Campus (校园) Superstar 2 – Revival Round


Performing in the revival round were: Xu Bin, Jiaqi, Wilson, Amy, Javin, Jiajun, Shawn, Teri, Fukuan, Huixian, Junjie and Elaine. CLICK HERE for their song choices.

I think SHAWN and ELAINE deserve to be revived. I supported them!!!

It was the night of all time lows!!! I’d missed the show, but upon seeing the recap on the results show, I was shocked!

First, Jiajun made the record of a all-time low score, with 15. Then Wilson’s 13, and Junjie’s 13.5 really gave me a shock. Top it off with Xu Bin’s ultimate all-time low score of 12!!!

But an all-time high for this season, 25 points, was made by Shawn, breaking his previous record of 24. Fu Kuan followed with the second highest of the night, with 21.5 points.

For the girls, it was Jiaqi who received the highest points, at 19.5, and Jiajun, the lowest, at 15.

Shawn and FuKuan battled it out for the final guy place in the semi-finals, and so did Elaine and Huixian, who received 18.5 points.

REVIVED CONTESTANTS: Shawn and Huixian, complete the final 10.

Our CSS 2 Top 10:

  1. Shawn Tok, 13 (REVIVED
  2. Marcus Lee, 15
  3. Benjamin Hum, 16
  4. He Guo Hao, 16
  5. Ngeow Zijie, 18
  6. Joanna Teo, 15
  7. Seah Hui Xian, 15 (REVIVED)
  8. Agnes Low Kang Yi, 16
  9. Koh Zheng Ning, 16
  10. Keely Wee, 17

Please check out the official website for CSS 2 HERE or the unofficial CSS blog HERE!


  1. henry

    are you able to locate css2 huixian blog? she like close down le. Pls reply me back at

  2. [henry]: hi. yes, ok, i’ll try to look for it.


  3. hui fen

    can you help mi find keely wee msn??pls reply mi back at thanks!!!

  4. [hui fen]: sorry, but i really don’t know…


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