new! @ 9pm: 十三鞭 The Homecoming

I’ve been seeing the trailers for this drama and it looks promising. It reminds me of The Undisclosed 迷云20天, which aired earlier last year. This drama starts on 3rd April 2007 on Ch 8 at 9pm.

It reminds me of ‘The Undisclosed’ 迷云20天 because almost all the members of this cast acted in [迷云], with the exception of Vivian Lai and Zheng Geping (coincidentally they play husband and wife in 奇迹), and the trailers have all this underworld stuff, and people with guns on rooftops… and police.

Li Nanxing, Rayson Tan, Constance Song, Zheng Geping, Brandon Wong, Ong Ai Leng, Vivian Lai, Ye Shipin and others star in this 20 episoder about 4 friends who, as part of their punishment for arson, were each caned 3 times, except Rayson Tan, who was caned 4 times – and the total number of strokes is 13, hence the title. He is sure one of his buddies has framed him. After years of separation, the 4 friends meet again. Li Nanxing’s first love, Constance – a police officer, is now married to Rayson – a lawyer, and Ong Ai Leng is a businesswoman, the mother of Li Nanxing’s son, having abandoned him in the US 9 years ago. Brandon Wong’s sister, Vivian Lai has been in love with Li Nanxing for years… and this is just the love connections. The ultimate baddie, Rayson Tan goes schizo, thus making him mentally unstable. He finds the one who betrayed him, and kills him then runs away. Li Nanxing is first to arrive at the scene and he becomes the prime suspect. Constance believes he is innocent and tries to find evidence against her husband.

WOW. That’s serious drama. Let’s hope it doesn’t have the same fate as 迷云20天, ‘cos that would be an utter disaster.

Well… i’ve high hopes that it will be good. Yes, i’ll be watching.

The theme song, sung by Jeff Wang:


  1. To qingling:Thanks for doing an introduction on this upcoming drama serial!I have seen the trillers on TV too and it looks very promising indeed,I feel.The first impression that I have when I saw the trillers on TV is that it is going to be a very exciting,engaging and sure to be a really dramatic show!
    Yes,it does reminds me of The Undisclosed too with many of those who acted in that drama serial last year,appearing in this Drama serial.I wonder if the producers and Directors of this new Drama Serial is the same as the Undisclosed?Anyway,it seems that whoever that came up with this new Drama serial is thinking of riding on last year’s success of The Undisclosed that it decided to retain most of the cast.
    One thing I really don’t understand about your post is that why did u say that if this new show should end up like The Undisclosed it would be a disaster?I did watch that drama serial everyday last year and I feel that it is quite a really good drama serial with many twists and turns-very dramatic and I find myself waiting and chasing for it everynight and it was very engaging too.To me,it is indeed a really good show.So,I was kind of puzzled by your comments about that drama serial.Maybe,if u don’t mind,u can explain briefly why did u say it was a disaster?Thanks!

  2. To qingling:Regarding this new Drama serial which is due to premiere tonight,there is a review done by The New Paper reporter in today’s Edition of the paper.It is on Pg 30 of the paper today.

  3. [john]: hi! thanks for the comments! anyway, i didn’t really like ‘The Undisclosed’ because well… the ending was very strange, and abrupt. it was not good as in the show was rather slow and i didn’t like the fact that they were in this place called ‘Shang City’. another thing which irritated me was how Carol (Ong Ai Leng) disappered in that paticular Parkway Parade toilet and how they kept showing the CCTV footage, and in actual fact she went to the carpark which doesn’t exist in that paticular place! the show was also very dark, and they spent alot of time in the CIB and rooftops. well… they built up the suspense, and then it just ended. too abrupt. and i was like… left hanging when it ended.

    please see my review:


  4. Anonymous

    in this drama, 十三鞭 The Homecoming. One of the episodes shows that Li Nan xing, vivian lai and a little boy went chalet, may i know what chalet is that? it looks bigger than the normal chalet

  5. Anonymous

    reply me at, if you know the chalet

  6. [Anonymous: Sheryl]: hope the website i emailed you was the correct one.


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