The Seven Princesses

These seven ‘princesses’ are our very next generation of ah-jies. And lucky Elvin Ng has had the chance to act closely with all of them! evidence here

But not only Elvin Ng… who else has had the honour of acting with all these sweet girls?

These are our next generation of ah-jies!
THIS POST STARS: 1 D, 2 Fs, 3 Js, and 1 R. (Hehe, just my way of ‘simplifying’ the list.)

Dawn Yeoh

Felicia Chin

Fiona Xie

Jeanette Aw

Jesseca Liu
Jesseca Liu 刘芷绚

Joanne Peh


We know Elvin Ng has paired with all seven of them either as their love interest or sibling. Who else has managed to reach his record?

*Elvin Ng (all 7 princesses)

Dawn Yeoh: The Peak (2007) – co-stars only, Rhythm of Life (2008) – co-stars only

Felicia Chin: Love @ 0`C (2006)

Fiona Xie: Happily Ever After (2007)

Jeanette Aw: The Peak (2007), Rhythm of Life (2008)

Jesseca Liu: Kinship I & II (2007/8)

Joanne Peh: A Life of Hope (2005), Happily Ever After (2005)

Rui-en: Love @ 0`C (2006), By My Side (2008)

*Pierre Png (all 7 princesses)

Dawn Yeoh: The Shining Star (2006)

Felicia Chin: Portrait of Home (2005)

Fiona Xie: 1st in Room in My Heart (2004), and later in An Enchanted Life (2006)

Jeanette Aw: Holland V (2003) as siblings, Dear, Dear Son-in-Law (2007), Little Nyonya (2008/9)

Jesseca Liu: Mars vs. Venus (2007)

Joanne Peh: Yours Always (2006), Little Nyonya (2008/9) – co-stars only

Rui-en: Honour and Passion (2007)

*Qi Yuwu (all 7 princesses)

Dawn Yeoh: The Peak (2007)

Felicia Chin: The Champion (2004)

Fiona Xie: My Genie (2001), Room in My Heart (2004), The Champion (2004)

Jeanette Aw: Beautiful Connection (2002), The Champion (2004), C.I.D. (2006), The Peak (2007), Little Nyonya (2008/9)

Jesseca Liu: The Champion (2004)

Joanne Peh: Beautiful Connection (2002), To Mum With Love (2004), Little Nyonya (2008/9)

Rui-en: A Promise for Tomorrow (2005), Beyond the AXis of Truth 2 (2005)

*Zhang Yaodong (all 7 princesses)

Dawn Yeoh: Crime Busters x2 (2008) – co-stars only

Felicia Chin: A Child’s Hope 2 (2004), Love Blossoms I & II (2008/9)

Fiona Xie: Love Concierge (2005/6), Happily Ever After (2007)

Jeanette Aw: A Child’s Hope (2004)

Jesseca Liu: Falling in Love (collaboration with ntv7; 2006)

Joanne Peh: Happily Ever After (2007), The Greatest Love of All (2007)

Rui-en: My Mighty In-laws (2004)

Tay Ping Hui (6/7 princesses)

Dawn Yeoh: Honour and Passion (2007) – co-stars only, Crime Busters x2 (2008)

Felicia Chin: Honour and Passion (2007), The Golden Path (2007)

Fiona Xie: nope.

Jeanette Aw: Spice Siblings (2004), C.I.D. (2006)

Jesseca Liu: Mars vs. Venus (2007) – co-stars only

Joanne Peh: Destiny (2005), his sister in The Golden Path (2007)

Rui-en: Honour and Passion (2007) as siblings

Christopher Lee (5/7 princesses)

Dawn Yeoh: The Peak (2007), Rhythm of Life (2008) – co-stars only, Beach.Ball.Babes (2008)

Felicia Chin: nope.

Fiona Xie: nope.

Jeanette Aw: True Heroes (2003) as siblings, Through it All (2006) – co-stars, The Peak (2007) – co-stars, Rhythm of Life (2008)

Jesseca Liu: Rhapsody in Blue (2006), Through it All (2006), Rhythm of Life (2008), Beach.Ball.Babes (2008)

Joanne Peh: Movie: The Best Bet (2004), Beach.Ball.Babes (2008)

Rui-en: You are the One (2005)

Kang Chengxi (3/7 princesses)

Dawn Yeoh: nope

Felicia Chin: A Million Treasures (2006/7)

Fiona Xie: Just in Singapore (2008)

Jeanette Aw: nope

Jesseca Liu: nope

Joanne Peh: Like Father, Like Daughter (2007)

Rui-en: nope

Please leave a comment if you know of other dramas, and/or other actors whom have acted with more than 3 princesses!!


