The first part (55 episodes) of this 110-episode mega-drama debuts on Wednesday, 28 May 2008 at 7pm on Channel 8.

Stars: Chen Shucheng as Tao Dashun, Ivy Lee as Tao Zi Jing, Felicia Chin as Tao Hai Tong, Zheng Geping as Yun Kai Wang, Constance Song as Tao Ling Lan, Patricia Mok as Yun Cai Xia, Rayson Tan as Kang Qing Xiong, Terence Cao as Yu Wen Hao, Zhang Yaodong as Ma Da Ji, Adam Chen as Guo Zi Peng, Chen Tianwen as Lu Gua, Koh Yah Hwee (finalist from Star Search 2007) as Tao Wen Zhu, Ben Yeo as Wang Zhigang, Priscelia Chan as Yuan Er-bo, Jin Yinji as Su Baozhuan, Eelyn Kok as Mei Wei, Ng Hui as Xiao Lei, Lin Meijiao as Pan Qiulian, May Phua as Xu Yanning, Darren Lim as Huang Yezu, Hong Huifang as Liang Miaochang, Huang Wenyong as Yu Dongcheng, Chen Chuxuan as Yiling

SYNOPSIS (credits to Mediacorp for the basic info)
i’ve rewritten the synopsis below by myself. in my own words

Tao Dashun (Chen Shucheng) owns and runs a floral nursery and has 4 daughters – Ling Lan (Constance Song), Zi Jing (Ivy Lee), Hai Tong (Felicia Chin) and Wen Zhu (Koh Yah Hwee). A widower, and having a traditional outlook, his daughters are not very close to him.

His nursery is his labour of love – it reminds him of his late wife – but none of his daughters are interested in taking over. Later, he decides to sell it to help Zi Jing pay off her gambling debts. The buyer is rich ABC (American born Chinese) Ma Da Ji (Zhang Yaodong), a young man who knows nothing about the industry. Hai Tong, being very shrewd, takes advantage of this to make life better for her father, by making Da Ji pay him an enormous amount to run the whole show. Towards the end of this installment, he realises that he actually has a son – Wen Hao (Terence Cao), with his old flame Miaochang (Hong Hui Fang).

Oldest daughter Ling Lan and her father are estranged, as he sent her to the drug rehabilitation centre when she was 18. She has not returned home since then. Her boyfriend ran away, leaving her with their daughter, Yiling (Chen Chuxuan). They currently live with Lu Gua (Chen Tianwen), who is a horrible man. He engages in illegal activity and secretly has designs on Yiling.

Zi Jing is married to Yun Kaiwang (Zheng Geping), they run a flower stall, and they have a daughter, which causes them to be constantly picked on by Kaiwang’s mother, Baozhuan (Jin Yinji), who hopes for a grandson. Kaiwang’s sister, Cai Xia (Patricia Mok), gloats over the fact that she and her husband Qing Xiong (Rayson Tan) have a son. However, they are back to live with Baozhuan because they are bankrupt. With their appearance, the harmony in the household declines further. It is compounded by the fact that Qing Xiong has a Vietnamese second wife, Yuan Er-bo (Priscelia Chan), and when Kaiwang tries to help his brother-in-law cover up, Er-bo ends up falling in love with him. Zi Jing leaves, and her compulsive gambling habits are exposed. Top it up with Qing Xiong’s schemes which make Kaiwang the scapegoat, the couple have many problems which take a long time to solve.

Hai Tong is a very shrewd woman who is proud and confident. With her boyfriend, Guo Zipeng (Adam Chen), they run a floral hamper shop. Zipeng always has to give in to her and as their relationship is not solid, he cheats on her with his old girlfriend. Unable to be humble, she dumps him and returns to her father’s nursery to start anew. There, her relationship with Da Ji advances to a closer level. Hoping that she’ll persuade him to stay, he is disappointed when she lets him sell the nursery and join his parents in China.

Youngest daughter Wen Zhu is a happy-go-lucky undergrad who wins a university beauty pageant and is talent-spotted by the TV station and cast in a drama serial. She likes Da Ji. When in the entertainment industry, she endures the wrath of actress Yanning (May Phua) who makes her life difficult. Image consultant Zhigang (Ben Yeo) becomes her good friend, and he falls in love with her. However, she starts to distance herself from Zhigang when bad media focuses on her fight with Yanning, and speculation that Zhigang is a sissy and maybe gay. Because of her brother-in-law Lu Gua’s antics, she knocks her head and develops a blood clot and is unable to concentrate on her acting career when she is constantly attacked by severe headaches.


