Stars: Zoe Tay as Fang Baoyu, Ann Kok as Lin Xiuhui, Tiffany Leong as Qian Minmin, Tay Ping Hui as Huang Quanhe, Yao Wen Long as Zhang Jiawei, Shaun Chen as Liang Xingxiong, Paige Chua as Qian Tingting, Nat Ho as Fang Baoguo and Desmond Sim as Zhong Weixiang

This 25 episode drama starts on the 2nd of May, 2008 at 9pm on Channel 8. Focusing on women taking different path in life, both in love and their careers, this drama is filmed partly in Malaysia.


**sorry about this unupdated post! i’ll be writing about it soon! please bear with this first!

THEME SONG by Cai Meiyi


OK. sorry people, i’m not watching this show, but upon seeing the debut episode, trailers and reading the synopsis…

  • i expect a show much like “Mars vs Venus”, but focusing more on women
  • but not like “Mars vs Venus” as there isn’t much comedy in it
  • Ann Kok’s role and her portrayal of her character – Star Award worthy!
  • Zoe Tay returns to dramas… but as a housewife — not as extreme as her ugly role in “Man at Forty”; nothing to be so excited about…
  • Desmond Sim’s return to screen (actually, i’ve not seen him on-screen before)
  • Yao Wenlong is always great to watch, and here, he’s a horrible guy!
  • more exposure for new actors – Paige Chua and Nat Ho

from the first episode, i realise that Paige Chua’s acting is not really good. Here, only her second role, she’s playing a carefree undergrad who is the happy-go-lucky kind of person. But she’s very unnatural here. I guess her debut role in “Just in Singapore” seemed more natural. Maybe her personality is not the bubbly kind?

i really don’t know what else to say… sorry :(


  1. John

    Hi ! Just to inform u and let u know that Malaysia’s 8TV Annual Mega Concert of The Year – Summer LIVE Concert is here again !

    It will be held on Saturday , 23 August 2008 at 8pm and it will feature a stellar list of mouth watering star studded performers in this year’s Edition !

    Cos the Channel is indeed very lucky enough to be able to invite foreign artistes such as Jolin Cai Yi Ling , Show Luo Zhi Xiang , Energy , Rainie Yang Chen Ling , 黃立行、蕭敬騰 , 元味覺醒

    On the local front , Malaysia very own Project Superstar Idols will be performing in this Mega Event ! For more details , visit my Blog when u are free as I have also carried related reports on this Concert from the Malaysian Chinese Newspapers ‘ Entertainment Section .

  2. [John]: hi! :) thanks for letting me know!

    wow, it’ll really be star-studded… a pity i can’t watch it! (no longer can receive 8TV)


  3. debb

    umm can i know the name of the boy who plays ann’s and tay ping huis son in the show? His acting is seriously good.

    And can i know the name of Zoe tays daughter?


  4. John

    To qingling : Don’t be disappointed even though u can’t receive 8tV , cos u can still watch the Summer LIVE Concert LIVE at 8TV official website at on that day ( 23 August 2008 @ 8.30pm ) itself too ! The Concert will be stimulcast on it’s official website !

  5. why dun you publish the lyrics for all the songs?

  6. [debb]: k, i’ll find out and let you know ASAP

    [John]: wow! that’s nice to hear! thanks a lot for this info! :)

    [jingyi]: ‘cos the lyrics are quite difficult to find and takes time too. if you’d like lyrics of a particular song, just let me know, and i’ll try to get it for you :)


  7. [jingyi]: k. so which lyrics do you want?


  8. dammit

    what is the ending who did baoyu choose????????????
    why they never show one? wth

  9. Mel

    can u also include the sub theme?

  10. NIGEL

    NIGEL wan tell BIG QINGLING JIEJIE, ” TONG XIN YUAN” also got another sub theme song called ”NAN REN XIN” by ”wu xing rong”.

    NIGEL wan bom qingling jiejie write song name in this page.NIGEL say fun.

  11. NIGEL

    NIGEL ask big qingling jijie why does qingling jiejie don’t wan write big review of new channel 8 show ” QIU AI DA ZHAN”.

    NIGEL wan big qingling jiejie write big review of QIU AI DA ZHAN.NIGEL say fun

  12. [dammit]: i didn’t watch. sorry, can’t comment on it.

    [Mel]: yes, it’s here
    but it’s not very clear though…

    [NIGEL]: ok, sure. thanks for letting me know.

    yes, my review of BEACH.BALL.BABES will be out soon :)


  13. MISSY

    Sorry, ah, but i missed the last episode of la Femme. So, who did Baoyu choose in the end? say leh! Also, did Xinhui go back to the family? What else happened in last episode? Minmin married XingXiong in end also izit?

  14. rhythm of life

    beach ball babes is very ZI hope a post will be up soon.tks qingling.

  15. [MISSY]: sorry, i don’t know. didn’t watch

    [rhythm of life]: haha :) i agree! my post will be out soon!!


  16. em…nu ren and maybe the perfect cut’s theme song?

  17. [jingyi]: ok. i’ll try my best… :)

    我知道我变漂亮了 – 《一切完美》主题曲

    过去的批评嘲讽 (Let it go Let it go)
    过去的轻蔑冷落 (Let it go Let it go)
    有些人口不饶人 却忘了瞧瞧自己 又有什么资格

    时刻都善良待人 (Let’s move on Let’s move on)
    时刻都做好本分 (Let’s move on Let’s move on)
    有些人心思浅薄 绝不是宽容 自暴自弃的理由

    也许 确实也受过言语打击
    也许 因此而失去了自信心

    曾难过 失落

    不自卑 不埋怨
    内在的美 迷住每个人的眼


  18. Jas

    hi qingling

    this song is nt clear rite qiu_ai_da_zhan- sorry to say this

  19. tonytan

    i’m a bad boy

  20. John

    Malaysia’s ntv 7 Channel will be starting to show a Series of Singapore – Malaysia Co – Produced Drama Serials on it’s Primetime Drama Serial timeslot starting next Monday , 22 July 2008 .

    To find out more and to know which Co Produced Drama Serials u can get to watch it FIRST & EXCLUSIVE on ntv 7 Channel before Channel 8 shows it , log on to my Blog to find out more !

  21. [Jas]: i have 2 versions of QIU AI DA ZHAN uploaded in the now… hopefully the other version is better :)


  22. [John]: thanks for letting me know. sure, i’ll visit your blog for more information :)


  23. passer by

    hi long time no talk!do u have the theme song of perfect cut?if u have please reply me. :)thk very much!

  24. debb

    why no review of beach.ball.babes?

  25. [passer by]: yes, please visit

    [debb]: it’s coming out soon! sorry for the wait!


  26. passer by

    but can download anot

  27. [passer by]: yup. please see the latest comment. i’ve reuploaded it


  28. [jingyi]: you’re welcome :)


  29. Can I have the song

  30. pink love

    in la femme..
    baoyu didnt chose anyone (didnt show)
    minmin i think marry xingxiong (forgot)
    i think xinhui did went back to her family (also forgot leh..)

  31. [pink love]: ok, thanks.


  32. Felicia

    Hey! do you have the theme songs for A Mobile Love Story? the opening theme and ending theme..


  33. Jess

    i want to on9 and see the drama but dont have the last episode one.

  1. 1 Looking back at 2008 « ~i’m the girl who reviews~

    […] first view (i didn’t watch this drama fully) […]

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