new! 宝贝父女兵 Like Father, Like Daughter


This 20 episode drama started on 21 August 2007, at 9pm on Channel 8.

Starring: Joanne Peh as Dai Chunchun, Zheng Geping as Dai Zhigang, Michelle Chong as Meiqi aka Maggie, Kang Chengxi as Li Kaize, Jacqueline Sue (of Star Idol fame) as Cecilia aka Ah-Lian, Pan Lingling as Barbara, Jin Yinji as Granny, Vincent Ng as Ah-Wei, Xie Shenjie as Akirah, Nick Shen as Gui aka Coconut, Yan Bingliang as Bao-shu, Li Haijie as Richard Li

Chunchun was brought up by her father, Zhigang, as her mother, Barbara, had run off with another man, Richard Li, soon after she was born. Zhigang was a gangster, and Chunchun learned his uncultured ways but became a very brave girl who stood up for herself, and others around her. As Chunchun and Zhigang were poor, they resorted to stealing from shops. This ended when Zhigang was thrown into prison, as he was seen struggling with a man wounded from a knife stab. This man was carrying a large case of money, which Zhigang’s chief, Peter, took by force, leaving Zhigang to take the rap.

When Zhigang was in jail, a family wanted to adopt Chunchun, and in order to let his daughter lead a good life, he agreed to let the family adopt her. However, Chunchun refused to go, and would not call another person ‘papa’. With a heavy heart, Zhigang told Chunchun he detested her, and would not want to ever see her again. He never saw Chunchun from that day onwards.

Chunchun couldn’t stand the family who adopted her. They wanted to teach her etiquette, and make her a cultured and gentle young lady. They also changed her name to Isabella. She ran away. She was almost knocked down by a car, but Granny saved her, and Granny brought her up from then on.

Zhigang is about to be released from jail, and doesn’t know how or where his daughter is, but he guesses that she has studied overseas and maybe attained her doctorate. Little does he know that Chunchun and Weird Granny run a ‘business’ in the neighbourhood. Chunchun oversees the ‘business’, which includes garang-guni collection, tissue paper sold by the elderly, and miscellaneous goods sales (watches, fruits, jewelry).

Chunchun gets aquainted with Li Kaize, an undergrad, and at first, they have a misunderstanding. They later meet again, when she was wearing a dress, make-up and a wig (an attempt to pose as Coconut’s girlfriend to shake off Baozhu, the fat girl Coconut’s father wants him to marry), and he helps her escape from Wei and his men. Running a long distance holding her hand, they fall for each other. She runs away, and he tries very hard to find the beautiful girl, even drawing a portrait of her. Chunchun thinks of him constantly, but she is not willing to reveal her identity, as she is afraid of disappointing him, seeing how their worlds are so far apart.

Li Kaize’s father is Richard Li – the central villian whom everyone has a past or is related to. Richard’s wife, Kaize’s stepmother, Barbara, is wicked woman, who can’t wait to chase Kaize out of the house. She indulges in her daughter, Vivian, who is a spoilt brat. Barbara is, in fact, Chunchun’s mother. Barbara and Zhigang are martial arts experts, and they named their daughter Chunchun (meaning pure), hoping she won’t take the same path as them. Soon after that, Barbara ran off with Richard Li.

Richard Li and Barbara are responsible for the plight of siblings Meiqi and Akirah, and their mother. Once rich and living in a huge house, their father died, and everything in their house, including their house was auctioned off. Never having worked a day in their lives, Meiqi and Akirah, with their mother, who knows only her tai-tai lifestyle, move into a flat, without the comforts of air-con and marble floors. They become the downstairs neighbours of Chunchun and Granny.

Meiqi gets a job as a piano teacher, and her student is the difficult, spoilt and bossy Vivian, the daughter of Richard Li and Barbara. With revenge on her mind, Meiqi agrees to teach Vivian, and puts up with all her nonsense. Akira, on the other hand, gets acquainted with Lian, and after a few encounters, he falls head over heels in love with her. He helps Lian sell fake dzi beads.

Richard Li is a very rich man, who used to be an underworld figure. His lackey, Peter (Ye Shipin), reports that Weird Granny knows his past, and his nickname in those days – Big Head Hong. It becomes their mission to get rid of Granny and Chunchun. Richard Li had caused the death of Granny’s husband years ago.

