hi all!!!

I’ve realised that i haven’t updated in a LONG TIME.

these are the posts i’ll be churning out soon…

1) The Defining Moment 沸腾冰点: FINAL REVIEW
2) Nanny Daddy 奶爸百分百

3) an up-to-date list of Mediacorp & ntv7 collaborations with info! (“Fallen Angel”, “Love is All Around” and “Where the Heart is” will all be included)
4) info on “Crimebusters x2 叮当神探”, starring Tay Ping Hui and Dawn Yeoh
Mediacorp synopsis

i’ll also have to update the “Drama Songs” and “Watch Online” pages for content from earlier years.
*i’m also thinking about adding a “Drama Song lyrics” page…*

I’ve already updated the links, adding links to the blogs of Star Search 2007 finalists who have appeared on TV, as well as MSU alum Rebecca Lim and Jessica Tan, new faces on TV :)

~i’m the girl who reviews~ will turn 2 in 2 months!!! i have to do something to boost the hit count!!

Mediacorp’s UPCOMING SHOWS IN LATE 2008 – 2009!!!



  1. Glynis

    What about 爱在你左右? :D

  2. [Glynis]: i’ll be writing a bit about that show in my new post or page, focusing on ntv7/ Mediacorp collaborations :)


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