2 Other Collaborations after 原点


“Falling in Love 情有可缘 (Qing You Ke Yuan)” is the second collaboration between Malaysia’s Media Prima and Singapore’s Mediacorp Studios, following the highly successful “The Beginning 原点 (Yuan Dian)” – which is currently showing on Mediacorp’s Channel 8, and shown from 16 October to 24 November 2006 on Malaysia’s ntv7. “Falling in Love”, a 25 episode drama, aired on ntv7 from 27 November 2006 to 2 January 2007, and is a remake of the Singapore drama “You Are the One 1/2 缘分 (Er Fen Zhi Yi Yuan Fen)”, which starred Richard Low, Hong Kong actress Nnadia Chan, with Jacelyn Tay, Rui-en, Chew Chor Meng, Christopher Lee, Terence Cao, Patricia Mok, Zhang Wenxiang.

In the remake, the Singapore stars include Jesseca Liu, Zhang Yaodong and veteran Henry Heng, with Malaysian counterparts Eunice Ng, Willam San (he plays Jay in 原点), Phyllis Sim and Alan Yun, among others.

For more info about this drama:

CLICK HERE for synopsis

CLICK HERE for feature

CLICK HERE for detailed synopsis, episode synopsis, and pictures

CLICK HERE for viewer’s view

CLICK HERE for feature on 2 characters

The theme song 单身潜逃, sung by Penny Dai 戴佩妮:

The ending song 爱情剧本, sung by William San:


“Man of the House 男人当家 (Nan Ren Dang Jia)” is the 3rd collaboration between Malaysia’s Media Prima and Singapore’s Mediacorp Studios. It’s debut was on Malaysia’s ntv7, on 3rd May 2007, and is expected to be shown in Singapore at the end of the year.

Singapore cast include Vincent Ng, Alan Tern, Eelyn Kok, and veterans Li Wenhai, Wang Yuqing and Zhang Wei, with Malaysian counterparts Coby Chong, singer turned actress Josie, Janelle Chin, Lynn Lim Phyllis Sim, and Jess Teong


the father: Zhen Shengli (Li Wenhai)
his 3 sons: Zhen Jian Yi (Vincent Ng), Zhen Jian’er (Alan Tern), Zhen Jian San (Coby Chong)
and the women: Wang Shuxian (Janelle Chin), Fang Wen (Lynn Lim), Li Lizhen (Phyllis Sim), Tan Yimin (Eelyn Kok)

For more info on the drama (sorry, can only find 3 links):

CLICK HERE for synopsis

CLICK HERE for feature

Visit this site for a little more info

The theme song 活过, sung by A-do 阿杜:

The ending song 自由, sung by JJ Lin 林俊杰:


  1. To qingling: Seeing your posts on this 2 new drama serial on ntv 7, I can’t help but it sort of reminded me about the time that I was doing the ‘Yuan Dian’ posts (those in April) cos it was the same way that I did for ‘The Beginning’ … Not saying u copycat ,but it such a concidence …
    See the similarities … U got the Synopsis (summary) of the drama serial , to news reports about the drama serial to even the Malaysian audience views !
    Anyway, Well Done ! Seriously ! And also because u did this posts so very early even before the drama serial is being shown here on Ch 8 !

  2. To qingling : Let us sort of ‘cooperate ‘ and work hand in hand with each other , shall we ? Since u already started on the posts on these 2 new drama serial already , u will ‘officially be the person in charge’ of writing and updating us anything and everything about these 2 new drama serials while I will just be just in charge of ‘Yuan Dian ‘ only … U handle these 2 drama serials ,while I take care of ‘Yuan Dian ‘ …OK ?

  3. [john]: oh gosh, i’m sorry if i unexpectedly copied you. but it is a sensible way to write a post, is it not? sorry : (

    anyway, i wrote the post ‘cos i read about ‘Man of the House’ in 8 Days, and since i have ntv7, i was going to watch it, not knowing that 10 over episodes have already been shown. when looking for info, i found out that there was another collaboration drama, so i just searched for info too.

    yes, the idea of cooperating in this aspect sounds good, ‘cos i can’t possibly spend all my time searching for info and writing posts. this is just my hobby. haha. so yes! thanks for handling the info on Yuan Dian. we’ll just have to wait till the other 2 dramas air… then i’ll spin into action

    thanks again for letting me link the all the posts : )


  4. To qingling : Sorry , I think u misinterpreted me ! I really didn’t meant to blame u for copying my style of writing the posts ! That was not what I really wanted to mean REALLY ! … if what I had said did give u the wrong impression and make u feel really bad and gulity yesterday, I am really SORRY !
    What I meant anmd wanted to say is that it just so happened to be such a concidence (the style that u write this post) is almost the same way as mine …
    Yeah .. That was all that I was trying to say … I AM NOT BLAMING U ! Don’t feel bad , ok ?