Wei is a small time gangster, who endures the wrath of Chunchun when he refuses to take responsibility for making Lian pregnant. He later gets into trouble when Zhigang steals some valuable pills, causing a loss of over $2000, and he gets a scolding by his chief, Peter.

This drama reminds me of ‘A Million Treasures (Bai Wan Bao)’, and the casting is rather similar, with Pan Lingling, Michelle Chong, Kang Chengxi and Xie Shenjie also appearing in this drama.

Although not advertised much, it seems like a nice drama, with many laughs. Like Bai Wan Bao, where the ‘villian’ Zhu Deguan (Xie Shenjie) had an irritating laugh, the villian here, Richard Li also had a irritating laugh.

The theme song “自己的幸福 (Zi Ji De Xing Fu)”, by Chen Diya 陈迪雅:

The sub-theme song “礼物 (Li Wu)”, is also by Chen Diya 陈迪雅.
CLICK HERE to listen!


  1. valerie

    do you know where to get the sub theme song?
    i love that song, please reply me as fast as possible to my hotmail : THANK YOU (:

  2. Victoria

    hey do you know where to find the song that played when the “long hair girl” and the guy meets?
    anything reply to me at

  3. [valerie]: hi! i’ll try my best to look for the sub-theme, i love it too!! : )

    [Victoria]: hi! isn’t that where they played the sub-theme song when they were running?


  4. Sam

    is it possible to upload both songs in the song box for download?

    The songs are really nice….thxs =]

  5. lwanxuan

    hi can you send me the theme song and the sub theme in the bao bei fu nu bing becos i have been looking for them a long time and they are real nice songs. it will be much appreciated if you can send me the songs at

    Thx =P

  6. [Sam]: hi! yes, i’ll upload it when i find the time!! : ) love the songs too!

    [lwanxuan]: ok, sure, will send to you when i have the time : )


  7. danica

    can any1 send me the song by e mail or giv me the website to download the theme song plz my hotmail is

  8. fanfan

    hey….are u chen di ya?? I have watch the drama “bao bei fu nu bing”……and i like the sub theme song very much!!!~
    can u tell me where can i get the song??? important is the song list!!~
    TQ very much!!~

  9. mimixiao

    hi~ qingling… i jz look around n try to search for the theme songs in “Bao Bei Fu Nv Bing”…

    as i see u might hav them… can u pls send to me~?
    both d theme & sub theme songs..

    my mail:

    thx a lot~ god bless.. ^^

  10. Jolyn

    hi can you send me the theme song and the sub theme

  11. elle

    OH, I love the sub theme song!

  12. serlin

    hi.. the theme song iish real nice.. LOVE it so much!!
    hope euu can upload it in the music box..
    en do euu noe whe to get tat hip hop song sounds lyk eng but iish not.. en the sub theme song Li Wu..
    all in all
    the songs are al veri nice!!
    hope euu can upload them!! :)

  13. sabrina

    haha, if you can find the sub theme song “li wu” can you send it to me too? my email is: thanks loads! :D

  14. Would any one mind to send me the sub theme song to ?

    Thanks a million!

  15. cheer

    i love tat li wu to..
    can send to me once u found it??
    thanks ya..

  16. cheer

    i love tat li wu to..
    can send to me once u found it??
    thanks ya..
    my email is

  17. guan

    please send the song 礼物 to me too… thanks.

  18. begger

    can send both songs to once you found them? thanks in advance.. love those songs very much

  19. zhiliang

    hey i finding that songs too! 礼物 Chen Diya 陈迪雅.

    send me if you have.

  20. hello

    hey! i also finding li wu by chen diya, can u send me too? thanks.

  21. a nobody

    Hello everyone… I like to find the theme song and sub-theme of 宝贝父女兵 but i dont know how.. PLZ email me @ to tell me.THKS!

  22. Viperfit

    would like to have the alien “vee vee” from 宝贝父女兵. pls email me at

  23. xuano

    Hi there..
    I love the theme and sub-theme songs from 宝贝父女兵, can someone send it to my email please?.. Thanks!

  24. can hlp me find the two songs that is sung by chen diya the like father like daughter the both songs.if u found it send to my email thx!!!

  25. RJ

    can i have the sub theme song too!? ThX!!

