The Defining Moment 沸腾冰点: FINAL REVIEW

This drama had 21 episodes and ended on Monday, 1 Sep 08 at the 9pm slot on Channel 8.


I didn’t follow this drama series closely as it clashed with the Beijing 2008 Olympics, so I probably watched only 10 episodes at most. This show was not exciting or engaging enough to make me give up my Olympic coverage. haha :)


this show had too many mad people: 1) our main character, Kexin (Fann Wong) 2) her evil uncle Weiye (Zhu Houren) 3) ‘Zhou-dong’
Kexin actually never inherited her grandmother’s hereditary mental illness, her uncle Weiye was the one who did. And as for Zhou-dong – he was mad in the crazy-for-love, crazy-for-power kind of way.

Overall, the plot was weak, as it placed too much attention on Kexin, and her mad, dillutional moments. Her family members’ characters were so colourless and you could not develop too much of a story out of them.

Lin Kexin (Fann Wong): she was the family’s pillar of strength; without her, the whole family, and company, could not function. when she was in her mental state, the whole family fell apart, and it was the revealation of her mental illness, by her uncle and his daughter-in-law Wanyu (Ng Hui) nonetheless, that got her ousted from the company. with her evil uncle taking away everything their family had, and Kexin in a dire situation, the family had fallen into a point of no return. the only person around for her was Jiaming (Pierre Png), his love for her unwavering…

Sun Jiaming (Pierre Png): the famous chicken curry chef who fell for the ice-cold power woman. I thought that his character was very colourless — he was only there in the show to comfort Kexin and well… be the man behind her.

Tang Weiye (Zhu Houren): the power hungry, money-minded evil son of Tang Da Zhong (Liang Tian). from the beginning, you could see traces of his madness, and it just got worse… but not before he had got hold of Tang Group, and the money, shares and property his father had. the ULTIMATE EVIL GUY of this show, i feel that his character was the best developed. we saw him as a greedy, unscrupulous guy, then he changed, slowly, into total madness.

Lin Kexi (Andie Chen): the happy-go-lucky brother of Kexin, who gets cheated by his friends in the many business ventures he persuades his sister to invest in. his character brought the only ‘happiness’ and smiles the show had. he was the only one who was not miserable.

Zheng Wanyu (Ng Hui): she was the greedy daughter-in-law who schemed with her father-in-law to get the family fortune. she was underhanded and unscrupulous in her actions. she always looked evil…

Lin Keyi (Jeanette Aw): the ice queen who was either fighting with her mother or dancing to vent her anger.


the best roles went to: Zhu Houren and Ng Hui. but with no doubt, Fann will get a nomination for ‘Best Actress’ in Star Awards 2008.

having seen Zhu Houren star in “The Truth” earlier this year, i feel that his role in this drama was better developed, and throughout the 21 episodes, you could see him progress from a greedy, scheming man to an absolute lunatic. as Tang Weiye, he was very convincing, and it was scary seeing him onscreen, as you really didn’t know what he would be capable of doing next.

recently, Ng Hui has not been getting very substancial roles, and this role has to be the best for her to date. earlier on in the series, i could tell that she was trying very hard to look wicked and put on a wicked accent, but as the show progressed, it became more natural. i never imagined that Ng Hui would be cast in such a role, and it was not disappointing. she did a good job!

newcomer Andie Chen (winner of Star Search 2007) managed to bring a different dimension to the show as the happy-go-lucky rich kid. for his first role, he lived up to my expectations, as her acting did not seem to be forced, and he delivered his lines as you would expect a person to. well… yah.

Fann Wong – she transformed from a powerful career woman to a hopeless wreck. i think she overacted a bit too much. it was quite unbearable in certain episodes. and she was always either dead-serious or miserable, or, screaming her head off. very OTT.

Jeanette Aw was second fiddle in this drama, and her character was so blah. she was such a spoilt brat and her role really didn’t call for her to progress. it was too one-dimensional.


RATINGS: 2.4/5.0 (Below Average)

Final say: i was very disappointed with how the plot unfolded, and the depth of the characters, as there was virtually no room for them to progress! the acting did not disappoint though, as stated above.


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