Mediacorp Channel 8 synopsis HERE

This drama stars:

Tay Ping Hui as Lu Daxiong aka ‘old maid’, Dawn Yeoh as Xia Jing Yi, Shaun Chen as Kang Jae Hee (Jiang Zai Xi), Paige Chua (Cai Qihui) as Yu Jie, Jackson Tan (from Star Search 2007) as Fu Da Zhi aka ‘big mole’, Richard Low as Lu Duo Fu, Mariana as ‘Cantik’, Hong Huifang as Feng Huixin, Huang Wenyong as Xia Mingda, Chen Guohua as Ah Fu, Joey Swee as Lu Baoliang, Nick Shen as Sun Ji Qing, Pan Lingling as Wang Yumei

Guest starring:

(eps 1-4)
The Surgical Demon (Part 1)

Jesseca Liu as Ou Fenni, Jerry Yeo as Lin Zhengwei, Michelle Chong as Isabelle (Yi Sha Bei), Desmond Tan (from Star Search 2007) as Hu Zhiyang, Henry Heng as Chen Xiazhong

(eps 5-8)

Alan Tern as Tang Jiasheng, Rebecca Lim as Hu Huadie, Cecilia Wang as Hu Caidie

(eps 9-12)
Wheel of Destiny

Zhang Wei as Liu Wenbao, Celest Chong as Margaret

(eps 13-16)
Fallen Angel

Rayson Tan as Xue Youren, Candyce Toh as Bai Xiaoyun

(ep 17-19)
A Pact with the Devil

Zhang Yaodong as Yu Qing, Brandon Wong as Du Min

(ep 20)
The Surgical Demon (Part 2)
两极阴阳 (下篇)


don’t expect it to be gritty like “C.I.D”, or as intriguing and full of drama as “Metamorphosis”. expect more D.I.E (HK-TVB; 2008) than H.I.T (KR-MBC; 2007), as this cop drama promises to have comedy working hand in hand with dramatic sequences and serious cases. i’ve also read that it has the characters of “Doraemon”, hence ‘叮当 (ding dang)’ and how Tay Ping Hui as Daxiong is Nobita and so on. i’m not sure about the details as i’m not familiar with the comic. haha :) [could anyone who knows tell me more? thanks! :D]

this drama has 1 major case – ‘The Surgical Demon’, and 4 other cases, each focusing on a few of the main characters. from the start, they already reveal who the real surgical maniac is – he is played by Shaun Chen. they will continue to develop his character as the show continues, first with his relationship with Yu Jie (Paige Chua), who resembles his deceased girlfriend (yes, another of those!).

Tay Ping Hui is Lu Daxiong, the high profile cop from major crime who screwed up 5 years ago, and caused his partner Doggy’s death (Joshua Ang’s cameo). he then asked to be transferred out of major crime, and is now in charge of the records department – the department in charge of keeping records of cases, and digging up unsolved cases to investigate further. He is a very cold man, who is neat and organised, and he likes to pick on newbies.

Dawn Yeoh is Xia Jingyi, a rookie cop who is assigned to be Daxiong’s partner. She is a very disorganised and messy person, who is enthusiastic and excited about her job. She often thinks of herself as a capable detective, and constantly quotes famous detectives, sometimes daydreaming about being a hero, like in manga/anime.

Daxiong and Jingyi progress from being at loggerheads (like how he hates her wearing colourful t-shirts, and disected an umbrella and made her wear it like a poncho) to another level. however, Daxiong starts the show liking forensic pathologist Yu Jie, and Dazhi (Jackson Tan) likes Jingyi (now nicknamed ‘xiaozhu’ piglet).


after 4 episodes: the first case has been solved. it was the case of a copycat murder, with the same M.O. as the surgical maniac’s (sounds so much like H.I.T!). the acting by Jerry Yeo as Lin Zhengwei was really good as he played a stuttering pharmaceutical assistant who was the copycat murderer. it was so different from his debut role in “”Beach.Ball.Babes”, where he was the blur, innocent undergrad. he was very convincing as a person who lacked confidnce and who was very unsure of himself. he was really good! and this is his second role! ONLY!

i’m also very pleased that actors whom have not appeared in a long time, like Joey Swee, Nick Shen and Alan Tern are back onscreen!



  1. greengwen

    Hi! i really like this show! do you do the reviews after the show or before the show? actually that’s quite a ridiculous question but i was just wondering if you see the synopsis on 8 days before you watch the show.
    I think the girl who plays yujie is very attractive. :) & if only daxiong knew how to express his feelings!

