Felicia Chin 陈凤玲 / 陈靓瑄


The ‘IT Girl’ of the moment, Felicia is ever so popular, with a sweet face and personality, and memorable dramas under her belt, even though she has only been in showbiz for 4 years.

Felicia first appeared on our screens when she took part in Star Search 2003. Then, she was only 19 years old. She was the female champion of the whole competition, also winning two subsidiary awards.


Her first drama appearance was in 2004’s ‘Always on My Mind’ (Wu Yan De Ai), where she acted as Michelle, a nurse.

Her next appearance was in ‘A Child’s Hope 2’ (Hai You Ming Tian 2), where she was Jeanette Aw’s good friend, Kit, a social worker. Her love interest was Zhang Yaodong.

Next came her role in the highly popular ‘The Champion’ (Ren Wo Ao You), where she was Wang Tong, an arrogant butterfly swimmer who was later injured because she over-trained and over-strained.

Then came Felicia’s big role as a fishball seller, Baobei (nicknamed ‘Mei Ren Yu’), in 2005’s mega-drama, ‘Tong Xin Yuan I’. She was the love interest of Pierre Png’s Dayang . After her appearance in this show, she became a household name. She also acted in the sequel of this drama, and from there, her career was soaring.

She was Ou Xiangyun, Julian Hee’s love interest in 2006’s ‘Women of Times’ (Zhi Zun Hong Yan), where she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Star Awards 2006.

Next, she took on the role of Mai Xiaoling in the highly popular ‘Love @ 0`C’ (Ai Qing Ling Du C), who was Rui-en’s good friend, and love rival. She was not a really likable character here, because she kept getting tangled in Rui-en and Elvin Ng’s relationship, attempting to steal Elvin from Rui-en.

Then, she was Lin Xiaobao in ‘A Million Treasures’ (Bai Wan Bao), where she acted with ah-ge Li Nanxing and ah-jie Zoe Tay. Her love interest was newbie Kang Chengxi.

In 2007, she got her second main role in ‘Let it Shine’ (Ying Huo Chong De Meng), where she played Yoyo Guo Yao Yao , an accidental relief teacher who would like very much to help her problematic students. Her love interests were Shaun Chen and Adam Chen.

Her first wicked role came in late 2006, in ‘The Beginning’ (Yuan Dian), a collaboration with Malaysia’s ntv7 & Mediacorp, which aired in Singapore in May 2007. There, she was Shi Jianing, a poor young woman who was given the responsibility to look after her sister after her mother died. Their father had abandoned them in order to marry a rich woman. Her father and his rich wife land her in jail, and when she is released, she plots revenge again them. Her love interests in this drama are singer Lin Yu Zhong, and Shaun Chen.

Next, Felicia tackled the role of Captain Ouyang PeiPei, in the army sponsored drama, ‘Honour and Passion’ (Bao Jia Wei Guo). In the show, she was the object of commando Tay Ping Hui’s affections, but she falls for his younger brother, played by Bryan Wong. However, with many twists and turns, she finally finds her happiness with Tay Ping Hui’s character, and marries him in a grand wedding of four couples.

Yet again, Felicia was the object of Tay Ping Hui’s character’s desire, as the beautiful rich girl Lin Fei, in 2007’s blockbuster drama ‘The Golden Path’ (Huang Jin Lu). She appeared in the 1990s era, and had an illness, and not wanting to get it cured, but to live her remaining days happily. She falls in love with Li Nanxing’s character, but ends up marrying Tay Ping Hui’s character.

In 2008, Felicia will be one of the main leads in mega-drama ‘Love Blossoms’ (Xin Hua Duo Duo Kai), where she will have 3 love interests – Adam Chen, Zhang Yaodong, and Terence Cao (twist! he turns out to be her half-brother!). Part I of the drama had 58 episodes, and focused on her failed romance with Adam Chen’s character, and Zhang Yaodong’s character. in ‘Love Blossoms II’ (Xin Hua Duo Duo Kai II), which has 55 episodes and runs into 2009, she has to contend with Adam Chen’s character returning and wanting to woo her again, and her relationship with Zhang Yaodong’s character, and trails and tribulations in her relationship with him as they have to deal with his aunt, who objects to their relationship.

Felicia also had a part to play in blockbuster drama ‘The Little Nyonya’ (Xiao Niang Re), as Anqi, the grand-daughter of Yueniang (Jeanette Aw – young; Xiang Yun – old) – it is later revealed that she is the grand-daughter of Yuzhu (Joanne Peh – young). Although her role wasn’t big, her apperance served as a link between the old times and modern times.

