The Beautiful Scent 美丽的气味


This is the 4th collaboration between Malaysia’s ntv7, and Singapore’s Mediacorp Ch 8. Debuts on 23 July 2007 on ntv7 at 9.30pm, and on 11 February 2008, at 7pm on Ch 8.
It is a remake of the 2005 Singapore drama, ‘My Lucky Charm’ 情来运转, which starred Huang Biren, Chen Hanwei, Chew Chor Meng, Mary Bukoh, Jeanette Aw, Allan Wu, Michelle Chong, Zheng Geping, Cavin Soh, Margaret Lee, Michelle Liow, Jesseca Liu


Huang Biren won Best Actress in Star Awards 2005 for her role as Lucky, a compulsive gambler who has no interest in her personal hygiene, and is constantly owing money to many people, so much so that she runs out of food to eat, and her electricity gets cut off.

Singapore actors acting in this remake include: Pan Ling Ling, Zheng Geping, Dawn Yeoh & Bernard Tan
Malaysian actors acting include: Leslie Chai, Cai Peixuan, William San, Janelle Chin, Annie Wong…

Zheng Geping played Lucky’s husband in the original, but he died on their wedding night, for Lucky drove the car which went out of control for the brakes were tampered with.

The main theme of ‘My Lucky Charm’ was tai-chi, and the original title was actually called ‘The Tai-chi Lass’, while the sub-themes were the money making ventures of Chew Chor Meng’s character, a love rectangle between Jeanette Aw, Allan Wu, Jesseca Liu, and Michelle Chong, as well as the great pairing of Huang Biren and Chen Hanwei.

In this remake, Pan Ling Ling plays Winner, while in the original, Huang Biren was Lucky. Both marry twice and both husbands die. They finally find their true love in Zheng Geping and Chen Hanwei respectively. Dawn Yeoh plays Jeanette Aw’s character, a girl with body odour. Zheng Geping does not reprise his role in the remake, but plays Chen Hanwei’s role. Chen Hanwei’s role was that of a sissy, but Zheng Geping will not be playing a sissy, but a normal man, although, like Chen Hanwei’s Fafa, he is surrounded by women who like him.

Everything is mostly the same of the original, just that the setting is in Malaysia, and that Zheng Geping does not run a rival shop selling beauty products, but exercise equipment.


[the comparison below: credits to zh; but i edited it too :) ]

Original vs. Remake

Lucky Zhang Qiuye (Huang Biren) Winner Chen Li (Pan Lingling)

Chen Jinfa (Chen Hanwei) Macho Tang Zhangyao (Zheng Geping)

Fang Lixiang (Jeanette Aw) — Zeng Meili (Dawn Yeoh)

Zhang Fengshou (Chew Chor Meng) Chen Yong (Leslie Chai)

Lisabelle (Mary Bukoh) — Tang Lijiao (Annie Wong)

Lin Meiya (Michelle Chong) — Lin Xiaotong (Wayne Chua)

JK Ma aka Xiaoma-ge (Allan Wu) — Dominic aka Xiao wangzi (William San)

Fang Yingying (Margaret Lee) Xiaoyan (Janelle Chin)

Lin Tianming (Zheng Geping) — Li Cheng (Bernard Tan)

Cindy (Joey Ng) — Mona (Joyce Hon)

Chen Qingyun (Cavin Soh) — Wu Yingjie (Wymen Yong)

Xiu Wen (Jesseca Liu) — Shiyun (Emily Lim)

Paul Yong (Andrew Seow) — Isaac (Wee Kheng Meng)

(Michelle Liow) — Jody (Brenda Chia)

() — Lin Xiaoping (Crystal Chooi)

(Zzen Chang) — Guang


Chen Li, also known as Winner, is a widow, a compulsive gambler, the head of the tai-chi school which she has neglected, and the co-owner of a shop selling beauty products, which is run by her sister-in-law Xiaoyan. She is always taking money from her daughter, Meili, and her so-called friend, Macho, who runs a shop selling exercise equipment right across from their beauty product shop.

