The Golden Path 黄金路




This 30 episode drama started on 11 December 2007, at 9pm on Channel 8.

Starring: Chen Liping as Xiao-gu, Li Nanxing as Ah-Jin/Jin Long, Tay Ping Hui as Huang Kaijie, Felicia Chin as Lin Fei, Joanne Peh as Huang Kaiqi, Chew Chor Meng as Huang Kaida, Joey Feng Jinyu as Jin Feng, Cai Peixuan as Zhen (Rou-gu mei), Huang Wenyong as Lin Desheng, Priscelia Chan as Lu Simin, Nat Ho as David, Wang Yuqing as Lin, Carole Lin as Yan, Wen Liling as Ying, Alan Tern as Dejian, Li Wenhai as Cai, Zheng Geping as Hai-ge, Edmund Chen as Cheng, Joey Swee as Cheng-sao, Hong Peixin as Hu, Zhang Wei as Jinlong’s grandfather

In the 1980s, Xiao-gu (Chen Liping) is a widow, who, with her three children, Kaida, Kaijie and Kaiqi, runs her tzi-cha roadside stall. She is known for being able to laugh her days away, her personal motto being “笑也一天,哭也一天,为什么不笑着过一天?”

Oldest son Kaida (陈勇铭 Chen Yong Ming) is very hardworking, and does very well in his studies. The same can’t be said of second son Kaijie (马纬翰 Ma Wei Han), who is playful, and doesn’t like to study. Youngest daughter Kaiqi (捞毓婷 Lao Yuting) is helpful and caring.

Enter Jin Long (张家奇 Fraser Tiong) and Jin Feng (黄磬仪 Huang Qing Yi), siblings who move into the same building as Xiao-gu and her children. Jin Long and Kaijie have already met and can’t stand the sight of each other. They start quarelling whenever they meet. However, Kaiqi takes care of Jin Feng, who is just a few years younger than her. Jin Long has to make money to take care of himself and his sister, as their father is out at sea – he’s a sailor.

Jin Long and Jin Feng’s father is actually not a sailor; he was involved in a large scale robbery of a jewelry shop. He and his 2 partners made off with about $800,000 worth of jewelry. One of his partners was killed during the police chase, not by the police – they only injured him, but by his other partner, Hu.

Xiao-gu takes care of Jin Long and Jin Feng, and she and Ah-Jin soon become close. He proposes marriage. However, not everyone is happy. Jin Long and Kaijie are the only ones who oppose the marriage.

Kaijie witnessed Jin accidentally kill Hu, as Hu was pestering him to participate in another heist, which Jin refused to, as he was going to settle down in a new life with Xiao-gu. After digging around, Kaijie realises that Jin and Hu were robbers. On Xiao-gu and Ah-Jin’s wedding day, he gets Ying to call the police hotline, and report that she knows the robber in the identikit printed in the newspapers.

Jin holds policeman Cai hostage, and runs to an abandoned building. He lets Cai go, and jumps onto the road, where policemen surround him. He points a gun to his head and shoots himself.

TIME PASSES. It is now in the 1990s.

Xiao-gu’s roadside stall has grown into a restaurant. All the children are all grown-up. Jin Long (Li Nanxing) looks exactly like his late father. Kaijie (Tay Ping Hui) is still the same as before, and despises Jin Long.

Jin Long is very close to Kaiqi (Joanne Peh), and he secretly holds a torch for her. Kaida (Chew Chor Meng) is a medical student, still as hardworking as ever. Jin Feng (Joey Feng) is lousy at her studies, and hasn’t even passed her O levels, even though she’s almost 20.

Kaida, Kaijie and Kaiqi are all university students. Jin Long helps out in Xiao-gu’s shop, with no ambition, and Jin Feng dreams of becoming an actress, hating to study.

Enter Lin Fei (Felicia Chin), a rich girl who takes a liking for Jin Long. She keeps pestering him non-stop, and tells everyone that she is his girlfriend. Kaijie likes her, and pursues her, but she only has eyes for Jin Long.

