原点 The Beginning: awaiting the finale


Shaun Chen steals the show, as the wicked Yucheng. And the story just drones on and on. It could have ended at episode 27, when Zhirong’s transformation (all because he was wooing Jianing) was quite amusing and left me quite stunned. But no, it just goes on and on.

I’m so tired of Tingli’s stupidity! She can’t do it. She really can’t. Why does she have to try? I mean, just remember how Jay died. It was all her fault! She was the one who went to the warehouse, and out of concern, Yucheng and Tie-tou followed her. It was all because of her that Yucheng killed Jay, and Tie-tou went to jail. AND NOW, she tries to get close to Yucheng, but she can’t keep her mouth shut, and investigate quietly, and keeps arousing his suspisions. The result: she’s blind and was Yucheng’s captive.

Doesn’t the now wicked Yucheng remind you of Jay? He says the same lines to Tingli, like “I’ll never let you go.” And yes, its very repetitive.

Oh, 1 more thing. When Jay was still alive, 2 policemen were assigned to protect Tingli. She wanted to go out for a walk, and her friend Yulan, and BOTH the policemen went with her. 1 of them should have stayed to guard the door, in case Jay broke in, and upon Tingli’s return, would harm her. Nevermind that. So Yulan has to go and meet someone, leaving Tingli with the 2 policemen. They see a thief, and BOTH of them run after him, telling Tingli to stay put. And of course… she continues walking, and meets Jay, who was following her. I don’t get it, why do 2 policemen have to run after a thief, when they’re protecting a girl from a MURDERER?! It would have made sense if 1 policeman guarded her house, and the other went after the thief… then she met Jay. But no, it didn’t happen like that, and Jay managed to run away from the 2 policemen because they were more concern about Tingli when he pushed her and ran.

THANK YOU INCOMPETENT POLICEMEN FOR MAKING THIS DRAMA LONGER THAN IT SHOULD BE. In episode 29, Yucheng’s already a wanted man, and he goes to visit his mother in the nursing home, which should have some police around, for those are places he’d frequent. But there are no policemen around, and that works to Yucheng’s advantage. Sigh.

In the last episode, we’ll go back to where the first episode left off. Huakang appoints Jianing as the new chairman of Huakang Holdings. Yucheng is still on the run (yes, the incompetent police help prolong the story). He makes a final attempt to get back at Tie-tou and Jianing. They go to the roof, where Tie-tou and Yucheng fall. In the first episode, that was where they then remembered the past. After 28 episodes of ‘the past’… we will find out what happens to Tie-tou and Yucheng. Will they both die? Or will they both live?

I’ll spare you the wait. Tie-tou falls onto a truck full of mattresses and lives. Yucheng is not so lucky (I don’t see why he should, considering the amount of wicked deeds he’s done), and lands on the road. However, he does not die, but is sent the the ICU, where, before he dies, decides to donate his corneas to Tingli, so she can see again.  Tie-tou and Jianing end up together. And I guess that’s how it ends.

RATINGS: 3.4/5.0 (Fair)


  1. John

    To qingling : Yes ,I agree with u , the policemen in this show is incompetent . Also , besides , that they were some loopholes in the story , at least that’s how I feel …

    1) Remember, how Jay was killed ? Yu Cheng was the one who was holding the knife in his hand and he stabbed Jay to death . Yes , it was HE who killed Jay . So ,the knife should have his fingerprint, right ? So, if that was the case ,that should rightly be the evidence to Jay’s murder ! So ,Yu Cheng framing Tite-Tou for the murder and Tie Tou going to jail shouldd not make any sense at all ! Where was his fingerprints on the knife then ? He was not wearing gloves at all atthat time !

    2) Never mind . Then how about this ? Remember , Yu Cheng pushing Zhiyang to the oncoming car and Rachel knocking him down and landing him in hospital ? Well , how can there be no CCTV installed to capture the whole scene ? I mean ,it took place in a carpark ,looks like the muti-storey carpark is located in the same building of where their office is located . So, if that was the case , how can there be no CCTV installed ?
    So, it was really absurd that after 3 yeears since the incident , the person who attacked Zhiyang ,which is Yu Cheng is still at large ! Until he regained consciousness , Yu Cheng is still not arrested for attacking Zhiyang !

    3) Same reason for Yu Cheng kidnapping Jia Ning at the carpark where he showed her what was the ‘evidence’ of Rachel’s murder !