In order to get her back on her feet, and stop her from gambling, sleeping, and lazing around, Macho gets her to teach tai-chi to his loyal customers, to “pay” him back the huge amount of money she owes him.

Later, a rich businessman, Li Cheng takes interest in her, and pursues her. Macho urges her to accept him, but she is hesitant, as she can’t put down what happened to her late husband. She and her late husband were happily married, and he bought a bouquet of flowers for her. Seeing her across the road, he dashed across, not looking at oncoming traffic, and was knocked down. He died right in front of Winner, thus, she feels responsible for his death. Macho helps her put down this burden of hers, but when she finally accepts Li Cheng, Macho realises that he likes her, but nevertheless, he wishes them the best.

Winner marries Li Cheng, but on their wedding night, they meet with an accident, and although nothing serious happens to her, Li Cheng is in a critical condition. The operation does not succeed, and Li Cheng dies. She then gets into a bitter quarrel with his arrogant and snobbish sister, who insists that she married Li Cheng for his money. Winner gives all Li Cheng left her to his sister, in exchange for his ashes.

EVERYTHING which happens to Winner is the same as the original! Does she end up with Macho? In the original, the result of their relationship was open-ended…

Macho runs a shop selling exercise equipment, with his sister, Lijiao. He is always surrounded by women, the 2 in his shop, who treat him to food, and always try to outshine the other, and Xiaoyan, who is his rival professionally, but personally, she likes him. He gets a shock when Jody’s underworld father forces him to marry Jody (1 of the girls in his shop), or eat the pile of faeces on the floor. Luckily, someone saves him from that ordeal. In actual fact, Winner was the one who saved him, but she let Xiaoyan claim the credit. When Macho realises that it was Winner who saved him, he is disappointed she already accepted Li Cheng, leaving him vowing to win her back. However, she marries Li Cheng. Li Cheng dies, leaving Macho with a chance… But will their final ending be happy?

Meili is Winner’s daughter, and a very hardworking girl. But the problem with her is that she has body odour, and that makes people shun her. She gets a job at the restaurant where her good friend, Xiaotong, is the chief chef, and because of her kind nature, she is bullied by her co-workers. When her idol, star chef Dominic comes to Malaysia, and is the guest chef at the restaurant she is working at, she is elated. Nursing a crush on him, she tries to help him in whatever he does. However, her body odour makes him loathe her. He is still pining for his ex-girlfriend, Shiyun, who has since married, and needs money for her husband’s operation. Dominic also has an ailing father, whom he cannot bring himself to visit. Meili later becomes the face of their tai-chi school, after she apprehends jewelry robbers using tai-chi. The whole process is filmed, and she became a household name. As time goes by, Dominic starts to appreciate all she has done for him. However, he had already fallen for Xiaotong, and although he stays by Meili’s side when she is bedridden, his heart is with Xiaotong. Xiaotong had run away from the altar when she was supposed to marry Issac, as she has a phobia about marriage. Meili is lucky, and does not become paralyzed, and heads the tai-chi school. Xiaotong overcomes her fear of marriage, and with Meili’s blessings, she and Dominic get married.

Winner’s brother, Chen Yong is a good-for-nothing person, who is liked by Macho’s sister, Lijiao. It is because of Lijiao that he managed to get back on his feet and do something productive with his life. After numerous failures with Chinese medicinal products, they finally succeed. With an incomplete formula, his daughter, Charlie, whom is the daughter of his ex-girlfriend, Mona, together with Yingjie (Meili’s good friend) and Lijiao, they manage to concoct a special face cream. Then Mona returns, and wants to get back with Chen Yong, claiming to be carrying his child. He forgets about Lijiao, and all she has done for him, treating her as only his good friend. But he later realises that Mona has been tricking him, and that he does, genuinely, love Lijiao.