Also playing a part in the story is Ah-Zhen Rou-gu mei (Cai Peixuan), who helps out in Jin Long’s maternal grandfather’s Bak Kut Teh shop. She is a very loyal and hardworking, and allows no one near the shops’ money, even though loan-sharks pester her everyday.

Xiao-gu buys over a dry-market, and puts Jin Long in charge of it. He is not a very capable boss, but Xiao-gu insists that the market is his responsibility.

LATER ON, after he graduates with a law degree, Kaijie becomes a policeman, and Jin Long joins the underworld, putting the two guys on both sides of the law, intensifying their hatred toward each other. Layering their hatred toward each other is the matter of Jin Feng’s sudden death by drowning. Jin Long suspects Kaijie is responsible, and Kaida finds out that Kaijie was responsible, but chooses to help him cover up, hence resulting in him going mad because of the guilt. Kaiqi becomes a journalist, and discovers Jin Long’s major position in the underworld and persuades him to leave.

THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN will be between the two feuding ‘brothers’, Jin Long and Kaijie.

The ‘love square’ between Kaijie, Jin Long, Lin Fei and Ah-Zhen: Jin Long will marry Ah-Zhen, Kaijie will marry Lin Fei. Will Lin Fei die? Yes, she does, but not from her illness – both Jin Long and Kaijie donated their bone marrow to her, but from a gunshot (!).



The theme song 路 (Lu) is sung by Mi Lu Bing 迷路兵,
Sub-theme song 1 以为 (Yi Wei) is sung by Chew Sin Huey 石欣卉,
& Sub-theme song 2 舍不得 (She Bu De) is also sung by Mi Lu Bing 迷路兵.


  1. John

    Just to let u know that I have done some posts related to The Golden Path too . Do check them out when u are free !

    Also , just to inform u :

    First , there will be a Superstar Concert featuring Project Superstar and Campus Superstar idols at Hougang Mall this New Year’s Eve . The Concert starts at 2pm .

    Performing stars include : Teresa Tseng , Daren Tan , Tan Diya , Keely Wee , Koh Zheng Ning and many more … Check it out at my Blog for the full List !

    Second , there will be a New Year’s Eve Countdown Party at AMK ! Hosted by Mark Lee , it will feature some Mediacorp Stars as well as 88.3 FM DJs too . It starts at 7pm . Full details at my Blog !

    Thirdly , if u are a fan of Chen Mei Xin , she will be at AMK Kub Basement 1 Performing Stage at 6pm this Friday , 28 December 2007 for a Meet The Fans cum Autograph Session ! More details at my Blog !

    Lastly , 8TV 4th Anniversary Concert to be held on 12 Jan 2008 at 8pm , will be shown LIVE on rge Channel itself that night !
    It will fearure mostly Malaysia Project Superstar Idols like John , Desiree , Orange , Henley etc …

  2. John

    Actually , watching some of the characters portrayed in The Golden Path , there are some familaritlty in the roles they are portraying in !

    For example , Li Nasnxing ‘s Jinlong , bad tempered gangster like Character resembles very much the role which he acted in the Drama Serial The Vagrant – Bao Zi Dan ( 2002 ) .

    Tay Ping hui who will later become a cop resembles the role , which he portrayed in the Drama Serial – CID , which he was a police officer in that Serial .

    Carole Lin , firece character resembles thje role she portrayed in Fu Mian ren jian …

    Also , the Ah Jin who committed the Robbery in 1982 in this Golden Path Serial , somehow reminds me of the Drama Serial of that same year – Seletar Robbery .

    WEith all the similarities and resemblance of storylines , roles and characters , The Golden Path is truly a Drama Serial for their 25 Years Drama Anniversary ! Very fitting indeed !

    Well Done , Mediacorp for incorporating past Characters and Roles in the storyline !

    With that said , I was hoping ro see if Jinlong will gamble till one day he visits the casino , then we can see Li Nanxing perform his ‘ magic ‘ on the poker cards again ! Haha …. The return of Yan Fei of The Unbeatables in 1993 , perhaps ? We shall see ….

