot was interesting; the acting was brilliant, and i especially liked the Jiang Zaixi/ Zhu Yanmei past, ‘cos it was unexpected, and creepy!!

it was also really interesting how Jiang Zaixi was involved in every case – from the Butterfly Sisters’ case, to the Liu Wenbao case… and of course the cases which led to the finale; i thought that was ingenious, building up his character as the show went on, and deepening the mystery.

Best roles: Jerry Yeo, Jackson Tan, Paige Chua, Rayson Tan, Zhang Yaodong, Shaun Chen, TAY PING HUI
showed improvement: Dawn Yeoh, Paige Chua, Jerry Yeo, Zhang Yaodong, Rebecca Lim
loved: Candyce Toh, Jackson Tan, Marianna



  1. Haha

    i hated the last episode.

  2. Haha

    they could have expanded the last episode to 2 or 3 episodes to clear all our doubts.

    the scene with him jumping off should be longer

  3. [Haha]: yup. exactly. it’ll have been better if they added 1 more episode.


  4. What I want to clarify is Jiang Zai Xi / Zhu Yan Mei set up the Phoenix Talon is because Jiang Zai Xi said before: “All the abandoned souls have their right to gain happiness”. He wanted to help the poor people, precisely, the cheated woman to regain her right to lead a happier life, so he helped them to revenge by creating the Phoenix Talon. Jiang Zai Xi wanted to help the abandoned souls because he is lonely too, so he knew that helpless feelings…but at the same time, everyone disagreed him, so he decided to proved to all the people, especially to his mentor (Ge Liang Cheng) that he is the best and Ge Liang Cheng’s decision is wrong (the decision to chase her out of the medical school).

  5. 编辑当让姜在熙活着,做个不了的结局,让观众疑惑,这样才厉害!不该让伊卒,不然真的就没趣了…当让姜在熙作最后的赢家!(因为朱燕梅的确很厉害)

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