The Golden Path 黄金路: the 3rd era


This post will just be a rough outline of what happened in episodes 20 onwards (the 2000s), as I will fill in the details when I’m free-er : )


Kaijie is now in the police force, and he is with Lin Fei. He has not won her heart after so many years.

Kaida is still mentally unstable, and he can’t be a doctor anymore.

Kaiqi is getting married to David, and is a journalist. She is the first one to see Jin Long in years.

Jin Long is now part of the underworld, under boss Hai-ge (Zheng Geping), and he rents a room in the same house as Rougu-mei, who is now a waitress in the KTV bar owned by Hai-ge.

Lin Fei finally decides to marry Kaijie. He is delighted. She, however, is not happy at all.

A turn of events, including the death of Hai-ge, and Jin Long’s promise to marry Rougu-mei… Jin Long becomes the underworld chief, and Rougu-mei proves capable, assisting him.

THE BATTLE STARTS. Kaijie hates Jin Long, and can’t wait to bring him down, along with his underworld organisation. Rougu-mei and Jin Long discover that Hai-ge had bribed Kaijie in the past, and threatens to expose him.

The step-brothers see who can bring each other down faster.
This results in a few deaths. Kaijie kills Rougu-mei, and then Jin Long kills himself, as he had promised Rougu-mei at their wedding “we’ll live together, and die together”.

AND OF COURSE, Kaijie dies. It will the biggest disappointment of TV history is he didn’t!

[I’ll write a full review when i’m free-er : ) thanks for being understanding and patient]


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