  3. [John]: thanks for informing me. great posts! do you think i can link the HUANG JIN LU ones?

    SUPERSTAR concert! i wanna go! but too bad, i’ve got something on that afternoon. i do hope someone posts the videos up on youtube — are you going?

    yes, i agree that Jin Long’s character very much resembles his character in The Vagrant – – the same look, and all.

    Tay Ping Hui may be a cop in this show as well as in last year’s C.I.D, but the main difference is that he’s BAD in this show! super EVIL!

    Carole Lin is always playing fierce characters… haha. not only in Fu Man Ren Jian, but also You Fu, and quite a few other roles…

    yes, his robbery was committed in the same year “The Seletar Robbery” was aired — remember they were all watching it on TV?

    YES, I AGREE! this makes a GREAT 25th Anniversary show – just the kind needed to make the new year pass with a BIG BANG!


  4. John

    Yes , of course u can link my huang jin lu posts to your Blog ! As for the Superstar Concert , most likely I should be going ! I want to experience going for a Mega Concert for one last time this year , before we cross over to 2008 ! It will surely be very memorable for me , especially when I look back to this day next year when we are counting down to 2009 when 2008 ends next year ! I will have something worth remembering for the New Year’s Eve of 2007 ! Haha …

  5. John

    Wow ! U changed your Blog layout ! A New Year is approaching and so a new look to your Blog too ! Great job ! Very Well Done indeed!Keep up the good work !

    Love your The Golden Path posts !

  6. John

    Noticed u got links to Chen Mei Xin’s Blog too ! Are u going for her Autograph cum Meet The Session at AMK Hub tml ? It’s at 6pm Basement 1 Stage …

  7. [John]: thanks! I’ll link some of your HUANG JIN LU posts.

    SUPERSTAR CONCERT! i may be going! just realised it’s on Mon, not Sun. have a good time yea?

    yes, i’ve changed my blog layout, and changed it yet again! thank you!! : )

    nope, i’m not going for the autograph session…


  8. yang

    lin fei nv die lah. omg! u go mobtv and watch the ending-.-

  9. golden boy

    Yes , Lin Fei didn’t die and many more …. All these in the last Episode : Check this out !

    Lin Fei did not die. She almost had a miscarriage, but was send to hospital in time. Lin Fei has a son.
    – Rou Gu Mei died. She was killed by Kaijie.
    – Jin Long committed suicide to join Rou Gu Mei after scattering her ashes at the sea.

    A few years later …
    – Kaiqi had a daughter.
    Kaida recovers and goes back to becoming a doctor. He was well enough to go back to hospital to help out.
    – Xiao-gu sold the restaurant and the dry market. She closes down all her businesses and goes back to running a small food stall.
    Kaijie escaped abroad . He runs away as he was being investigated for corruption and the murder of Rou Gu Mei., While hiding in a hotel, he gets stabbed to death by the guy delivering room service who then took his money …

  10. [yang]: thanks for telling me… but i DON’T HAVE mobtv subscription!

    [golden boy]: AHHHHH! why did you have to tell me the ending?! haha : )

    thanks anyway : ) KAIJIE deserves to DIE!!! oh gosh, he’s SO EVIL!

    i don’t think there will be more evil characters in the dramas this year.. so hereby, i’ll award Tay Ping Hui’s character Huang Kaijie as VILLAIN OF THE YEAR!

    i’m so glad that Lin Fei didn’t die : )
    so sad that Rou-gu mei and Jin Long died. AND before Kaijie, who really deserved to die!

    haha : ) love this show!

  11. Richard

    why is the song of the golden path is not available ??

  12. [Richard]: not available?

    CLICK HERE to download

    hope it works!


