Kinship 手足 II


Hi all! I was so busy I didn’t have time to do a comprehensive review of this show. For now, I hope this short review I wrote for will do  : )

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edit: 21/12/08 has closed down, so the links are not working!


Starting off from the 43rd episode of Part 1, where it left the audience with a handful of cliff-hangers, including Yusheng’s (Jesseca Liu) murder charge, Anping (Yao Wenlong) walking out on his family, Meixue’s (Lin Meijiao) comatose state, Yinsha’s (Ann Kok) financial situation, and the sudden disappearance of Anxin (Chen Tianwen) and Chang Ying (Zhang Wenxiang), the first few episodes see our protagonists Yusheng and Yingjun (Elvin Ng) get married, and her murder charge dropped, as her father was forced to walk out on the family for Lishi (Hong Huifang) his ex-love, as she had the evidence recorded, that Yusheng did not kill Spy.

As it is with the 2nd parts of previous 2 mega-dramas “Double Happiness 喜临门” and “Portrait of Home 同心圆”, the same actors come back as different people. It is the same case here, where Zhang Wenxiang, who originally played the violent, underhanded Chang Ying, biological father of Yusheng, in Part 1, comes back as Zhen Zixin, a P.I. , who has no recollection of the past. Meanwhile, Chen Tianwen, who was a successful businessman, and Yingjun’s father in Part 1 returns, as Hayassan, a disfigured Thai monk. However, he does remember the past, and tries to prevent his former personal assistant Martin (Brandon Wong) and young wife Shuiling (Eelyn Kok) from killing his comatose ex-wife Meixue, by being around the house everyday, on the pretext of praying for Meixue to awake.

Another new character appears, but he looks familiar, as he had a cameo in Part 1. Played by Wang Yuqing, Li Zhongshang falls for Meiqi (Xiang Yun), and SURPRISE! he is the twin brother of Dawei, biological father of Yingjun, and Meixue’s ex-love, who appeared in Part 1!

With Shuiling and Martin scheming to take over the company, and Martin all out to win Shuiling’s heart, now that Anxin has disappeared (thanks to them, as they were the ones who threw Anxin and Chang Ying into the sea in Part 1), Shuiling is still jealous about Yusheng and Yingjun, and with them now married, she constantly fumes.

Although Anping and Meiqi have gotten a divorce, and with Lishi carrying his baby, Anping still loves his ex-wife, and would do anything to keep his family out of trouble.


The constant murderous look on Shuiling’s face, whenever she sees Yingjun and Yusheng happily married, and the amount of times her son, Yingxiong starts crying, and she get spooked by what Hayassan said about “there are good returns to good people; bad returns to bad people”, and she still does not repent, but wants Meixue dead. Creepy. Oh, did the evil-doers of this show, Martin and Shuiling get together? Well, they totally deserve each other. However, Shuiling proves a little too dumb, and seems to be Martin’s pawn…

Sigh. Our protagonists can’t just be happily married and live their days sweetly, can they? Suddenly, both of them can’t understand each other and start fighting. We definitely want them to have a ‘Happily Ever After’!

You SHOULD NOT miss…

Zhang Wenxiang’s 180 degree change! In Part 1, he was a crude and violent man who used underhanded methods to get what he wanted. Here, in Part 2, he has completely changed (for the better), as a geeky-looking P.I., whom Yusheng thinks is faking it. But he can’t remember anything… or can he? He almost sacrificed his life for his daughter in Part 1… with this 180 degree change, Yusheng is better off having this guy as her father!

The good makeup which makes Chen Tianwen look scary and also miserable as Hayassan. This show really changed Chen Tianwen’s appearance – from Part 1, where he was bald, to now, as a disfigured monk!

The new theme song “Xin Jia 新家”, sung by A-du 阿杜. Since this is a story about family, this song fits very nicely. []

What I think…

This is definitely the best sequel I’ve seen! Compared to “Double Happiness 喜临门” and “Portrait of Home 同心圆”, where the bad people just get worse, there is hope for the evil people of this sequel…

Unfortunately, this sequel didn’t break the ‘curse’ of the ones who fell into a coma at the end of Part 1. In “Double Happiness 喜临门” and “Portrait of Home 同心圆”, important and good-hearted characters fell into a coma, and died. It was the same here, where Meixue died, but after recognising everyone by her bed, including Hayassan, whom she called Anxin, and admitted that Yingjun is not his son.

The acting was good, especially in the supporting roles – Hong Huifang as Fang Lishi was scary, as this psycho woman who seems almost schizophrenic! Yao Wenlong, reprising his role as a mild-mannered man, and Xiang Yun as the supportive mother – her acting in the beginning was great! She really looked heartbroken and like she was about to die.

Eelyn Kok and Brandon Wong as the evil people here – Brandon’s role is bigger than in Part 1, and they still do evil things, and give murderous looks…

Jesseca Liu and Elvin Ng – their acting has improved, since Part 1, and here, they fight and cry; it’s definitely more challenging, as the trials and tribulations their characters go through are much more, and on different levels. Plus, their chemistry is great!

But it’d have been great if Meixue didn’t die.


This show is a great watch, and the story is not too complicating, so it doesn’t require your full attention, especially if you’re eating dinner and watching at the same time!

Although it is draggy at some points, the later episodes make up for it. Top it up with the great acting, and you know you’ve got to watch it!

Rated: 3/5 stars.



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  2. [WEI (:] : hi! yes, i’ve already sent it to your email!



  3. John

    How come u can send the Theme song of shou zhu to people via email when the song ‘ xin jia ‘ is actually available in Ah Du’s latest Album which was just released not long ago ? Isn’t that also part of copyright issue too ?

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  4. [John]: OH GOSH. THIS IS HORRIBLE! i didn’t know Ah Du came up with his latest album, and “Xin Jia” is included inside!

    the version of “Xin Jia” i sent was the short version – the one aired on TV.

    don’t worry, no offence taken! in fact, i must thank you for informing me!


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  12. Cass

    Hey i was just wanna let you know that the link for the synopsis does not work. Any suggestion of where i can review kinship 2 synopsis? Thanks in advance!….

  13. [Cass]: right, ‘cos the site closed down! i’ll post it up A.S.A.P.


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