The Golden Path 黄金路: after 20 episodes



This post will just be a rough outline of what happened in episodes 5 – 20 (the 1990s), as I will fill in the details when I’m free-er : )


Lin Fei’s appearance, followed by Rougu-mei’s appearance.

Jin Feng and Kaijie’s “secret” relationship

Lin Fei’s illness, and where she falls for Jin Long, but is loved by Kaijie. How Kaijie’s bone marrow saved her life

Jin Feng becomes an actress. Then she became pregnant, which led Jin Long to go to jail, and for Jin Feng, she later fell off Lin Fei’s yacht (all thanks to Kaijie, the father of her baby), and she went into a coma, and  a few months later, died, when they were about to deliver her baby.

Kaida went mad, thanks to Kaijie, but everyone blames Jin Long, as he knows Kaida knows the truth about how Jin Feng died, and who caused it.

Jin Long leaves the family, and Kaijie joins the police force.

[I’ll write a full review when i’m free-er : ) thanks for being understanding and patient]


  1. i like jin long when he 14 years old..can i know what he name??i really want to know it….

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