i’ve finally cleared the backlog of all the reviews that i was supposed to do! i’m now UP-TO-DATE!!! :)

1) The Defining Moment 沸腾冰点: FINAL REVIEW
2) Nanny Daddy 奶爸百分百
3) “Collaborations 5,6,7”: an up-to-date post with info of Mediacorp & ntv7 collaborations “Fallen Angel”, “Love is All Around” and “Where the Heart is”
4) “Crimebusters x2 叮当神探”



PS: oh gosh. i just remembered that i still owe everyone 1 more review!

5) Love Blossoms 心花朵朵开 (Part 1): REVIEW
i’ll have to get this done before Part 2 airs!!


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