  5. To qingling: Yeah , I also knew that besides ‘The Beginning’ ,there were two other shows that both the two countries TV Channels collabrated and were these 2 drama serials ! Er… before u wrote this posts … Not saying that u were slow ! (In fact u were too fast ) ,writing them even before Channel 8 is going to show them !
    Just that there were a couple of reports in the past and also just recently in YOU Weekly and Shin Min Daily News as there were some news on the drama serials and I so happened to come across them while reading them …

  6. To qingling : For ‘Falling In Love’ I happened to watch the tralers of it on my 8tv Channel some time last year while watching my afternoon shows on that Channel … I still remember I saw familar faces like Zhang Yaodong and Jessica Liu ,and my …
    I nearly couldn’t even recognise that’s her … ! Until on a closer look or if u see carefully ,cos she had to portray a tomboyish character and wearing a pair of black sunglasses … U can just imagine … !
    U should have seen her image ! … Really very funny !

  7. To qingling : Yeah … I can understand that u can be very busy at times and so like u said u can’t be searching and writing posts all the time … ! Although, I gave u the freedom of being fully in charge of these 2 shows all on your own … If I ever come across any related info on the web on these 2 shows, I will let u know … em … Just to help u out ! Don’t worry too much with u doing it all on your own ! Ok ? I will be here to help u out as well as much as I can and hope to be able to contribute !

    Also , by giving u the chance to be fully in charge , u can see for yourself if u can do these 2 drama serial posts as good as mine or even better than what I did for my ‘Yuan Dian’ posts ! (I am not boasting that my ‘Yuan Dian ‘ posts is THE BEST or very well done up or anything like that …)
    Take it as a chance to challenge yourself ! Just try your very Best to do whatever that u can without giving yourself any unnecessary pressure ! OK ? Take this as a challenge or if u like a ‘mini project’ for your Blog !
    Good Luck and All The Best for your Blog posts on these 2 drama serials ! I truly believe u can do it !
    Really looking forward to seeing your Blog posts on these 2 drama serials !
    Giving u the most encouragement and support … !

    Take Care !

    Your frequent reader of your Blog ,


  8. To qingling : Just to ask u … out of the 3 Drama Serials that Mediacorp and ntv 7 collabrated , two are actually a re-make of Mediacorp past drama serials if u did realise …
    ‘The Beginning’ as we all know is a re-make of Mediacorp 1997 Blockbuster Drama Serial -‘Rising Expectations ‘ played by Zoe Tay and Li Nanxing , then ‘Falling In Love ‘ is a re-make of Mediacorp 2005 Series ‘ You Are The One’ (although I cannot be very sure at this moment yet cos the drama serial not shown here yet) ,but from what I read from the link of the Malaysian viewers , they said it was a re-make …

    If that’s the case , my Qns to u is this : Is ‘Man On The House’ yet another re-make of any Mediacorp past Drama Serial ? Or is it a really new and ‘original’ series … ?
    (I have nothing against re-making of past Drama Serial ! ) Just asking u out of curiousity … ! And just asking u if u do know … If u really can’t get the ans ,it’s ok … It’s really fine …

  9. Check out this link :http://star-ecentral.com/news/story.asp?file=/2006/12/15/tvnradio/16312287&sec=tvnradio

    This report will show u just how popular the Drama Serial ‘Falling In Love’ is in Malaysia when it was being broadcasted there last year ! Hope it’s useful for your Blog on ‘Falling In Love’ !

  10. [john]: thanks for all your comments! wow. that was alot that you wrote… i need a moment to absorb.

    ok. anyway, just to let you know, i wasn’t feeling guilty or bad, but didn’t want you to get the wrong idea, ‘cos i make it a point not to copy word for word, and so it was just a coincidence that my post turned out that way. your reaction need not be so drastic!

    yup, the shows were shown quite a while ago, but i wasn’t aware, ‘cos i don’t really watch 8TV and ntv7 very often nowadays. and i also don’t read the Chinese newspapers, or buy Chinese mags often.

    yes, i saw Jesseca’s appearance in ‘Falling in Love’, when 8 Days featured it.

    thank you for your support, and i’ll try my very best to write a good post. also many thanks for letting me link, and also finding out more about these two dramas (if you have time, that is).

    i don’t know if ‘Man of the House’ is a remake of any local drama, but if i find out, i’ll be sure to write it down. I only started following dramas in 2003, and seen a few repeats from earlier years.

    thanks for the link. i’ll have a look at it.