  26. TO ALL WHO ARE REQUESTING FOR SONGS FROM THIS DRAMA: yes, i’ll email them to you or put them up at the box when i find it. sorry for the inconvenience caused.


    just to clarify: [fanfan]: NO, I’m NOT Chen Diya. I’m chen qingling, just a blogger~ : )

  27. Jessica

    Can I have li wu if anyone has it? send it to Thanks.

  28. foong

    can u sen mi the theme song n sub theme song of the bao bei fu nu bing show? i hav been finding it for a long time, can u send mi as son as possible please? thanks alot in advance =)

  29. yong

    can send me both 自己的幸福 and 礼物?

    my email is
    thanks alot! =D

  30. [Jessica, foong, yong]: sorry, i only have the theme. looking for “li wu”, so hope you will understand : )


  31. John

    Haha … I have read through your comments box here and found out that like me ( if u still remember me asking u for the songs too before they all requested them ) … many people have been watching this Drama Serial and are all looking for both the Theme and sub-theme songs from Chen Diya … So , for once u will become ‘DJ ‘ for a while helping people search for songs … Can’t really blame these people also cos the songs ( both of them are really nice ) ! It’s sad this show is coming to an end tonight and can only get to listen to the two songs , especially that ‘li wu ‘ for one final day and time tonight !

    Try your Best but don’t stress yourself out finding those songs , OK ! What’s important is that u have tried your very Best already ! I am sure they will understand although they will no doubt be disappointed ! At most , the Best thing we can do is hope that Chen Diya will release her Album very soon and that her Album got these 2 songs , then we can get to hear them over and over again already … Right ? What do u think ?

  32. wei xin

    can send me both 自己的幸福 and 礼物 too thank(:
    my e

  33. Verene

    Hi.. I was searching for the songs & saw ur blog.. can u send me both songs also..really thanks…:)
    email :

  34. [John]: yes, i really hope that Diya releases her album soon!

    [wei xin]: yes, sure. i only have 自己的幸福


  35. liane

    hey…like many others, I also love both the theme and subtheme songs! haha!

    Can help me find 自己的幸福 and 礼物, and send to my email at

    Thanks! :)

  36. [liane]: sure, i’ll send it to you : ) but i only have 自己的幸福


  37. afan

    HEY! could you send me the 自己的幸福 when you find it too? THANKS (:

  38. AlexNg

    Hi qingling, Can you send me the theme sound @
    Ths :)

  39. MaN5oN

    hi qingqing,
    dun mind send me the sub theme “礼物”to my email…
    a million thankz

  40. snOwy

    hi, if anyone find those 2 songs, dun mind send to me at thanks a million.

  41. [afan, AlexNg and snOwy]: hi! i’ve sent the song to you all already! enjoy!

    [MaN5oN]: yes, i’ll send it to you when i get hold of it. : )

    still trying my best,

  42. Jeannette

    I love the subtheme song! Could you send it to me too?

    please reply a.s.a.p (:

    thanks! :D

  43. liane

    Is there a CD in stores that have the song 礼物?

  44. lau

    can send me both 自己的幸福 and 礼物 song at pls thnks

  45. [Jeannette and lau]: hi! for all who have requested for “礼物”, i’ll send it as soon as i have it! : ) don’t worry!

    for “自己的幸福”, i’ll send it to you soon!

    [liane]: hi! no, not that i know of… waiting anxiously for diya to release her album, hopefully with this song inside!


  46. hi! do you hav li wu by chen di ya?
    if so, can send me pls? my email is:

  47. o ya, can send mi 自己的幸福 too? pls pls…thx lots!

  48. YanShan

    Hi qingling,
    Can sent me the bao bei fu nu bing song also . i wan the li wu and zi ji de xing fu . thanks alot . i wan in mp3 format . thanks

  49. lau

    thanks hope u can send it soon

  50. eve

    hi…can u send me li wu by chen diya
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  51. unknown

    can u send me the song tat is plae in the movie,,it goes something like ”pi pi pi,” can u send the song to

  52. Jessica

    I have the song li wu . Email me if you want it. My email is

  53. TO ALL WHO WANT THE SONGS: i hope i didn’t miss out any of you. enjoy!


    SPECIAL THANKS TO JESSICA! : ) thanks for “Li Wu”!

  54. LYNN


  55. Han

    can you please send the songs to me? my email is thanks a lot!!!