I feel that this show lacked the ‘life’ that the original, “My Lucky Charm” had. The setting of this show, and the feeling; the whole mood is very dull, and the quality of acting here CANNOT compare to the original AT ALL! Only Pan Lingling, Zheng Geping, Cai Peixuan and William San perform well. The same cannot be said about Janelle Chin – her OTT portrayal of Xiaoyan is excruciatingly painful to watch! The role in the original was played by Margaret Lee, and although her acting isn’t fantastic, it’s miles better compared to what Janelle Chin was doing! Gosh. And Annie Wong. Mann. The original role was played by 93.3 DJ Mary Bukoh, and her portrayal was so much better, as the sweet and innocent, cute Ah-Li, which Annie Wong does not grasp. Instead, Annie’s Ah-Li is a rather ‘auntie’ character – no cute factor. Leslie Chai – his acting is wooden, but it’ll be unfair to compare him to Chew Chor Meng, who played the original role. In terms of experience, they are just not on par.

The mega cast, which injected life into the story and whole feeling of “My Lucky Charm”, cannot be substituted by anyone in this remake. “My Lucky Charm” was a one-of-a-kind drama, which had a wonderful cast who gave the show it’s life, and that whole package made it one of my favourite dramas. This show, however, fails miserably in bringing the script to life, and capturing the brilliance which “My Lucky Charm” is still remembered for.

RATING: 2.5/5.0 (Average) I’m utterly disappointed! Very, very, frustrated! :(

The theme video – Fu Huo 复活, sung by Lin Yu Zhong 林宇中 and Jin Sha 金莎:

:) i like the song!!

The ending song – 我介意, sung by Jin Sha 金莎

Source 1 – ntv7 homepage

Source 2 – The Electric New Paper

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Source 4 – Channel 8 Chinese edition

Source 5 – Sin Chew Daily (Chinese)

Source 6 (Chinese) – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Source 7 – Kwong Wah Daily (Chinese)

Behind the scenes – pictures during filming



  1. John

    To qingling: U mean Zheng Geping act in the original version of this show – ‘My Lucky Charm ‘ as well as in the remake version of it in ‘The Beautiful Scent ‘ ? So, his roles in both shows is it the same or different ?

  2. John

    To qingling : Didn’t expect u to do this post so early …Well at least , u did it before it’s debut on Tuesday , 29 May 2007 on ntv 7 Channel for the benefit of those who have the Channel ! So, since u got the ntv 7 Channel and u mentioned that u like ‘My Lucky Charm ‘ when it was shown in 2005 , I am sure u will be watching it first before Mediacorp show it .
    I really kind of envy u for having that Channel …. I only got 8TV Channel .
    Well, looks like u are not going to miss it this time round come this Tuesday when it debut on ntv 7 Channel , unlike previous times u missed the three colloabrations when it was shown on ntv 7 Channel !

  3. [john]: Zheng Geping acts in the original version as a rich man, while in this remake, his role is that of Chen Hanwei’s in the original, but he is not going to be a sissy, which was Hanwei’s role in the original.

    Yes, i will be watching the debut on Tuesday, and i have just found out that they repeat ‘Falling in Love’ at 2pm on weekdays, so i’ll just take a look to see how far they are in repeating it.


  4. John

    To qingling : I thought u once mentioned that u don’t put Chinese articles in your Blog ,so how come u link the Ch 8 Chinese Edition article here ?

  5. [john]: yes, i know, but there’s really no choice, as there is so little info on this drama… so some info is from there.


  6. John

    To qingling : Wow ! I see that u manage to search so many other info about the Drama Serial ! Well Done !

  7. John

    To qingling : Just found out that this new Drama Serial ‘天使的烙印’ , a collabration between Mediacorp TV and ntv 7 Channel is yet another remake of Mediacorp Drama Serial , this time is 2002 Drama Series ‘天使的you huo’ by Jacelyn Tay .

  8. [john]: hi. yes, i know about that other drama remake, thanks for telling me. i found out when i was searching for info for this post.

    this show actually starts on 31 May, not 29 May, like i said. ntv7 website gave wrong info.