  13. jas

    hi friend .. i need mi lu bing she bu de mp3 hope u can send 4 mi ..thks and happy new yeart

  14. jas

    hi richard … hw come de mi lu bing she bu de can’t download de,,, pls help mi thks u
    & happy new years

  15. jas

    sorry friend is qingling.. i love mi lu bing de she bu de mp 3 in the golden path sub theme…. start from de competiton i like their song they are rockk.. al the best and hope they can release 2nd album soon..btw 100 thks and happy new year.. wish u all de best..

  16. [jas]: hi! i still don’t have Mi Lu Bing’s “She Bu De”, but you can listen to it here or here


  17. jas

    any way can i get the she bu de… can u try to help mi.. thks.. but anyway thks Qingling

  18. garfield

    can anyone translate the lyrics for me?
    LOL. im a malay and i’m a big fan of this series!
    Especially Jin Long character! =D

  19. [jas]: when i do get it, i’ll be sure to send it to you! :)

    [garfield]: the lyrics for the theme song, or the ending song?

    **i have the lyrics for the theme song here, so if someone, anyone, would be kind enough to translate the parts i’ve missed out; or re-translate it… please post it up! thanks! :) **


    我们都该 回头看看 来时路 we should always look back at the path taken
    就算起风 偶尔有雾 模糊不了幸福 () can’t hinder our happiness
    我们都该 在心里数数 感动的次数 we should know, in our hearts, how many times we’ve felt touched
    谁陪你疯 谁陪你笑 拍拍肩一起追逐 who’s gonna be crazy with you, who’s gonna laugh with you… ()

    多少爱错过了才看清楚 how many loves have been lost… then it’d be clear to you
    多少事无法弥扑才认输 ()
    多少次以为找到了幸福 how many times have you thought you’ve found happiness
    却发现一开始就是个错误 only to find out that it was a mistake from the very beginning

    每一段路都是一段领悟 ()
    珍珠再夺目 留不住心头热呼呼 ()
    真心的鼓舞 能温暖一生的旅途 ()
    每一段路 难免荆棘密布 ()
    把坚持牢牢握住 不怕艰难险阻 ()
    学会去爱 就不会迷路 learn to love, then you won’t be lost

    sorry for all the blanks!


  20. Anonymous

    I wish there is part 2 of golden path

  21. [Anonymous]: haha. i don’t think the story can progress any further with the deaths of Jin Long and Kaijie.

    or… maybe the third generation? Lin Fei’s son, and Kaiqi’s daughter…

    but still. i can’t figure out what they would focus on in Part 2!!

    :) qingling~

  22. liane

    erm.. qingling i dunno if you still check this blog but i requested and received this song ” 舍不得 “. However the one that I received is a longer version from

  23. liane

    if you still want this song, send me an email or add me on msn. :D

  24. xy

    yeah lor.. jin long and kai jie shouldn’t have died.. so that there will be PART 2!! HAHA.. what a waste..

    actually, they only showed tay ping hui kena stabbed.. and lie on e floor reaching for his wallet.. MAYBE HE NEVER DIE AND WAS SAVED!!

    maybe lin fei’s son grow up den looks exactly like jin long..

    TA dA~!! part 2!!! hahahaha.. if only i was e scriptwriter.. LOL..

  25. [liane]: yes, of course i still check this blog!! :)

    i’ve sent you an email – thanks!! :)

    [xy]: OH GOSH, you’re right! they never showed if Kaijie died or not, just him lying on the floor!!

    Lin Fei’s son grows up to look exactly like Jin Long? wow, then it’ll be 3 generations since Ah-Jin who all look alike! haha.

    if that happens, then it’ll be a constant battle between father and son.

    if Kaijie didn’t die, and didn’t get caught by the police… the story can continue. he continues hiding out… and maybe still has underworld connections…

    how about this? he tries to find the guy who stabbed him, only to find out that this guy was working for LIN DESHENG, his father-in-law…


  26. liane


    i’ve just sent the attachment. but in the middle of the song will have a few dialogues from huang jin lu. hope u dun mind. =)

  27. [liane]: thanks! i’ve received it!! :)


  28. jas

    any ppl have mi lu bing de new song she bu de (full) and mi lu bing lu (full) dun mind send mi to my ASAP..100thks to u

  29. jas

    (liane) hope to have mi lu bing de she bu de (full) and lu(full)thks.. my email alot

  30. liane

    [jas] i’ve sent both songs to your e-mail. however the song ” she bu de ” isn’t really full and has some dialogues from 黄金路. hope u dun mind.