  2. [greengwen]: yes! i like this show too!! :)

    ideally i would do a synopsis before the show, based on the channel 8 synopsis, then reviews after 5 episodes till the end. i’d also get hold of the 8 days episode synopsis and know a bit about the show…

    but now i’m quite busy, so i try and at least do a pre-show synopsis, and a final review :)


  3. chn8fan

    FOR 2008. ;]

  4. [chn8fan] — :) i love this show too!!


  5. zz

    yeah this is good

  6. [zz]: haha :) i’m glad that there’s support for this drama! hope it becomes the highest viewship drama this year!


  7. brandon

    eh, couldja please give episodes synopsis. I missed some eps and i dint see the solving of the first case. By the way, you know the short clips they play right before commercials? yeah.. one of them shows the butterfly sisters, but their case only goes on for about 4 episodes… so erm, would those change as the episode goes on? thanks! I love the show… :)

  8. [brandon]: my post won’t be out so soon, and i won’t really be doing much of an episode synopsis, so you could check out the channel 8 synopsis in the meanwhile –

    if you want, you could buy 8 days or i-weekly, or u-weekly :)

    hmm… i didn’t realise that. i’ll pay closer attention. by right, it should change when the case does.


  9. Unknown

    I luv CrimeBusters x2 coz it is very cool!Can you make another movie about crimeBusters again??!!Reply me!!!

  10. Unknown

    any stars can add me plsss and tell me who are you?

  11. h

    aiyo unknown… where got such thing as people can make movies de…. Only directors,producers or in charge of TV things then can make lah ^^ =)) hahahaha! and btw ”tell me who are you” is qingling loh! hahahahah!

  12. h

    there’s one part of this show,where the cashiers always say to tay ping hui ” member? member? member? member? member? member? OMG THAT”S SO STUPID! can’t they have other more new ideas instead of saying the same old thing….,only this part of the show make this show a bit lame.overall i think this quite nice and funny police drama ^^.If only they can have more new ideas instead of the coutinously saying ”member” like crazy and stupid!! AIYO Then this show would have been PERFECT!!!!!! do you agree WITH ME QINGLING???????????????? haiizzz

  13. h

    Overall I think this is a quite funny,interesting police drama! If only STOP saying the stupid same old word ”MEMBER!!!! member!!!!! <<<which is very very dumb! THIS police SHOW WILL HAVE BEEN PERFECT!!!!!!!

  14. h

    QINGLING JIEJIE i wonder which lame person used that stupid idea in this nice police drama.

    Only know how to ”member” here,member there,member here,member there,every episode also keep saying member,member,member when tay ping hui already said no so many times liao,ruining this police show!!!making this police show a bit lame,WHEREAS this show supposed to be quite nice and interesting.but because of that lame person who used that stupid ide,instead of better ones.qingling ah I am very angry! ^^^^^^^^^ =) hahahaha!

  15. h

    qingling surely agree with me. that idea is so so lame. can’t they think of better ones? qingling right?

  16. NIGEL

    NIGEL say h correct correct correct correct!!!!

    NIGEL say the bad cashiers always only know how to say member,member,member,member,member,member to tay ping hui when tay ping hui already say so many so many ”NOS”! already. NIGEL say those 2 bad persons so stupid and bad,always only know how to say member ruining this show a bit. NIGEL say CRIME BUSTERS COULD HAVE BEEN VERY nice police drama show!!! if the casheirs stop saying the same old thing again and again. NIGEL say fun.

  17. h

    eh qingling ah qingling see? NIGEL also agree with me! NIGEL leh! ^^^^^

    haiz must blame the lame person who used that stupid idea in this NICE POLICE DRAMA SHOW!

    ahhhhh,ruiniing a good show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. h

    QINGLING ah,please don blame me for writing so much thing.because I am really very angry of that stupid idea in this nice police show. Even nigel is also angry of that idea. TY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  19. chn8fan

    LOL! It’s only a small part of the show. No need make such a big fuss. And, it makes the show funny what. Tay Ping Hui’s expression is funny when the cashiers “transform” into Yu Jie and Piglet. I find it funny. :D

    Plus, now I don’t really think very logical liao. Cos like they always got clues for the crimes. And they get the clues like so easily, when the Major Department didn’t even get the clues. It’s not very logical I think :X

    No offence. But overall it’s quite a nice show. With those funny scenes. :D

  20. Zen

    i think that Daxiong (Tay PIng Hui) should pair up with Yu Jie(the forensic scientist) and not Jingyi (dawn yeoh}. Dawn YEOH and Tay PIng Hui are quite incompatible in this show but dawn yeoh keeps sticking onto him when he likes yu jie.

