The Defining Moment 沸腾冰点

Stars: Fann Wong as Lin Kexin, Pierre Png as Sun Jiaming, Jeanette Aw as Lin Keyi, Andie Chen as Lin Kexi, Xiang Yun as Tang Lilian, Zhu Houren as Tang Weiye, Darren Lim as Tang Xueping, Ng Hui as Zheng Wanyu, Carrie Yeo as Sun Jiazhen, Rebecca Lim as Fan Xiaoning, Liang Tian as Tang Da Zhong, Daren Tan as Sun Jiakang, Tan Sia Chong as Sam, Joey Fung as Sandra, Jessica Tan as Jessie

Synopsis HERE (official Channel 8 website)


4 years ago, Fann Wong challenged herself with a “schizophrenic” role, in “Beautiful Illusions 镜中人” (9pm; 2004), playing good and bad to ruin the lives of the man (Thomas Ong) who killed her father, and his family. 1 persona was comic-book artist, a sweet, mild-mannered innocent girl, the other persona was an air-stewardess, a wild girl.

4 years on, she plays a capable CEO in charge of a large organisation, whom her grandfather handed the reins over to. She not only has to deal with ambitious and greedy people – like her uncle (Zhu Houren) and his daughter-in-law (Ng Hui), but also a hereditary mental illness, which causes her to have delusions.


Sounds really interesting! Fann’s character Kexin has a lot to deal with. She needs to manage her grandfather’s company, guard against her evil, greedy uncle, both at home and in the company, and also deal with her siblings’ problems. Along the way, she meets and falls in love with a normal guy who runs an eatery, Sun Jiaming (Pierre Png). On top of that, she suffers from a genetic mental illness, which her late grandmother suffered from.

Well… I’m really looking forward to this ‘cos Fann is acting psycho! Zhu Houren is her evil uncle, and Ng Hui also gets an evil role… Jeanette Aw is a really rebellious girl, and it’s Star Search 2007’s champion Andie Chen’s debut role. Top it up with Xiang Yun, who is acting as Fann’s mother. We will also see Project Superstar’s Carrie Yeo and Daren Tan (his debut acting appearance), and Miss Singapore Universe’s alum Rebecca Lim, Joey Feng and Jessica Tan (her debut acting appearance).



  1. Anonymous

    good job. It is possible to know wats the both opening and closing theme? Thanks a million.

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