Switched! 幸运星


Stars: Fann Wong, Jeanette Aw, Shaun Chen, Terence Cao, Julian Hee, Zzen Zhang, Richard Low, Jin Yinji, Candyce Toh, Jaime Teo, Zhu Houren, Lin Meijiao

This drama started on 26 June 2007, at 9pm on weekdays. Sorry for this late review.

Fann Wong asts as Jiang Xinyu, a kind-hearted big sister who has a hideous red birthmark on the left side of her face. Because of her looks, she is not married, and that worries her and her mother (Jin Yinji), and she goes for matchmaking sessions constantly. Secretly, she is waiting for a boy she saved from drowning when she was young, and treasures one half of the magnetic keychain he’d given her.

Jeanette Aw plays Jiang Xinhui, an arrogant and confident actress, used to getting her way. She has a whole bevy of suitors, but sets her eyes on QIn Shixuan (Shaun Chen), even though she had a bad impression of him in the beginning. That is because his family owns Vino Health, a big company.

Shaun Chen is Qin Shixuan, a rich kid, however, he chooses not to work in his father’s company, but prefers to teach skiing and a business related course. He remembers the girl who saved him when he was young, and constantly thinks of her, wanting to find her. He is surprised when Jiang Xinhui returns him the one half of the keychain.

Terence Cao plays Hong Anxiang, a Penang boy who9 works in the Jaing’s medicine store. He is Xinyu’s good friend, who cares a lot for his grandmother, and was ditched by his girlfriend Fei Fei (Tracy Tan), who had another boyfriend. He later falls for Xinyu, who is in Xinhui’s body, and Xinhui, who is in Xinyu’s body, falls for him too.

Xinyu took in a homeless girl, Jingjing, not knowing she’s a genie, and she takes advantage of an accident to switch the two sisters’ bodies. Xinyu, who longs to be beautiful, takes on Xinhui’s body, but has to take on Xinhui’s life and act, which she can’t do. Meanwhile, Xinhui takes on Xinyu’s ugly form, getting her just desserts.

Interestingly, Xinhui, in Xinyu’s body, falls for Anxiang, who falls for Xinyu, in Xinhui’s body. Then there’s Shixuan, who has no idea what has happened.

It’s a big challenge for both Fann and Jeanette. I look forward to it.


  1. bluebottle

    hi (:
    thanks for writing about the show (:
    both jeanette and fann acted very well (:

  2. [bluebottle]: hi. thanks for commenting. but this entry is not good at all. was so busy i rushed it.


  3. Hi could u tell me how i am able to put song in my blog and wat’s the title of the song of Happily Ever After theme song if can send me at my e-mail or blog Thx

  4. [Maiine]: hi! thanks for commenting! put song in your blog? what song and from where?

    the title of the theme song for ‘Happily Ever After’ is called “Wan Mei De Ai Qing”, and i’ll try to get it – http://profile.imeem.com/YkieUG/music/hXF2YHk4/wan_mei_de_ai_qing/


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