  11. To qingling: Ok ,never mind that u don’t buy Chinese magazine often … Anyway, just like to let u know that in this week’s latest issue of YOU Weekly ,there is a short report on William San,the guy who play Jay in ‘The Beginning’ . He talks about how he feels about being able to act as the villian in the drama serial as well as the challenges he faced when filming ‘Falling In Love’ … It is on Pg 19 of this week’s issue.

  12. To qingling : There is a new post in my Blog today on Stella Chung Slapping William San at ‘The Beginning’ Meet The Fans Session ! … Why ? Interested To Find out more ? Read all about it at my Blog ! It’s out already !

  13. [john]: hi. thanks for letting me know. i’ll take a look at your blog! wow, so drama, sounds interesting!


  14. To qingling : Don’t know whether u did buy yesterday’s edition of The New Paper cos I did ,and there was a report in the SHOW Section ( Pg 20 ) where there was a report on Mediacorp and Malaysia ntv 7 collabration of Drama Serials !
    In case u didn’t buy and miss the report , here are some key points mentioned in The report :

    1) ‘Falling In Love’ is expected to be shown on Ch 8 in August this year ,in case u don’t know yet.
    2) ‘Man Of The House’ is an original and (only original) production – not a remake of any past Mediacorp Drama Serial by both countries ‘ series of collobration of Drama Serials !
    3) Besides these 3 colloabration ,a forth collobration is currently underway – ‘The Beautiful Scent’ starring Mediacorp Actress Pan Ling Ling and Actor Zheng Geping . This new collabration is yet another remake of past Mediacorp Drama Serial – this time is ‘My Lucky Charm’ 2005 Mediacorp Series .

    4) ‘The Beginning which is currently showing on Ch 8 manages to only attract an average of 637000 viewers per night , which is considered mediocre’ , says the report.

    5) Also, both The Beginning’ and Falling In Love did very well in Malaysia last year when it was aired there and scored an average rating of 11 percent ,even peaking 15 percent (700000 viewers ) making them the highest rated Drama Serials on ntv 7
    Channel !

    This are but some of the key facts and points as menioned in yesterday’s report in The New Paper . For more info, I think u can try reading the online version of The New Paper . There is also a photo featuring Vincent Ng , and Malaysian Actress Janelle Chin in a wedding gown from the main cast of ‘Man Of The House’ who looks really very pretty ( and I thought at first it was Ong Ai Leng ) cos she looks so like her !

  15. John

    I have sent an email to u to your yahoo email and attached is the link of the website I have found on Drama Serial ‘Falling In Love ‘ .Hope it is of some help to u for your Blog .

  16. [john]: wow! thanks for the info. appreciate it. i’ll be looking forward to the 4th collaboration, ‘cos i liked ‘My Lucky Charm’ when it aired in 2005!

    also, thanks for sending the link.


  17. Cassandra

    wow. you guys are so.. resourceful.
    i also read frequently, just that this is my first time tagging.

    can you guys help me find a song: 爱情剧本

    i know you have the youtube video…
    but i want the mp3.
    and… yeah. i’m from Singapore (:

    please help me… (((((x

    thanks. my email: kessie_616@hotmail.com
    please reply ASAP, and hope you can help me find.
    i tried for days but to no avail.
    (: thanks

  18. [Cassandra]: hi! glad you enjoy reading. just for your info, i’m the one and only — qingling, managing this blog alone! : )

    ok, i’ll try my best, and i’ll be sure to email you!

    tell everyone you know about my blog, k? : ) haha


  19. deborahwjy

    i luv ur blog for your info…so many things inside…about the drama falling in love,like cassandra can i have de song at the end by william san if you found the mp3 or wma version pls add me and tell me, tyty
    ps:i do hv de theme song for this drama if any of you want u can add me at deborahwjy@hotmail.com

  20. [deborahwjy]: hi! thanks for commenting! : ) glad you enjoy reading what i have put up here! i still haven’t managed to find the ending song, so sorry about that… i’ll try my very best : )

    oh, i have the theme song too! : )


  21. deborahwjy

    qingling: for the theme song,i already have it but thanks…

  22. [deborahwjy]: oh ok. i’ll try my best to look for “Ai Qing Ju Ben”… : )


  23. Cassandra

    i think the song will be hard to find.
    and william san.. i don’t think he will release an album anytime soon ):

    if he does.. TELL ME!
    and, the song might be there.

    thanks qingling, keep looking! thank you!

    btw, are you malaysian?