  21. h

    even if they want make it funny,at least use other new ideas lah =P ,keep saying member ,member,member,member to tay ping hui when tay ping hui already say so many NOS.very irritating =D

  22. brandon

    Ugly Woman: Member?
    Daxiong: No.
    Ugly Woman: $17.90, eh you already bought wad?
    Daxiong: Cannot buy again arh?


  23. [Unknown]: haha. i’m only a viewer, like you. don’t know how to make movies leh… haha :) and btw, i don’t know any stars. i doubt they visit this site. haha

    [h]: haha :) thanks!

    [h & NIGEL]:
    i actually find the “member” thing quite funny leh! haha :) everytime they show that, my sis and i will go “Member?” “$17.90”. haha :) i don’t think it’s irritating lah…

    but think of it as the scriptwriters’ way of emphasizing Daxiong (TPH)’s boring schedule. he’ll go to the same shop, the people will ask the same thing… he’s a boring person. like how they would also make him repeat that his house must be clean and how he is obsessed about cleanliness… yah.

    no lah, i won’t blame you! thanks for telling me what you think! it’s great to be able to talk about this here. makes me feel like my site is popular :)

    [chn8fan]: i agree. i quite like the ‘member’ thing. haha :) yah, i think the clues are also too simple. it’s a bit simplistic, but overall, i like the show! it’s not too drama and suspenseful :)

    [Zen]: yah, i don’t think that TPH & Dawn are very compatible. but even though TPH & Paige will look like a better couple, think about Paige’s psycho problems and shady past which she can’t get over. she’s rather havoc, don’t you think? and Dawn has characteristics with TPH doesn’t, and he has characteristics which Dawn doesn’t, so they’ll ‘complete’ each other. haha :)


  24. 9pmshows lover

    Yesterday’s one even funnier.
    He thought he was going to die…
    Then the cashier ask him why he dun apply to be member.
    But i dun understand one thing.

  25. [brandon]: haha :) i think it’s quite funny!

    [9pmshows lover]: yah, so funny… he went to hug the cashiers. haha :) aiyah, standard question lah. don’t you get that at the supermarket sometimes also? but it’s a bit OTT. haha


  26. chn8fan

    Yay he no cancer haha :D

  27. brandon

    Cashier: Member?
    *His Vision* Big Mole: What jealous ah? Green Eyed?
    Cashier: Member?
    Daxiong: (Crouching down) still very blur
    Cashier: MEMBER??!!
    Daxiong: er, (Embaressed) No.
    Cashier: $17.90

    Teehee. BTW, qingling, are you Singaporean too? Haha, you seemed foreign, looks are decieving then. Hope we can be friends.

  28. [chn8fan]: haha :)

    [brandon] — :)
    yup, of course i’m Singaporean!! ??? how come you know what i look like?? how can i seem foreign??? :/


  29. brandon

    well. erm, alot of foreigners love to watch these serials, like TVB serials, so i thought. hehe. hey guys! please talk about other stuff rather than “Member? $17.90”


    Daxiong: Can you make it quick? I’m not a member.


  30. [brandon]: oh. haha :) well, i’m Singaporean!! haha. you too?

    NO, you forgot the 1st part:

    voice: member?
    Daxiong: No.
    woman: i haven’t even asked you yet!
    (Jingyi pops up and smiles): remember to give him his change!

    HAHAHA :)


  31. zz

    lol how can this show be perfect? anyway this show is still better than many other sg shows.

  32. [zz]: hmmm… i don’t remember saying it’s perfect. which it isn’t and something i wouldn’t say. haha :) it’s probably the best show this year! i like it!


  33. Toro Chan

    Seems that this shows shows a great influence on alots of ppl…
    But … About the member thingy … It was like the customer is always right… Maybe TPH joins a member in another shop leh? That’s why need to ask….
    Qingling can help me look out for it…
    Both me and my aunt like the theme song XP… LOLs
    Thank you

  34. [Toro Chan]: yes, both negative and positive influences.

    i’m one who thinks this is a great show! but there are many others who have been reported to say that this show is lousy and a copy of 2 HK-TVB dramas (info credited to John who got it from — 25 Oct 08 Edition of the Chinese Evening Newspaper – Shin Min Daily Newspaper; Page 2)

    i find the “member” thing very amusing! haha :)

    ok, which songs do you want?
    theme – 幻听 by Daren Tan 陈世维
    DL here– (credits to Jas)
    subtheme 1 – 反方向 by Chen Diya 陈迪雅 & Carrie Yeo 杨佳盈. listen here —
    subtheme 2 – by Daren Tan 陈世维 (haven’t been able to find anything on it yet, sorry!)


  35. Toro Chan

    Seems like though…
    Anyway, THX !

  36. [Toro Chan]: you’re welcome! :)


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