  9. John

    To qingling : Just like to tell u a little about this Drama Serial ‘天使的烙印’ , Shaun Chen is acting in this Drama Serial too ! Unlike his role in the earlier collobration Drama Serial in ‘The Beginning’ , where he plays a good guy turned villian , his role in this new Drama Serial is a very good guy – I read this info in this week’s issue of ‘You Weekly’ magazine . The magazine says he is a ‘bai ma wang zi’ in this Drama Serial his is a good guy character’ . He will finish filming this Drama Serial in July .

  10. John

    To qingling : So, this Drama Serial debuts only tonight ! Right ? Anyway , did u watch the current new 9pm Ch 8 Drama Serial ‘The Greatest Love of All ‘ starring Joanne Peh and Zhang Yao Dong ? It’s a really good heartwarming Drama Serial where the both of them play social worker who attends to children who has disablities in their developement . Watching this Drama serial reminds me of a particular Mediacorp Drama Serial starring Celest Zhang Yu Hua and IX Shen in ‘ru her dui ni shuo’ , which has about the same storyline , if u did remember … I think this new Drama Serial is a remake of that particular Drama Serial !

  11. [john]: thanks for letting me know. it is a remake of 天使的诱惑, so i guess Shaun would be playing Edmund Chen’s good guy role. The bad ones in the show are the two girls…

    maybe i read the ntv7 website, or maybe they gave me the wrong info. AGAIN. when i rushed home last night, i turned on the TV, and it wasn’t The Beautiful Scent, but some other show. i think it should show on ntv7 in July, like one of the articles i’ve linked says.

    sorry for the wrong info.


  12. [john]: hi. no, i don’t really follow Ai. Tie Bie De Ni, but i shall do a review on it nevertheless. i’ve seen bits and parts of it, and the storyline is simple, so it’s easy to follow even though i’ve missed a few episodes.

    as i think i’ve mentioned before, i haven’t seen many dramas before 2004, but if i’m not wrong, Celest Chong’s role as a social worker in that drama was her breakthrough role?


  13. To qingling : First, just to answer your question : Yes ! ‘ru her dui ni suo’ is Celest ‘s breakthrough role , u are right ! She became a popular household name only after her role in that Serial . After that , if I did not remember wrongly ,she left Mediacorp to become a singer and released an album and but her career have not gone too well for her though …

  14. To qingling : Never mind if u can’t watch ‘The Beautiful Scent ‘ cos the current 9pm Drama Serial ‘The Greatest Love of All ‘ is a really good heartwarming Drama serial with Joanne Peh and Zhang Yaodong as social workers from a special school dealing with children who are not as ‘bright’ as the others . The bickering scenes between the two of them are also very funny and amusing to watch too ! They really make a great pair !
    Anyway, the more I watch this show , the more it reminds me of that Celest & Ix Shen drama serial . I think it is really a remake of that serial ! From the first 4 Episodes I have watched, I think it’s a really good serial ! And the theme song sung by Chew Sin Huey is nice and meaningful too !

  15. [john]: ok, glad i’m right! Celest then joined SPH Mediaworks (not existing anymore), then left for Taiwan to pursue her singing career. i don’t think she did that badly. she sang a duet with Li Sheng Jie – 是你决定我的伤心, which is quite popular


  16. Cherry

    The movie is good.However,I’ve been searching for the songs for quite a long time.Can anyone send me the songs to my email?It’s
    Thank you. I wish Mona’s identity is exposed!!!!

  17. [Cherry]: hi. yes, i’ll try my best to find them and send them to you! : )


  18. lovell :)

    YAY! u finally posted! i missed your reviews. thanks so much. ((:

  19. [lovell :)]: haha. yes… but i will need to add more details :) look forward to it, k?

    haha. thanks for the support! hope you like my review

    :) qingling~

  20. hi, I love this show very much. U know the xiaotong love the Dominci right but Meili love dominci too bad…

  21. hi, qingling i am vanessa goh zi ying from singapore can i be your new friend my email is can u add me please……

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