  24. Cassandra

    hey (:
    again -.-”

    i found out that there won’t be a possibility of the song on the net..

    and, we have to wait for william san’s next album to come out. HOPEFULLY he’ll include the song inside.

    rawr. read it in some newspaper )):
    stupid. anyway…

    qingling: can you do me a favour? find a place where we can watch the show online, for free. that’s better, at least can watch.. watch.. rewatch! i tried finding, to no avail.

    (: love, cass.

  25. hello! can you send me the falling in love de ending song at meealways@hotmail.com? thanks a dozen! or can you just dl it in your blog like you dl the switched theme song in your blog? once again thanks!

  26. [Cassandra]: hi! yes, i’ve been on the look out for the song, but really can’t find!! no, i’m Singaporean. sure, i’ll try to see if i can find where you can watch the show… i’m sure many people are dying to know! : ) hehe

    [Irene]: yup, trying my best to look for it~


  27. Alex YO

    Hi all. i can see tat u all r really sg drama fans lol.
    U all must have takel alots of time doing ur blog n updating it haha.
    i like the Falling In Love drama.
    Any` noe where to get the theme n ending songs?:)

  28. blue

    hello.. can i ask whether is there any way to see the epi of falling in love,, cause i missing quie a lot of the epi.. if know pls tell me.. thank alot:)

  29. ferlini

    hey! cool site you have here. must have spent a lot of efforts. some times it’s really hard to get hold of the songs in local dramas. do you think you have any ways to obtain the full songs or sth?

  30. hui

    HELLOO! thks for writing the review bout ‘falling in love’. Haf been catching the drama lately at channel 8. do u noe where the VCD/DVD is sold at? And greatly thks for your review!

  31. Cassandra

    OMG WHAT. THERE’S VCD/DVD? OMGOMGOMG WHERE? I WANT TO WATCHHHHHHHHHH. qingling, you have msn? then if i add you i don’t have to keep finding time to come here. i’m preparing for PSLE you know (:

  32. [Alex YO]: thanks for commenting, and yes, i’ve have spent alot of time updating… : ) hehe. i can send the theme song to you (EMAIL PLEASE), but the ending song is proving hard to find. many have been looking for it…

    [blue]: sorry, i don’t think anyone has uploaded the show online…

    [ferlini]: thanks! yes, yes, spent alot of time on it. : ) full songs are hard to come by, only if the artiste has released an album then it may be included inside.

    [hui]: VCD/DVD? i don’t think so. only selected Mediacorp dramas will be released on VCD/DVD. glad you enjoyed my review! : )

    [Cassandra]: hi again! yes, i have msn. email it to you. good luck for your exams : ) i think i’ll only email you after your exams k? study hard! you can do it! : )

  33. blue

    oh so sad:( thank!

  34. Rain


    Yes… The ending song of Falling In Love is really hard to find:S So sad that can’t even find a short and clear version. Hopefully William will release his 2nd album asap…

    As for the drama… someone is uploading slowly in youtube. jus do a search. You will find it. Though the uploading speed is slow, late is better than never… Enjoy…

    cheers for all who love “Falling In Love”… for all who love “Eunice and William”!!!

  35. Cassandra

    eek. i’m not lesbian, seriously. (: haha.

    but yes, I LOVE THE COUPLE.
    so cuttteeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    when we compare them from the first and last episode…
    haiz, so big difference!

  36. [Rain]: thanks for commenting!

    [Cassandra]: hi! err… lesbian? who said anything concerning this? anyway, thanks for commenting!


  37. Cassandra

    “for all who love eunice and william”

    i don’t love them -.-
    eunice > girl
    cassandra > girl

    seriously can :x


  38. zcexx

    I luv qing you ke yuan.I hav de ending song lyrics.

  39. [zcexx]: hi! if you don’t mind, maybe you could post it up here? thanks!! :)


  40. honey

    hi,you seemed to know quite a lot about drama and also the stars but what ashame that you did not even mention the main actress in ‘Man On the House’, Jess Teong. Hope you show respect to someone that did so well in the drama. If I am not mistaken, it was the 1st time for her in acting and she was amazing!. Hope you could improve on your knowledge in sharing.

  41. [honey]: oh. i must have forgotten, ‘cos i don’t actually watch these collaborations, but just source for info. must have over-looked it. sorry about that.
    thanks for telling me :)


  1. 1 Collaborations 5,6,7 « ~i’m the girl who reviews~

    […] Falling in Love 情有可缘 (2007) = remake of “You are the One 1/2 缘分 (2004)” […]

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