First, it was Nasi Lemak in “Holland V”, then Fish & Chips in “Double Happiness”, and ending the food theme in “Portrait of Home”, was fishballs.
Last year, foot reflexology was the main theme in “Kinship”.

Now, we’re looking at a flower themed mega-drama where even our protagonists are named after flowers! They all run flower-related businesses too!

With more episodes than last year’s “Kinship”, can this drama revive the expectations of our mega-dramas? It has a solid cast – Ivy, Geping, Felicia, Constance, Rayson, Patricia – and the story sounds interesting, the kind where business problems can be focused on (unlike Kinship, where there was not much to foot relaxology than taking over a branch and starting rivals.)

The whole story seems to be mapped out for the first part, and I’m curious to know what they will focus on in part 2. It is usually the second part which disappoints.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this! Ivy as a compulsive gambler, Felicia as a strong-willed proud woman, Zhang Yaodong as an ABC (complete with an accent!), Constance as a beer-girl, and newcomer Yah Hwee as a cheerful girl who turns into an introvert.


[BTW, i realised that Felicia’s pairing with Adam again (previously paired in LET IT SHINE!) and Adam’s other love interest is Ng Hui – who was his cousin chasing him in LET IT SHINE!]


  1. John

    Er … I thought Love Blossom is supposed to Debut on Wednesday , 28 May 2008 ? If so , how come u wrote 26 May 2008 here ?

    And I read from a report in Shin Min Daily recently that the first part is in fact – 58 Episodes , I was also shocked when I read that ( again they increased three more Episodes to it just like Kinship 1 last year ? ) Is there anywhere u can help confirm this ?

  2. NIGEL

    NIGEL ask qingling jiejie , LOVE BLOSSOM the show theme song and sub theme song will be sing by who and what will be the names.NIGEL say thank you qingling jiejie.

  3. [John]: opps. my mistake. guess i’m too anxious to watch it! haha :)

    i’m actually not sure about the first part having 58 episodes, and i seem to have read it somewhere. i’ll try to confirm it ASAP.


  4. [NIGEL]: qingling says she’s not sure, ‘cos she doesn’t have mobtv and haven’t seen any preview of this show. she will tell you when she knows.

    qingling says you’re welcome! :)

  5. NIGEL

    NIGEL say qingling jiejie got love blossom theme song video already but when NIGEL click on it to play,they say NO LONGER AVAILABLE.NIGEL ask qingling jiejie why.NIGEL say thank you qingling jiejie.

  6. [NIGEL]: qingling says that the video is working, but sometimes they will say it’s not available. you just have to try a few times more. she doesn’t know why it is like that either!

    qingling says you’re welcome! :)

    you can download the mp3 here:

  7. Jas

    hi qingling

    may i know who sing 心花朵朵开 theme.. thks

  8. [Jas]: hi! it’s sung by Cavin Soh


  9. Jas

    hi qingling

    pls updated the 心花朵朵开 sub theme by Cavin Soh 100 thks

  10. [Jas]: yup, will upload it when i have it :)


  11. Jas


    thks alot

  12. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Eager!!!!

  13. [Eager]: sorry, i sorta lost you there. you missed the point, and now i’m missing the point you’re trying to make. how confusing.

    anyway, thanks. glad you enjoyed the visit here :)


  14. jinzhi

    Found a longer ver of Perfect cut theme song
    from below blog:
    can download at:

  15. [jinzhi]: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

    qingling~ :)

  16. jinzhi

    i not sure if all of u will want the mp3, Perfect cut 插曲/片尾曲你没想像中爱我
    i juz manage to convert the youtube video to mp3 already.
    can download the mp3 at:

  17. [jinzhi]: THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!!! really, really appreciated!


  18. titus

    is there an error in the plot? the 2nd time ivy lee borrowed $$ from the loansharks and caused patricia to miscarry, she did not actually returned the $20k. she only passed $10k to Linda who cheated her of the money. then y din the loansharks chased her for it???

