25 Years of Chinese Drama (戏剧情牵 25): aftermath


The 3 hour award show, hosted by Quan Yifeng and Guo Liang was held on 9 December 2007, ‘LIVE’ on Channel 8.

Here are some links to the Channel 8 website, where they featured this event

25 years of Actors – Get your ‘Class Reunion’ pics and recaps here! *LIST OF WINNERS TOO!*
Total recall with stars past and present *Exclusive Videos!*

On Tuesday, 11 December 2007, the week’s issues of 8 Days & i-weekly had special “Star Awards – 25th Anniversary Special” covers, covering the events of Sunday night. i-weekly even had exclusive interviews with former stars Tang Miaoling, Desmond Shen, and Madeline Zhu.

dsc00804.jpg dsc00802-1.jpg
(also, in these 2 issues, there are promo-codes which entitle free 2 weeks of MOBTV for any user!! promo valid till 31 December 2007)


TO COMPLETE the 25th Anniversary Celebrations, a special commemorative book is out for sale at all major bookshops at $12.90.

CLICK HERE for a preview of its content!!


(sorry for this short post on this major event. feel quite bad about not writing more about it, but i wasn’t home that day, but recorded it; it’s still on the HD, but i still haven’t watched it. argh)


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