Rhythm of Life 变奏曲: the LAST EPISODE

* disclaimer:
some information about the times he travelled back and the events which followed may be wrong. please do let me know if there are any mistakes

I know I’d given up up on this show.

but i HAD TO watch the finale
i HAD TO know how it ended!!

This is what happened:

  • this is the second time Junjie has gone back in time
  • he was blackmailed by Zishan again
  • Zhiling and Tianbao have an unhappy marriage; Zhiling is pregnant; Tianbao feels that she married him to repay him, not because she loves him; he has major issues and takes them out on her
  • Zhiyuan went to look for Xiaorou in India, and died there. he had malaria, but managed to live his remaining days happily with Xiaorou. he also married her in an Indian wedding ceremony.
  • Feifei has gone crazy, loving Tianbao
  • Feifei harasses Zhiling on an overhead bridge, shouting and screaming at her to give Tianbao back to her; Zhiling falls down the steps, and loses her child
  • Junjie tells his boss Zishan’s plan, leaving her stranded. with eveything gone.
  • Junjie tries to stop Xiaorou from leaving, but Zishan knocks her down and Xiaorou dies

the first time, Zhiling fell to her death.
the second time, Zhiyuan and Xiaorou died; leaving unhappy couple Zhiling & Tianbao and Feifei mentally unstable.


  • brought back to the day where Zhiling was kidnapped by Zhang Nan, he saves her and fights with Zhang Nan. both of them fall from the second story. Zhang Nan hits his head on the drain, and dies. Junjie lands on Zhang Nan’s leg, and ends up in a coma for 18 months.
  • during those 18 months…
    – Tianbao ends up with Feifei and they open a coffeeshop
    – Zhiyuan is recognised for his police work
    – Zhiling opens her bakery and donates $100,000 to charity
    – XIaorou puts all her sketches of Mingwen and has a successful exhibition
  • finally, Junjie awakes from his coma. but he is unable to walk again.
  • he ends up with Xiaorou :)


now the bad news: IT WAS SO OBVIOUS THAT THEY DIDN’T GO TO INDIA!!! the backdrops were so fake, and i can’t believe that in a place as populated as India, especially near the Taj Mahal, THEY WERE THE ONLY PEOPLE standing there!!! it was not real at all!

FINAL RATINGS: 3.2/5.0 (Fair)

this story taught the importance of choices, and showed one guy’s journey when he was given numerous chances to right the wrong.

ACTING: Zzen and Dawn did really well in their roles here!

Zzen showed a wide array of emotions in his role as Tianbao. Usually playing some gangster or good-for-nothing, in this show, he shows he is capable and versatile. I’m very glad they casted him here in such a big role.

Dawn managed to move away from her sweetie-pie image to play con-woman Feifei, who later gives up on herself, and even looks so ’emo’ and attempts suicide. The scene on the overhead bridge was quite a breakthrough for her. She looked really desperate, and also really psycho. Good job here! :)


I still don’t get the part where Junjie keeps staring at the camera looking like he’s a criminal or something. Won’t a voice-over be enough?

Also, he had the chance and the ability to go back in time. The lesson he learnt from the second last time was that he had to stay out of the picture, and not meddle so much. For the sake of everyone around him, he was prepared to sacrifice himself. That was really admirable.


  1. rhythm of life

    yar qingling.I agree with you.I fu remember,at the end of the show,during the credits sections,there is sumthing lyk”Lee Ah mooi old age home”.and if u can recall,the ‘hospital’ zhi yuan was in,ya that’s it.the hospital was actually the old age home!!I have been to the old age home b4,so I knew immediately that wasn’t India!!

  2. [rhythm of life]: haha :) never mind about the old age home – it looks quite real, so i guess its ok


  3. rhythm of life


  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    ONLY zzen chang and dawn yeoh in this show make this show funny and interesting,if don have him and her in this show.this show surely achieve 0/100 ratings.
    all the other actors very boring,especially elvin ng,christoper lee and jeannette(their acting is very boring,no new ideas,-_-!)

    Liu zhi xuan at least pass,at least better than those 3 actors above. QINGLING DO YOU AGREE.those three actors above acting very boring. luckily got ZZZEN CHANG!! in this show,make this show quite nice (i’m the above ANYOMNNOUOUS)

  6. Anonymous

    i now wan say different! I like this show ONLY because got zzen chang and dawn yeoh,liu zhi xuan(ok ok only,at least pass)! in other words,if don have them,this show get 0/100 ratings -_-!(the fact)

  7. [rhythm of life]: haha :)

    [Anonymous]: gosh, you share the same sentiments as me. haha :) i didn’t think this show was worth watching. yea, that’s it.


  8. jaymie

    Well, i thought the drama was nice.But the last few episodes which had the dying and reliving parts totally ripped off the logic from this drama!

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