  19. [titus]: hmmm… actually, the fact that Ivy kept borrowing money from different loansharks makes it so confusing. i can’t remember now, ‘cos she’s borrowed so many times, and every time she gets played out or tries to run or something…


  20. NIGEL

    NIGEL WAN TELL QINGLING JIEJIE,XIN HUA DUO DUO KAI half of the episodes EXTREMELY BORING AND DULL<<,bad bad bad,but when near to a few more last episodes become very very interesting already.

  21. NIGEL

    NIGEL wan tell big qingling jiejie luckily xin hua duo duo few more last episodes become very interersting or else NIGEL won’t want to watch xin hua duo duo kai 2.

  22. NIGEL

    NIGEL wan tell big qingling jiejie” double happiness,holland village and tong xin yuan more more nicer than bad bad xin hua duo duo kai and kinship.NIGEL say kinship bad bad bad boring show and xin hua duo duo kai -below average(but nigel will want to wtach xin hua duo duo kai 2) because xin hua duo duo kai near to few more last episodes become interesting already)

  23. [NIGEL]: well… i don’t really agree, ‘cos i thought “Xin Hua Duo Duo Kai” was quite a good show overall! :)

    however, in the previous mega-dramas, it was always the Part II which disappointed, so that’s why i’m really looking forward to “Xin Hua Duo Duo Kai II”!!!


  24. chn8fan

    Xin Hua Duo Duo Kai was not bad. ;] At least it attracted me.

  25. [chn8fan]: yes, i liked it too! looking forward to Part 2 :D


  26. Edwin Si

    terence cao is a f*****, his show’s all sucks, i sure to act better than him de lorH, go and die lah, i have the power to judge you, waahaha… !!!

    • Anonymous

      It’s okay if you don’t like terence cao as a actor , but that doesn’t mean you can be rude & said all those vuglarities & those stinky rude remarks to him. I am same like you , I also don’t like him as a actor , but I am not like you , who don’t have a brain , I didn’t even say any rude remarks about him , even though I don’t like him , I may not like his acting , but I respect him. Get it? still need me to teach you?? wash your stinky mouth & respect other people blog. You don’t deserve to be here.

  27. Edwin Si

    terence cao can’t act at all…

    • Anonymous

      (To Stinky Edwin Si) Like you can act like that. You are seriously very rude & hurting other people feelings. If you really want to scold the mediacorp actor terence cao , I suggest you scold him straight in the face , rather than writing behind a computer.

  28. [Edwin Si]: OI! WHY ARE YOU USING VULGARITIES ON MY BLOG?! even though you don’t like Terence Cao, you don’t have to be so disrespectful! (i’ve edited your comment)

    PLEASE respect others and also yourself.


  29. Anonymous

    qingling, i agree with you . Edwin SIN SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIMSELF . IT’s ok if he doesn’t like the actor,but he doesn’t have to be so rude and disrespectful and say hurting words to the actor. Edwin Sin for example if you’re an actor,and other people say RUDE AND HURTFUL REMARKS about you, how will you feel? will u like it? put yourself in other people shoes ok? keep your smelly mouth clean and brush it. qingling i support you!

  30. [Anonymous]: yup, thanks for supporting me :) this guy is really too much!


  31. NIGEL

    NIGEL say EDWIN SIN is a baddie, baddie , baddie. NIGEL say edwin sin is a bad guy with smelly mouth. NIGEL say qingling is fun and good. NIGEL say qingling jiejie blog is nice.

  32. Anonymous

    (to smelly mouth EDWIN si) IT’s ok to dislike something,but it’s not OK to be extremely disrespecful and rude to something. QINGLING do you agree with this sentence? =)

  33. NIGEL

    NIGEL say edwin is a bad guy,bad guy ,bad guy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NIGEL say edwin si is a BADDIE,baddie,baddie,baddie. NIGEL say edwin si is a baddie.NIGEL say edwin si KORKOR have a big smelly mouth and is a MONSTER and a baddie. NIGEL wan edwin si do lots and lots of kungfu then have a powerful move of kungfu and edwin si is a baddie.

    (TO qingling jiejie)
    NIGEL like qingling jiejie blog very much.
    NIGEL say qingling jiejie is a fun and good person.
    NIGEL wan qingling jiejie write lots and lots of interesting entries of SINGAPORE CHINESE DRAMAS.

  34. [NIGEL]: thanks for the support :)


  35. yong yu

    I love The Litte Nyonya movie

  36. [yong yu]: haha, me too~!


  37. Anonymous

    i like love blossom my favourite caracter is tao wenzhu koh yah hwee

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