Felicia will be involved in the blockbuster drama of 2009 ‘The Ultimatium’, sharing screentime with ah-jies Zoe Tay and Fann Wong, ah-ges Li Nanxing and Tay Ping Hui, and also Elvin Ng…


Felicia is seen as a strong candidate for ‘the next ah-jie’. She is popular, and can handle many roles. She was nominated for Best Newcomer in Star Awards 2004, but had strong competition from Joanne Peh (the winner) and Rui-en. In Star Awards 2006, she won a Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste award, which Joanne Peh did not get, and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in ‘Women of Times’. Felicia is getting more and more popular, gracing the covers of many local magazines. Many have said she is the one to watch, on who would most likely be ‘the next ah-jie’.

Felicia’s career is going up and up! Although a newcomer, she has built up quite a repertoire and is well liked by the audience and advertisers alike. She even sang a song for ‘Let it Shine’. It is included in the show’s soundtrack, and is titled ‘My Star’. Another ‘clue’ of her success would be the sponsors for ‘Let it Shine’ (Ying Huo Chong De Meng) – Bee Cheng Hiang, New Moon and Vitagen, which are endorsed by Zoe Tay, Fann Wong, and then Felicia, respectively. Also, in the show, she was named the ultimate idol, her character, Guo Yao Yao, beating Zoe Tay and Fann Wong. Hmmm… so Felicia has a bright future ahead of her, having already worked with the current ah-jies and ah-ges, and endorsing many brands. Everywhere I look, I can’t run from Felicia, whether on TV, on magazines or shopping centre ads. She’s the next big thing. I mean, she IS the big thing.


Making headlines in 2008 is her name change! After 2008’s Chinese New Year, Felicia has officially changed her Chinese name from Chen Feng Ling 陈凤玲 to Chen Jing Xuan 陈靓瑄, following a Taiwanese fortune-teller’s advise.

Felicia has also managed to win 2/8 of the Top 8 Most Likeable Female Lead Characters (8大最喜爱的女角色), in Channel 8’s 2008 Countdown Show for ‘The Golden Path’ as Lin Fei and ‘Love Blossoms’ as Haitong. the results were tallied according to online votes. SEE HERE


  1. ck

    u r so cute and become more beautiful le. Malaysian gambadei!!!!!

  2. Joey Goh

    hey i am a fan of you i really like you do u have msn or anything? i like every single show u act aspecially the show chanpion u swim so fast hahahaha can tell me ur email if you have msn? or u can add me please my email is there u are so preety and cute hahahahaa in the show champion the yilin is so evil lor hahahahaa u are so cool in that show can tell me the comming show u goanna act in? i really want to have your email okie?……hahhaha…can you tell me how did u be a actor i might want to be one also but i dont knoe how what is ur date of birth? i will be waiting for ur reply okie? you can reply me on my email okie? thx alot

    Joey Goh

  3. [Joey Goh]: hi. you can visit Felicia’s blog at http://feliciasrainbow.blogspot.com or ask her this question at the channel 8 ‘ask the stars’ segment on their website: http://www.channel8.com.sg


  4. xxx

    hi,i am also a fan of you.i also wish to have yr msn.i like all the show u act.i wish u will be happy everyday in yr job.congratulation that u are so famous!!!

  5. John

    To xxx : Er … I think u might have made a mistake here ! This is not Felicia Chin’s Blog . If u have anything that u would like to speak to Felicia Chin , maybe u may want to visit her official Blog at http://feliciasrainbow.blogspot.com and leave a comment at her guestbook . Thanks !

    Nevertheless , on behalf of qingling , I sincerely thank u for reading and visiting her Blog ! Hope u will continue to support her by visiting her Blog regularly and read more of her upcoming posts !

  6. [John]: thanks for helping me answer the comment! and thanks also for helping me “promote” my blog! : )


  7. John

    In yesterday’s Edition of Lianhe Wanbao , there was a report about the yellow sexy dress she wore on Star Awards 2007 and when asked by reporters , she felt very embarrassed !

    Also there was reports about 2 other Princesses exclusion out of the Top 10 too ! Joanne Peh in Lianhe Wanbao Page 2 & Ou Xuan at Shin Min Daily Entertainment Section !

  8. [John]: thanks for informing me!

    qingling~ : )

  9. Jessica Ling

    i am you fan……..you are so beautiful,cute!i like you movie too

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