  31. jas

    thks liane.. btw really.. thks and sorry to trouble u.. gt darren album song too

  32. handsome

    can send me the full song of mi lu bing lu and she bu de? pls pls my acc is

  33. nidtatsong

    can send me she bu de song my email is

  34. [ALL WHO WANT SONGS]: sending in progress!


  35. Lippy Ang

    i luv the huang jin lu theme song so much i cant find it anywhere can u send mi?
    thank u in advanced so much
    my email is

  36. criss

    i luv the huang jin lu theme song so much i cant find it anywhere can u send mi?
    thank u in advanced so much
    my email is

  37. jas

    to liane :

    u gt de she bu de without ppl talking thks pls send mi to alot

  38. jas

    qingling pls updated de theme song corner.. thks u r very the best

  39. [Lippy Ang & criss]: sent!

    [jas]: yes, i’ve uploaded the song corner! do tell me if i missed out anything though!


  40. jas

    i hope de she bu de song gt no ppl say de… thks..

  41. martin

    i want the theme song too!…she bu de and lu…
    can i have both lyrics too(w/ translation?)..THANKS ALOT!…

  42. [martin]: hmmm… the lyrics will take a little long to come out, and i’ll post it here.

    please be patient!! haha :) thanks


  43. yck

    hi there i know this is really delayed, but do you still have milubing’s shebude with you? i would really love to have it. you can send it to


  44. [yck]: i’ve sent it already!

    qingling~ :)

  45. yck

    qingling, thanks so much.

    you’re amazing

  46. [yck]: haha :)
    thanks for the support!!

    qingling~ :)

  47. nimiz

    hello (: i am looking for milubing’s lu and she bu de. if its convenient can you send it to my mail? thanks so much! (:


  48. nimiz

    thanks so much for the songs!!! (:

  49. d0dz

    can someone send me the she bu de song ??

    thanks in advance…

    my email :

    thx aLoT ^^

  50. Zackt

    send me the song plz >.<

  51. Jas


    do u haf any 苏智诚 song from living wo jia zai da toa payoh

  52. [Zackt]: i don’t have the full versions. if you’d like the songs, please consider buying “Golden Drama” CD, now available in CD stores islandwide! :)

    [Jas]: nope, i don’t have it, but if i do find it, i’ll tell you :)

    qingling~ :)

  53. Vincent Ng

    liane…..can you send me ma lu bing-lu and she bu de song? i like them very much……really hope you can send to me as soon as possible…..ty….or any1 can send to me…..


  54. Vincent Ng

    qing ling can you send me mi lu bing song? lu and she bu de? hope you will see this post…ty….^^

  55. kenny

    hi qing ling, can u send to me whatever songs from this drama? please send to me, qing ling.
    really appreciate it, thanks:)

  56. [Vincent Ng & kenny]: hi, sorry, but i don’t send songs. maybe you can find a link at :)


    • kenny

      but i had already go to that dramafocus link provided by you but the link to download this song had expired i think.

      • [kenny]: ohh. would appreciate it if you comment @ dramafocus, ‘cos i’ve moved there! haha. i’ll look for another link then.


  57. christina

    i luv this movie very much……but i think the jin long cannot die lo….hehe^^

  58. I wonder tat y lin fei n jin long can’t be 2gether???
    Love with ppl u love iz more happy than fall in love with the kai jie…….. Bt seriously Jin Long canot juz die like tat off….

  59. Clarice

    Hi. I like she bu de and have it on my handphone, but where are the lyrics?

  60. Edy Ramadan

    Hei Guys,

    Gw lg butuh lirik lagu/Ping Ying ” HUANG JING LU ”
    Bisa bantu ngak ?

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