  1. To qingling: If u have noticed ,out of the 7 Princesses listed here , three of those have been involved in Mediacorp – ntv 7 collabrations already !

    Felicia Chin – ‘The Beginning’
    Jesseca Liu – ‘Falling In Love’
    Dawn Yeoh – ‘The Beautiful Scent ‘

  2. To qingling : Now that we have this 7 Princesses , who should be the 7 Princes then ?
    Well, if u asked me , my pick will be : Elvin Ng , Qi Yuwu , Zhang Yaodong , Shaun Chen , Pierre Png , Tay Ping Hui and Adam Chen .
    So, do u totally agree with me ? Or partly agree with me ? Or not at all ?
    How about yours ? Who would u have picked if u really had to choose 7 guys as the ‘Princes’ of Mediacorp ?

  3. [john]: oh well… i didn’t actually think about it that way. i didn’t know Dawn Yeoh acts in ‘The Beautiful Scent’ (which debuts on ntv7 on Tuesday 29 May)

    haha! who says we should only have 7 princes? i partly agree, ‘cos Tay Ping Hui is already our ah-ge, so i wouldn’t add him. I will have to think in order to find us our 7th prince.


  4. John

    To qingling : This week I -Weekly issue has the 7 Princesses as the cover page .

  5. [john]: i asked my sis to buy my 8 days on mon, and i only found out when i read the 8 days later that day. i need to get my hands on that issue! i get it tomorrow! thanks for telling me


  6. To qingling : There is a Autograph signing Session tomorrow by Felicia Chin and maybe all the 7 Princesses !
    It is at Bugis Junction tomorrow at 2pm ! Campus Superstars 2 Top 20 will also make an appearance too at 3pm !

  7. [john]: yes, i know already… thanks for informing me. i won’t be able to make it : (

    will you be going?


  8. To qingling : I would really love to go but I have to work so … I guess I have to give it a miss ! So sad !

  9. [john]: yea, i was sad to miss it. tomorrow the ‘shou zu’ cast will be at Bugis Junction, though.


  10. John

    To qingling : Thanks for informing me ! Will u be going for the event ?

  11. [john]: nope, i didn’t go, for i wasn’t free


  12. Germaine

    Rui En is Tay ping hui’s younger sis in Honour and Passion

  13. Anonymous

    where did you get all the drama songs from? can you please,please,please send them to me? i really want them!!!

  14. Pink

    Hi qingling,

    So much of info from ur blog.

    Oh what abt Julian Hee as one of the 7 Princes?

    Am wondering if you will know the Eng song title that Darren & Diya sang on Live the Dreams?

  15. [Anonymous]: you can download them at the box below, or, if you want me to send to you – – email please!

    [Pink]: yes, Julian Hee will be the 7th prince! : ) haha. no, i’m not sure, but i will find out!


  16. Anonymous

    why are some songs cut off before they are finished?

  17. [Anonymous]: yes, that’s because all the songs are not the full versions, and i’m not able to get the full versions, so this is the best i can do


  18. Pink

    Thanks QingLing..
    Will stay tune in ur blog to wait for your reply..

  19. [Pink]: thanks for the support. i hope i’ll be able to find out and tell you : )


  20. Anonymous

    Nat Ho is also not too bad =p

  21. Anonymous

    i think jack neo and mai hao wei should be part of the 7 prince

  22. ruth

    i think nat ho shld be included in the 7 princes also! haha

  23. ruth

    and also, rui en & tay ping hui are siblings in For honour and passion

  24. [20. Anonymous]: Nat Ho hasn’t acted much though…

    [21. Anonymous]: jack neo and mai hao wei? aren’t they already in the older generation? the 7 princes should be on par with the 7 princesses – – the new generation of actors and actresses!

