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hi everyone!!

i know i have announced that i have removed ALL non-Singaporean content from this site, but i’ve been thinking…

should i start another blog reviewing TVB drama serials?? i don’t know if there will be a market for it, ‘cos there are tons of other sites reviewing TVB dramas out there. so i guess it’s all up to YOU, my readers :)


*i’m actually pretty curious who voted what. if you don’t mind, leave a comment, with your name and what you voted, and why. it’s not necessary, of course. haha :) i’d just like to know the general sentiments about this!*

this poll will close on 12 November 2008.


thanks everyone for voting! looks like the results are quite clear, those for ‘yes’ are over 50%, so now i’ve got to take action.

i’ve stated clearly, and have now decided that https://qingling.wordpress.com will contain only Singaporean content, therefore, i’ve now got to set up another blog dedicated to TVB drama reviews.

sorry to make all of you vote again, but i’m quite pleased with this poll thing, since when i decided i needed to get a poll, wordpress just decided to offer it!! :)

what i need everyone to help me do now is to choose a new url at wordpress for the TVB drama reviews. YOUR HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED :) THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’M SO GRATEFUL!

i’ve come up with a few names already, so you could vote, or suggest. please feel free to voice your opinions, and leave comments, so i know what you are thinking!


this poll will close on 12 November 2008.

Name for new TVB drama review blog:
(this poll is a bit lame, but please let me know what you think)





  1. John

    Speaking of TVB HK – Dramas , just asking u if u do know whether there is a Sequel ( Part 2 ) to this HK Drama : 酒店风云II (Revolving Doors of Vengeance II) ?

  2. [John]: i’m not sure! i shall go find out now! but if there is, i’d really like to watch it!! i loved 酒店风云! :)


  3. John

    Cos I came across this Asian Fantastics Site , according to a TV viewer who listed the new shows being made by HK in 2008 , there is 酒店风云II (Revolving Doors of Vengeance II) … So, I am wondering if there is , cos according to some fans at the forums , some of the shows listed are fake ones … So I am not sure ?

    I give u the link : http://asianfanatics.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=467489&mode=threaded

    Look under Item Number : 17 .

  4. [John]: cool! i’m really not sure! but it’ll be great if they did :)

    look here–
    http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=170204069 and

    although i don’t think whatever written there is true ‘cos it’s just too good to be true. so many new characters, and such a star-studded cast… anyway, it’ll be interesting to read. in Chinese by the way.



  5. rhythm of life

    I am waiting 4 tans xin feng bao- jia hao yue yuan!

  6. [rhythm of life]: haha :) me too!



  7. zz

    yeah 溏心風暴之家好月圓 super nice sia! so are many MANY other hk shows

  8. [zz]: haha :) haven’t seen 溏心風暴之家好月圓 yet. heard it’s good though!


  9. Haha

    Do you know why no one votes for thegirlwhoreviews.wordpress.com


    See it???

    The Girl W____ Views

  10. [Haha]: WOW. i SO didn’t realise that. THANKS. i’ve removed it already. haha :)


  11. John

    I thought that was a very good way of of u trying to interact with your readers – with u creating all these polls ! By allowing your readers to have a say in how u want the new TVB Blog should look like , I am sure that your readers will like to visit your Blog even more when it is set up !

    No matter whether their choice is chosen or not in the end … Cos they will feel that they are also part of it ( this big project) ! Well Done !

  12. John

    U know the free bilingual paper – MY PAPER ? Your polls makes me reminded of MY PAPER , cos before they actually launch this free newspaper , they also tried to get their readers involved too , by asking them to vote for their favourite masthead design , with 3 different designs being put up for voting !

    U are also following them , I think … Trying to design this new Blog specially made for your readers in such a way that your readers would like it to be & will like to visit very often ….. Hope your new Blog will be a HUGE SUCCESS !

    And will be as successful or even more successful than this Channel 8 Dramas Blog ! GOOD LUCK !

  13. John

    I remember as part of your Blog Anniversary last year , u tried writing your reviews in both English & Chinese , but it didn’t quite worked out …

    Now for your this year’s Blog Anniversary , u have decided to set up a New TVB Blog , so looks like on your Blog Anniversary every year , your readers can look forward to something new as part of this joyous occasion ?

  14. John

    Your next poll can be – the type of Blog layout ?

    U create a sample of a few layouts u have in mind that u may want your new TVB Blog to look like and let us vote !

  15. [John]: thanks for the compliments! and i would definitely take into account what the majority of people voted for! :)

    hmmm… well, i really didn’t know that was what My Paper did! but i guess that’s how i can get my readers involved, and also to let them know that they’re important! without them, this site would not be a success!!

    haha :) THANK YOU for the support! i hope that i won’t disappoint in my new TVB drama review blog – i’m hoping to get a greater audience, from across the world, as TVB is everywhere!

    yes, that was an utter failure :(
    but i hope that one day, i’ll be able to offer it as a permanent feature, when my Chinese improves. haha :)

    yes, i hope that i’ll be able to offer something new every anniversary!!

    hmmm… thanks for suggesting this! i think it’s a good idea, but now i’ll have to figure out how to add the screencaps to let you vote!!

    THANKS AGAIN for the continuous support!


  16. Haha

    Erm… you could change it to the layout first, then take a screenshot using Print screen, then save it as an image and host it for us to see. Then you repeat for the rest of the layouts and then you revert to the original one.

    Well… this is one method you can use :)

  17. Haha

    then you name it layout 1… layout 2…
    and let us vote the best one?

  18. [Haha]: thanks, that’s a good idea, although i’m not sure if i have enough time to do that all before Friday 14/11/08, which is my 2nd ANNIVERSARY!

    qingling~ :)

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