The Truth 谜图

This action-packed drama full of twists and turns started on 7 April 2008, at 9pm on Channel 8.

Stars: Zhu Houren, Joanne Peh, Tay Ping Hui, Shaun Chen, Rebecca Lim, Richard Low and Zhu Yu Ye

Su Zhenyuan (Zhu Houren) has managed Soho Group for over 20 years. Soho Group is now an established company, and they handle many big projects. He has a son, Alex (Shaun Chen), with his wife Susan (Zhu Yu Ye).

Zhenyuan and Susan no longer love each other, and they sleep in separate rooms. Susan is having an affair with her long-time love, Raymond (Richard Low), who is Zhenyuan’s good friend, and a major figure in Soho Group.

Raymond has a son, Zhiwei (Tay Ping Hui), who is a police. Estranged from his father, their relationship is sour. Zhiwei disapproves of his father’s relationship with Susan, as she is a married woman. Zhiwei stills mourns his late fiancee’s death, as she died right in front of his eyes.

Alex is a playboy, and works in his father’s company. He is determined to prove to his father that he is capable.

ENTER the Chen sisters – Shuxian (Joanne Peh) and Shufen (Rebecca Lim). Shufen and their mother, Ximei, come down from Malaysia to visit Shuxian, who has been working in Singapore for some time already. Shufen also has to take part in a hair styling competition. But on her first day in Singapore, Ximei goes missing. She ends up being murdered.

In the course of that day, Shuxian gets a job in Soho Group, Shufen meets Alex, and they have a misunderstanding. They also get to know Zhiwei, who handles their mother’s case. Su Zhenyuan becomes the main suspect, as Ximei had met him before she died.

Zhenyuan explains why he had met Ximei and given money to her. 20 years ago in Indonesia, Zhenyuan and Shuxian’s father, Chen Chunsheng met with an accident, running away from their kidnappers. Chunsheng had died saving Zhenyuan, thus, he felt grateful to him and has been trying to look for his family members.

Everyone hides secrets. Zhenyuan has received a treasure map, the second part of his late father’s will, which stated that he could only get this map 20 years after his father’s death. Raymond and Susan are closely watching his every move.

Shuxian’s past as a kept woman is revealed, and Su Zhenyuan not only protects her, but also promotes her. She rises fast in the company, and that gets tongues wagging… everyone says that she has a ‘special’ relationship with Zhenyuan, hence her quick progression.

Spending time together, Zhiwei and Shuxian develop feelings for each other. Zhiwei suspects that Su Zhenyuan is not who he said he is. He slowly investigates on the side. It is revealed that Su Zhenyuan underwent plastic surgery in Indonesia 20 years ago, before returning to Singapore, deeply shaken by the events.

Zhenyuan finally admits to Shuxian that he is Chen Chunsheng. On the surface, she acknowledges him, but deep inside, she hates him, as she thinks he caused her mother’s death. She plots revenge.

Raymond takes her under his wing, and they cheat the company’s money. This is Shuxian’s first step in her revenge plot. Alex dates Shufen, after Zhenyuan helped him get rid of his ex-girlfriend Joey, who was pregnant with his child.

Meanwhile, Zhenyuan finds out about Susan’s affair with Raymond. Susan is miserable after Raymond ignores her. Raymond reveals that Zhiwei’s mother is Susan. Susan is murdered by Raymond, as he cannot trust her anymore, as she is too emotional. Su Zhenyuan again becomes the prime suspect, as he was caught on the CCTV a while before she was murdered in hospital. But the cause of her death is found to be a serious asthma attack.

Zhenyuan’s treasure hunt finally reap results. Gold coins from the Japanese occupation which were looted were apparently buried. Zhenyuan pinpoints the spot on the map, and had bought a huge piece of land in Pahang, where he found a few coins.

Soon, everyone starts playing each other out. Raymond uses Alex, telling him Su Zhenyuan’s real identity, and making him hate Shuxian, as he makes him believe Chen Chunsheng had Shuxian have reunited and have the motive of swallowing Soho Group, which should belong to a real Su, in this case, Alex. Shuxian, blinded by her plot for revenge, underestimates Raymond’s cunning ways. Alex ‘suddenly’ takes an interest in Shuxian, making innocent parties Zhiwei and Shufen deeply puzzled and hurt by whatever is unravelling. This

So… will Ximei’s killer be found? will Alex and Shuxian finally realise that they are pawns twisted around Raymond’s fingers?

As misunderstandings get deeper, and are compounded, who will be able to ravel THE TRUTH?


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