    [ruth]: well… i don’t think Nat Ho has acted much, but he has high potential to be in the 7 princes. we shall see in 2008!

    qingling~ : )

  25. hi my name is clarissa i will let to make friend with you if you want to make friend with me than email me my email is

  26. rhythm of life

    wad abt bryan wong?I mean de shou zu dat dat 1 hu lyk yusheng…
    de oder bryan oso can?

  27. [rhythm of life]: hmmm… even though he won Star Idol, Chengxi seems to be getting more roles than him huh? I’d say Chengxi instead of Bryan Wong :)


  28. rhythm of life

    but hu should chengxi go wirh?I mean If it is 7 princes,it should have partner 1 of the 7 princesses,right?

  29. [rhythm of life]: oh really?! 1 prince to go with each princess?

    hmmm… i didn’t think of it like that. :) but it’s a bit strange right?

    let’s see…
    7 princesses: Dawn, Felicia, Fiona, Jeanette, Jesseca, Joanne, Rui-en
    (unofficial) princes: Adam Chen, Chengxi, Elvin, Julian, Nat Ho, Pierre Png, Shaun Chen, Zhang Yaodong – 8 of them.

    can you think of anymore princes?


  30. adeline

    erm,tay ping hui work with dawn yeoh in honour and passion as dawn was bryan wong’s ger friend and he also work with jesecca in rhythm of life,and joanne peh in golden path.that’s all i want to say,pls make amendments

  31. [adeline]: tay ping hui wasn’t in “rhythm of life”!! it was christopher lee, and yes, i’ll update the list. thanks :)


  32. regina lee

    Rui en also act with Qi yuwu in beyond the aXis of truth 2.

  33. [leona]: hi back! oh gosh. i seem to have forgotten the songs you’ve asked me to find. can you pls list them out and i’ll get the youtube videos for you to convert

    sorry for forgetting and taking SO LONG… :)

    [regina lee]: oh yar.. thanks for reminding me. :)


  34. rhythm of life

    but chris lee seems old,and he is getting the hu re still single.that would be better.

  35. [rhythm of life]: yea, i agree…


  36. Jean

    I guess Elvin Ng,Qi Yuwu,Pierre Png,Shaun Chen,Zhang Yao Dong are the most popular young ones.Tay Ping Hui is cool and so is christopher lee but they are like our ‘ah-ge’s already!And somehow i feel pierre png seems to be getting younger and younger drama by drama,except as old cheng sheng in the little nonya of course!

  37. [Jean]: hmmm… i wouldn’t actually consider Pierre Png as ‘one of the young ones’, ‘cos he’s really been around for a long while, though not on Ch 8, and is playing more ‘father-ly’ roles already.

    not to forget ‘the hottest newcomers’ (as coined by Mr. Paul Chan — Dai Yangtian, Joshua Ang and Andie Chen.


  38. Jaymie

    I guess its really tough to find the perfect set of 7 princes.But i think elvin ng,pierre png,qi yuwu are great.Well, i think all the 7 princesses are great,i’ll probably give all of them an A* except may be for fiona and dawn an A,cos maybe they haven’t really done roles which have poven their skills.

  39. jaymie

    yea i know!But i really think he looks very young.And i like his acting style!He’s largely an English speaker, but his chinese is wierdly nice.But i think the actor with the best chinese in probably qi yuwu.Elvin ng,he’s boyish,but his acting is improving.And i like these 3.

    i’m kind of excited for the dreamcatchers with elvin,rui-en and shaun chen.Hmm…wonder if shaun’s a baddie here…

  40. [Jaymie]: yup, it is difficult to find a perfect set of 7 princes to match the princesses…


  41. rhythm of life

    dyt can be 1 of them too…..

  42. [rhythm of life]: i’m not sure if he’s younger than the youngest of the princesses – Dawn. but he’s definitely the most talked about up-and-coming actor!


  43. hahas

    i so love the show dream catchers ,i wish it has a part 2
    my fav. character is jesseca liu and tay ping hui so romentic

  44. [hahas] … :)


  45. Meatty

    for 7 princes i also wan to add kang chen xi , maybe .

  1. 1 Jesseca Liu 刘芷绚 – Drama Focus: Singapore Mediacorp Dramas

    […] From Langkawi, she is an up-and-coming star who promises to make it big in Mediacorp, and is one of the seven princesses of […]

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