    Come to think of it , Yu Cheng should have been arrested and the story would have ended long ago !

  2. John

    To qingling: In fact, I think the story could have ended much earlier at Episode 21 or was it 22 where Ting Li and Jia Ning made it up and became best friends once again after her parents’ death and the four of them – Tie Tou , Jia Ning , Ting Li and Yu Cheng were all sitting down together drinking merrily and happily discussing about their future …
    Yes , the story could have ended there saying that they had left KL for a much brighter and happier life … Yes ! The story could have very well ended right there and then , but NO … instead , the story went on with Jay calling Ting Li the next day and that’s where all the rest of the things happened … Yu Cheng ended up killing Jay and framing Tie Tou for the murder … !

  3. John

    To qingling : Come to think of it , the policemen in the show is really incompetent ! Both Jay and Yu Cheng after doing so many bad things , doesn’t end up getting caught by the police , but they died instead ! Jay died at the hands of Yu Cheng and Yu Cheng falling to his death in the final Episode Showdown with Tie Tou …

  4. [John]: hi! wow, you’ve really been thinking about the incompetent police and how they affected the story!!

    first of all, i think the Jay incident with the knife might have been solved by Yucheng wiping down the knife, and then placing it on Tie-tou.

    and there are no CCTV cameras! i don’t think we’ve seen any footage of some incident which was captured on the building’s CCTV camera, right?

    i think it would really have been better if they just ended happily, with all the 4 main leads still alive, and healthy.

    so the evil people in the show don’t really get what they deserved. Jay was killed by Yucheng, who then became wicked, and he then had to fall off the building, well… because of the incompetent police… and it’s just very frustrating.


  5. To qingling : So, Yuan Dian ended and I must say that the Last Episode had left me a bit confused …

    1) Why did Hua Kang out of a sudden decide to leave the company to Jia Ning instead of Yu Cheng ? I thought Hua Hang himself mentioned to Yu Cheng personally that he will pass his company to him and had even included that in his will ?

    I was as shocked as Yu Cheng himself was to learn that Jia Ning was the one who assumed the position instead of him as all along he seemed to be the favourites after Jia Ning quit the company !

    Bearing in mind also is that this was before Yu Cheng died ! So why was Jia Ning chosen instead of him ? And why did Jia Ning out of a sudden decide to return to the company ? This leaves me really puzzled !

  6. To qingling : 2) So , Zhi Rong and Zhiyang are in jail for kidnapping Hua Kang … The question is for how long … The programme never mentioned at all !

    3 years ? or life imprisonment or sentenced to death ? I wonder …

  7. bluebottle

    hi qingling(:
    wow u r super pro anylase the show so well!
    though i agree that the show is quite lame at times
    i feel that at least it is different from many shows that we watch nowadays as it is much more tragic and has more content. haha though the policemen are quite crap -.- i think its all part of the drama with the superb acting skills of felicia chin (: haha i think it deserves a better rating
    anyway thanks for posting so many cool stuff
    ur blog is super nice (:

  8. [john]: well… Huakang decided to hand over Hua Kang Holdings to Jianing, for, if you remember, Yucheng appointed her as the Vice President of the company, then she left and all. SO she was very capable and everyone saw that.

    How can Yucheng continue to be at Hua Kang when he was a wanted man?! AND Fang Huakang didn’t die yet, so it didn’t matter what was written in his will

    Yup, at least they mentioned that Zhiyang and Zhirong went to jail. How long doesn’t really matter, unless we’re waiting for Yuan Dian 2. Haha. I hope not.


    BY THE WAY: if you ever see the Panadol Extra ad on TV, you’ll realise that the paramedic in the ad is the actor who played ZHIYANG. Look closely!

  9. [bluebottle]: hi! thanks for commenting on my blog. glad you like it, and hope you enjoy reading what i’ve got to write!


  10. loveer

    can anyone tell me the real name of tingli?

  11. John

    To loveer : The real name of tingli is Stella Chung . She is a popular Malaysian singer who just released her first Chinese Album ‘ Be Myself ‘ in January in Malaysia.

  12. [John]: hi. thanks for answering the question for me!


  13. rhythm of life

    the ratings dropped so much!!frm excellent 2 fair!!

  14. [rhythm of life]: yea. it wasn’t really good. got worse as it went on. and in the end… i didn’t think it was a good show.

    qingling~ :)

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