Jesseca Liu 刘芷绚

She won “Best Newcomer” in Star Awards 2005, and has become a household name especially after acting in the 2005 mega-drama- Portrait of Home 1 & 2 (Tong Xin Yuan 1 & 2). She scored her first main role in the recently concluded drama, Rhapsody in Blue (Lan Se Xian Ren Zhang), where she played a widow who had to look after her deceased husband’s rebellious daughter.

Jesseca Liu 刘芷绚

We first saw Jesseca in the 2004 idol drama ‘The Champion’, where she wasn’t a very likable character, Yixuan, because she was the heroine- Jeanette Aw’s, love rival in fighting for Qi Yuwu’s heart. In an interactive ‘you choose the ending’, the public was asked to choose if we would like Qi Yuwu to end up with Jeanette Aw or Jesseca Liu. Jeanette got more votes, and that was how the show ended.

Next, we saw Jesseca in ‘My Lucky Charm’, where she was Allan Wu’s ex. She encounted Jeanette Aw in that drama too, as Jeanette’s character was in love with Allan’s character, but in the end, Allan ended up with Michelle Chong.

Jesseca Liu’s breakout role was in 2005’s mega-drama Portrait of Home, playing a sweet mild-mannered Vietnamese bride who was married to Adrian Pang’s character. Affectionately called ‘Ruan Mian Mian’ (soft and fluffy) because of her personality, viewers also began to call her Ruan Mian Mian.

From the exposure of POH, she won over many viewers hearts, was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the mega-drama, as well as the Best Newcomer award, which she won, in Star Awards 2005.

After completing parts 1 and 2 of POH, the next we saw her was in ‘Women of Times’, where she played Fann Wong’s niece, a capable girl who married a rich businessman who later tried to ruin her family business.

Next, her first main role was in ‘Rhapsody in Blue’, where she played a widow dealing with problems concerning her rebellious step-daughter. Her love interests in that show were Chen Hanwei as her deceased husband, and Christopher Lee. That role earned her a Best Actress Nomination for Star Awards 2006.

Then she was in ‘Through it All’, where she was the only daughter of a rich man, with Li Nanxing, Christopher Lee and Darren Lim as her love interests.

She also acted in ‘Falling in Love’, a collaboration with Malaysia’s ntv7, which was shown there in late 2006, where she ugly-fied herself like how Jacelyn Tay did in 2005’s ‘You Are the One’. Her love interest in that show was Zhang Yaodong.

Next she played Ziling in the romantic drama-dy, ‘Mars vs. Venus’, where she and Pierre Png were newlyweds, dealing with the problems of marriage. A naive girl and former beauty queen, she was betrayed by her best friend, played by May Phua, who was jealous of her happiness.

In 2007’s mega-drama ‘Kinship’, she played Zheng Yusheng, a tomboy prison warden. In it, she broke out of her sweetie pie shell to play this major challenging role. Her main love interest was Elvin Ng, and she was also liked by Li Jianxun, and Star Idol champ Bryan Wong. Viewers who have seen her in this role will look at her differently, as she really shows her brilliant acting skills.

She continued her role in ‘Kinship 2’ which aired from late 2007 to early 2008.

In her first 9pm drama in 2008, ‘Rhythm of Life’ she played the innocent naive girl Zhiling, who runs a bakery. In the show, she loves Christopher Lee, and Julian Hee and Zzen Chang love her. Kidnapped by Julian Hee, she falls to her death, and the last call she made before she died was to Christopher Lee, who didn’t hear her call, as he was trying to persuade Jeanette Aw to stay with him. Choosing Jeanette, he lost Jesseca. After that, the whole story starts to revolve around, as Christopher Lee manages to turn back the time and have the opportunity to save her.

She starred next in ‘Beach.Ball.Babes’ as arrogant volleyball team leader Cai Yanfang, who everyone hates. Stubborn and full of character, her team desert her, and she decides to take up beach volleyball, but gets into a big argument with her good friend and partner, Rainie (Joanne Peh). Realising her flaws, she trains Sixing (Dawn Yeoh), and they become good teammates. In the beginning, she was the love interest of playboy Pierre (Christopher Lee), but she ended up with China-born badminton player Feipeng (Cui Peng) in the end.

She guest-starred in ‘Crime Busters x2’, a guilty medical surgical professor who was the mastermind behind 2 deaths, but did not commit them. Instead, she planted ideas in the guy who loved her, Lin Zhengwei (Jerry Yeo), and he committed those crimes out of love and to protect her.

Jesseca’s first drama in 2009 is ‘The Dream-catchers’, where she plays an engineer romantically linked to Tay Ping Hui’s character.


For her role in ‘Kinship’, she was nominated for Best Actress in Star Awards 2007.

Jesseca was named ‘The Next Big Thing’ by 8 days. From Langkawi, she is an up-and-coming star who promises to make it big in Mediacorp, and is one of the seven princesses of Mediacorp.


  1. wow jesseca u r very pretty

  2. jesseca is pretty i wonder if would she ended up really marring elvin ng in real live after they finishing filming kinship(shou zu) and be the next fann and chris…….as acting would slowly develope relationship………………………lol soooo romantic lor…………

  3. pepperspots

    hope s0 ! i really hope dat will happen! but elvin like going out with bai wei xiu leh!!

  4. isabelle

    ok!yuh! but y do u say she was not at a likable stage.?

  5. [isabelle]: i don’t think she was really popular and likable when she first entered showbiz… was Jeanette’s rival… but after POH, she was so well loved. still is today, isn’t she? : )


  6. Allyson

    I think that Jesseca Liu 刘芷绚 is unique in her own way. The first time I saw her on TV is in the movie “Kinship”. She acted really good and eventhough I’ve watched many, many Chinese movie previously, Jesseca really stood out from most of the others. I hope one day I can meet her in person. Jesseca, jia you! >.<

  7. vina

    jesseca u r so beautiful

  8. Icyz

    i wish jesseca liu and elvin ng will be real couples

  9. [Icyz]: haha. i think many people hope that too!



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    I quite miss jesseca…she very long nv act

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    u can see her on tv next month….

  26. [rhythm of life and Debbie]: if i’m not wrong, her next show will be the one about volleyball, co-starring Joanne Peh and Jade Seah, right?

    球爱大战 Beach.Ball.Babes


  27. Debbie

    yes her next drama is volleyball show which start on 7th July 08.

  28. [Debbie]: thanks for telling me!



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  64. Hey may somebody tell me a way to contact Jessica liu by fan mail address or email??? I love her so much and I been finding a way for 5 years…. I wanna contact her T.T pls email to if you have any idea !!! Thanks’!

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