Nanny Daddy 奶爸百分百

This 20-episode drama stars: Adrain Pang, Yvonne Lim, Aileen Tan, Yao Wenlong, Brandon Wong and Yan Bingliang


basically, it is all about a rich and stingy bachelor, Alan (Adrain Pang). the cleanliness freak suddenly finds himself having to look after his niece, a 9 month old baby girl. he struggles endlessly, and his new neighbour, divorcee Ai Hua (Yvonne Lim), decides to help him after the baby refuses to stop crying and keeps them up all night. looking after baby Nicole, Alan and Ai Hua start to fall for each other. however, he faces competition in William (Brandon Wong), who has been pursuing her for the longest time.

on the other hand, this drama also focuses on the trails and tabulations of married couple Sophia (Aileen Tan) and Mingfeng (Yao Wenlong), who live next door to Alan. Sophia, a real estate agent in her late 30s, is pregnant with her first child, and has to deal with her in-laws, and jobless husband.

the 3 households squabble, quarrel, and finally become friends.


i gave up this drama after 4 episodes. i felt that the plot was very stupid. i mean, do i actually want to see a grown man struggle with a baby for 20 episodes? well, i didn’t. and so i gave up. but there were at least some ‘funny’ moments. and i was happy to see Yvonne Lim, Aileen Tan and Yao Wenlong back on screen, in leading roles.

i’m not sure, but if this drama was produced by the same people responsible for “Dear Dear Son-in-law 女婿当家”, I’M EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED! i really enjoyed “Dear Dear Son-in-law 女婿当家”, and this drama did not manage to keep my attention (especially with the baby crying non-stop!!!) at all.


2.2/5.0 (Below Average)

Theme song 爱的记录 by Daren Tan:

DL (credits to Jas:

Watch online:
tudou 1 tudou 2 tudou 3


  1. John

    And to think such a stupid & boring Drama Serial managed to achieve the Number 1 spot for the 9pm Drama Serial Hall of Fame ! It actually attracted a 1,165000 viewers ! Can u believe it ? Making it the Number 1 Serial at the moment …

  2. 9pmshows lover

    Seriously. Even Crimebusters x2 is 500% better than this.

  3. zz

    conclusion: all boring and below avg

  4. [John]: oh gosh! REALLY?! i can’t believe it.
    i hope some other drama comes along to grab the highest viewship title; it’ll be the greatest disaster for this drama to win the award at Star Awards 2008!!!

    [9pmshows lover]: AGREE :) LOVE Crime Busters x2!!

    [zz]: agree!!


  5. chn8fan

    I agree lah! Crime busters x2 is MUCH MORE funny than the nanny daddy. =.= Expect us watch some baby acting?!

  6. [chn8fan]: HAHA :D i love Crime Busters x2!!


  7. John

    I got the info from Paul Chan’s Blog in one of his Blog posts !

    Here’s the link : Check it out !

  8. [John]: yup, thanks. i found it a few days ago, ‘cos after you told me, i had to find out where the info came from! took me a long time though…


  9. John

    Sorry ! I should enclose the link earlier to u during that time when I told u about it ! Sorry for giving u a hard time searching for the info !

  10. [John]: no, it’s ok. haha :)


  11. zz

    crime busters should be achieving higher ratings than this.

  12. [zz]: i really hope so!! :) it’ll deserve it!!


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