STAR AWARDS (红星大奖) 2007 – BEST THEME SONG (最佳主题曲)


The nominees for Best Theme Song are:

– 并肩的方向 Bing Jian De Fang Xiang by 王建復 Jeff Wang, from 最高点 The Peak

most likely to win for it has a catchy tune.

– 多一点爱 Duo Yi Dian Ai by 石欣卉 Chew Sin Huey, from 爱。特别的你 The Greatest Love of All

i like this theme song, but the chances of it winning are low.
赢的可能性是底,不过,我喜欢 - 好听!

– 风的肩膀 Feng De Jian Bang by 王建復 Jeff Wang, from 十三鞭 The Homecoming

sorry people, but i can’t even remember the tune. so it’s out. plus, Jeff Wang has already been nominated for ‘Bing Jian De Fang Xiang’, and the chances of that winning are much higher.
我真的忘记这首歌的曲调和歌词是怎样的!赢的可能性也很底,因为王建復入围的 ‘并肩的方向’ 机会可高了。

– 跟着我一起 Gen Zhe Wo Yi Qi by 郑斌辉 Tay Ping Hui, from 宝家卫国 Honour and Passion

together with ‘Bing Jian De Fang Xiang’, competition between these 2 songs are the toughest.
跟 ‘并肩的方向’,竞争最激烈的是这两首歌。

– 逃离 Tao Li by 阿杜 A-do, from 手足 Kinship 1

not very outstanding, compared to the rest of the contenders, so i wouldn’t want it to win.

Drama Themes which should have been nominated:

– 这就是我们 Zhe Jiu Shi Wo Men by 黄智阳,曾咏霖,黄业伦,石心莹 from 萤火虫的梦 Let it Shine!

– 幸福双人床 Xing Fu Shuang Ren Chuang by Chew Sin Huey 石欣卉 from 幸福双人床 Mars vs. Venus

– 让自己微笑 Rang Zi Ji Wei Xiao by 石欣卉 Chew Sin Huey from 幸运星 Switched!

– 自己的幸福 Zi Ji De Xing Fu by 陈迪雅 Chen Diya from 宝贝父女兵

– 斗神 Dou Shen by 陈世维 from 破茧而出 Metamorphosis


  1. John

    Yes ! I fully agree with your selected choice of nominations ! That was what I really thought too ! The official nomineess although due respect should be given for being nominated , however , if I really dare to say it , I think the nominations are really RUBBISH !
    Seriously ! Had your list been the official nominees , the competition in this category would surely have been so much tougher and really much more exciting and anticipation to watch ! A closely fought battle for the title would surely have been between Bao Bei Fu Nu Bing Theme Song 自己的幸福 by Chen Diya and Switched Theme Song 让自己微笑 by Chew Sin Huey ! If I were to choose , my choice would be the latter although the rest of the nominees are also really very good !

    Back to the official list , I was really shocked that Kinship Theme Song was also nominated ! The song in my own opinion was so lousy and it is nominated ? And what really puzzles me is not only this but the fact that if Jeff Wang can have two of his songs nominated , ( which I think is a bit unfair though ) …. er anyway …

    Then what about Xin Huey , should she has two nominations too ? Definitely Yes ! For a person who sings most or majority of the Drama Serials Theme Songs this year , ( so much so that it’s enough to release an Album of her own already containing all the songs she has sung in this year’s Drama Serial ! ) That itself is a good enough reason to get her two nominations in this category !

    Had that been the case , the one song that does not really deserve it’s nomination here I think ( my personal opinion ) , – Kinship Theme Song 逃离 by Ah Du should have been ousted and replaced by a better candidate , Xin Huey’s 让自己微笑 ! Surely no one will complain !

  2. [John]: actually, if my list of nominees had really been nominated, i think the toughest competition would be between Chen Diya’s 自己的幸福, Daren Tan’s 斗神, and Chew Sin Huey’s 让自己微笑. they were all very nice songs, and should have been nominated!

    yes, the biggest disappointments in the official nomination list were 逃离 and 风的肩膀. the tunes weren’t that catchy, and any song in my list of nominees would have been a much better choice. but well… let’s just hope the best in the list win now!

    agreed! Sin Huey should have more nominations that Jeff Wang. Jeff Wang only sang these two songs this year, and BOTH were nominated! Sin Huey, who sang so many more songs, should get that honour (of being nominated for 2 songs) this year, agreed?


  3. eugene

    jeff wang rocks! he’s so really talented man..this guy should release an album soon!

  4. pam

    hey where can i get the songs u mentioned above??

  5. Fion Loh

    Where did you get the Full song of Nyonya? Very Nice! .-.

  6. [Fion Loh]: i got it from my supporter, Jas, who either recorded it off the radio, or got it from someone who did – ‘cos 93.3 has been playing the song a lot recently! :)

    glad you like the song!


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