  56. Backey

    can send me both 自己的幸福 and 礼物 song at pls thnks

  57. Anonymous

    Those who want 礼物 and 自己的辛福
    Add me @ [:
    I have it too ^^

  58. [TO ALL WHO WANT SONGS]: i’ll send A.S.A.P.

    qingling~ : )

  59. Claude

    Hie, I love that song li wu. Can you send it to me? My email is Many thanks!!

  60. rainbow

    can u send me all the song u have
    to my email address

  61. [TO ALL WHO WANT SONGS]: i’ll send A.S.A.P!

    qingling~ : )

  62. MaN5oN

    thankz alot for the songs…

  63. [MaN5oN]: you’re welcome!

    qingling~ : )

  64. marc

    hi, could you sent the song goes something like ”pi pi pi,” to me?

    tx alot ;)

  65. [marc]: hi! i will when i find it. have been looking, but to no avail


  66. Michelle

    Hiees cn eu send mi both bao bei fu nu bing de song?

  67. [Michelle]: ok, sure!


  68. Aik

    Can I have all of them as well? (3 songs)
    1. Li Wu
    2. Main Theme song
    3. The “pipipi” one

    Thanks a lot, will surprise my wife, she loves the drama very much.

    Thanks again!!!

  69. [Aik]: sure! but i can’t find the “pipipi” one yet. so i’ll send that when i find it : )


  70. Michelle

    hiiex thkx for sendin me but the liwu do you have the longer version?

  71. steph


    Can anyone send me the song”礼物”?Really love dis song damn lot sia!Hope any kind soul will send me…hahah!!!via

  72. NIGEL

    NIGEL ask can qingling send ”ZI JI DE XIN FU”, MAIN THEME SONG from CHEN DIYA to by email.
    NIGEL say thank you qingling.

  73. NIGEL

    NIGEL say qingling no need send the song anymore.
    NIGEL got the song at the ”DOWNLOAD BOX” already where qingling uploaded the songs there for download.
    NIGEL say thank you qingling.

  74. nita_ly2007

    Oh,man i really like this movie.Actually chun chun in this movie is my role model.I wish to see her someday in my life.Oh by the way can u send me the song in the movie for me plz…………….

  75. happy

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  76. happy

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  77. joan

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  78. leong

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  79. PinK

    can u email to me Zi Ji De Xing Fu?
    i’ll really apreciate it.
    xie2 ni hor!

  80. John

    To Pink : U can get the song in Mediacorp’s newly released Th黄金主题曲 Album which consists of all of your favourite Theme Songs from Local Drama Serials shown in recent years !

  81. John

    U can get the song in Mediacorp’s newly released 黄金主题曲 Album which consists of all of your favourite Theme Songs from Local Drama Serials shown in recent years !

  82. Anonymous

    I’m not sure what’s going on, but until today I haven’t received any mail from u wo, can u please send me the 3 songs or 2 again?
    1. Li Wu
    2. Main Theme song
    3. The “pipipi” one

    Thanks ya!

  83. [Anonymous]: oh gosh, i’m so sorry, but i don’t send songs anymore!

    “Li Wu” – DL here — (credits to Germaine)

    “Main theme (Zi Ji De Xing Fu)” – DL here — (credits to Germaine)

    sorry, i’ve not been able to find the “pipipi” song :(


    sorry again for forgetting and therefore not replying!

  84. I hope that These Film will GO..GO..GO..

  85. eileeena

    hello~ can you pls send me the theme song and the sub theme in the bao bei fu nu bing. i have been looking for them a long time and they are really nice. thank you.this is my mail:

  86. [eileeena]: sorry, i don’t send songs anymore!

    songs here:

    “Main theme (Zi Ji De Xing Fu)” – DL here —

    “Li Wu” – DL here —


  87. hehehaha

    hi, can u help me find the ‘pipipi’ song? i quick like it!! please just tell me the URL i’ll download it myself!! thks

  88. [hehehaha]: i haven’t been able to find a url for the longest time!
    will inform you when i’ve found it :)


  89. Anonymous

    can u send this song to me plizzzzzzzzzzzz:(
    i hav looking for it for a year liau,,
    pliz send to

    asap ^__^ thanks,,Thanks,,thanks,,

  90. amelia

    where to watch the full episode for this show?

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