Beach.Ball.Babes 球爱大战: FINAL REVIEW

I missed episodes 17, 18 and 19. So i didn’t catch the parts where Yanfang (Jesseca Liu) and Rainie (Joanne Peh) ‘fought’ over Feipeng (Cui Peng), or the part where Yanfang and Feipeng got together, and the part where Pierre (Christopher Lee) realised he cared so deeply for Sixing (Dawn Yeoh) when she went missing…

I was quite disappointed with the ending, mainly because it was stupid. We all know the ‘final battle’ would be the competition between the 2 teams – Yanfang’s team, with Sixing, and Rainie’s team, with Yaya (Jade Seah). But, as usual, there were complications, like Yanfang’s injury, caused when saving Rainie from her brother’s creditors, and being stubborn, Yanfang refused to give up competing, even though in great agony. It was only when Rainie overhead the reason for Yanfang’s injury that she gave up competing when Yanfang fainted.

The bottom line is this: Pierre ended up with Sixing, and Yanfang ended up with Feipeng. The final scene showed Yanfang, Sixing, and Rainie and Yaya playing a ‘friendly’ match, at the beach. This was a score which Yanfang and Rainie still had to settle.

I don’t get it. Yaya was supposed to be evil and all, but when playing in the ‘friendly’ match, she looked like she’d turned good. ??? i’m puzzled.

Another thing is the chemistry.

Chris and Dawn had no chemistry whatsoever. They’d already tried pairing Chris and Dawn in “The Peak”, but that didn’t work out. Then they had to try again. It’ll have been much better if they’d just paired Dawn with Jerry Yeo (who acted as Yanfang’s brother Guorong).

I was quite disappointed that Chris didn’t end up with Jesseca, this being the third time they’d been paired but in all three times never had a happy ending – 1st time in “Through it All”; Chris ended up with Apple Hong; Jesseca with no one, 2nd time in “Rhythm of Life”; Chris ended up with Jeanette; Jesseca with no one, 3rd time here in “Beach.Ball.Babes”; Chris ended up with Dawn; Jesseca ended up with Cui Peng.

And I didn’t think Jesseca and Cui Peng had really great chemistry either. Maybe they could’ve tried pairing Joanne with Cui Peng. But Jesseca and Cui Peng were still acceptable.


I think Jesseca Liu did very well in her lead role, although i couldn’t really sense chemistry between her and Cui Peng. They didn’t give the feeling of a couple in love. Nevermind that for a moment.

She has really improved since she first entered the industry debuting in “The Champion”. After last year’s tomboy-ish prison warden role in “Kinship”, she has progressed to another level, here in Beach.Ball.Babes, playing an annoying, stubborn and selfish person.

At some points, I really couldn’t stand her attitude and actions. I guess this shows that she portrayed her character Cai Yanfang really well.

Christopher Lee was pretty good too, especially when he was getting his trauma attacks upon remembering the past and his unhappy childhood. He looked really agonised and in great pain.

Joanne Peh was ok, she looked miserable throughout, and had major issues, whether in love or with her family.

Dawn Yeoh as Sixing, an innocent undergrad who defied her strict conservative grandfather (played by Richard Low) to play beach volleyball was rather boring to watch. Especially since her story with her father and all was really boring to watch. Grrr…

Cui Peng: I really, really enjoyed him onscreen. He played his character very well and sorta gave the show a breath of fresh air. Together with Jesseca, they brightened up the show, and made it more enjoyable to watch, as their characters were interesting. I hope to see more of Cui Peng in local productions soon!!

Hong Huifang, Richard Low and Pan Lingling were great supporting stars. Their characters gave the show different dimensions when they came onscreen.


FINAL RATINGS: 3.6/5.0 (Good)
i didn’t like the ending and the chemistry.


  1. rhythm_of_life

    sry qing ling but I would lyk u 2 reconsider the ratings 4 this show.sry,I noe I am a bit rude 2 ask u 2 do this but pls do so.tks.

  2. rhythm_of_life

    u can go to this
    to watch

  3. Debbie

    hi qingling, I watched the beach ball babes on youtube. I enjoyed watching eps 17 – 20. this show is not bad at all. It is good to see new faces like jerry(star search) & cui peng. Actually I don’t know cui peng. now then I realised who is cui peng.Both of them acted quite well. anyway this show is over. all of them have done a good job in beach ball babes.

  4. [rhythm_of_life]: well… i’m still standing by my ratings. umm… sorry.

    [Debbie]: yup, i agree! I really liked Jerry Yeo and Cui Peng’s performances!


  5. rhythm of life

    oh it’s ok.

  6. rhythm of life

    I luv dis show!

  7. [rhythm of life]:



  8. hii! umm, do you know what is the ending song of this movie? beach.ball.babes. coz i like it soo much! xDD

  9. NIGEL


    NIGEL say fun fun.

  10. thanks NIGEL. yup, you can find more info here —




  12. [LUV QIU AI DA ZHAN]: i don’t send songs anymore! for the DL links, please visit —

    thanks :)


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