FINAL REVIEW – 萤火虫的梦 Let it Shine!

It ended on Monday, 13 February 2007, at 7pm on Ch 8.



I really didn’t want it to end, so that showed that it is a very addictive show which i love! I think i will get the VCD set when it comes out! Haha. Ok, anyway…

The ending was sad, because Xinyu (Teresa Tseng) died. But she was such a cheerful girl who was so brave and i really admired her strength. She died with a smile on her face after hearing her composition on the radio. She had won the competition.

On a more serious note, Zikang (Shaun Chen) finally left for England by himself, after seeing Yoyo (Felicia Chin) searching frantically for the watch Haifeng (Adam Chen) gave her, which Zikang had taken the night before. Upon seeing Yoyo in such a panic, he finally told her the truth about his ‘tumour’, which really didn’t exist. But she forgave him, telling him that he was her very best friend. Thus, he left for England, wishing Yoyo the best in her relationship with Haifeng.

2 months later…
Yoyo took part in another idol competition, and she won! But we find out that a few days earlier, she received a contract from NIE (National Institute of Education) – they have accepted her as a teacher. She is in a dilemma. The TV station wants to sign a 3 year contract with her as their artiste. However, she walks out after apologising to everyone. Outside the studio, Haifeng turns up with a bunch of flowers and leads her to an antique car, and they drive off to NIE to sign the contract.

LOVE THIS DRAMA!! I hope they have a sequel!



  1. Sasha

    Hiie ! I really love the show let it shine! Do u have any of the actor/actress blog address ? Could u please let me know at Thanxs!

  2. I really love this show too.Same like u, I hope there will be a sequel.I also bought the soundtrack already and I like Teresa Tseng’s song the most.I think she sings the best in this soundtrack.She sings exceptionally well in her solo song-‘zhi zi de meng’-‘very gen ren'(touching)and her duet with zhiyang -‘suo bu cuo de liang man’.The theme song and the solo song which Zhiyang sang was also very nice indeed!Love the soungtrack and the song very much!
    How about u?Who do u think sings the Best in the soundtrack?Who do u think acted the best in this idol drama?Which songs from the soundtrack do u like most?

  3. Joan

    HI…….i love this show very much!!!!And the song…..can anyone send de shuo bu chu de lang man &zhi zi de meng to me?????
    Thank… *_*

  4. Jenny

    Please send shuo bu shu de lang man to me ….i love it a lot!!!!And….does anyone see The Peak(zui gao dian)????the song ‘xiang ting de hua ‘sang by Jeff Wang and Shi xin hui also very nice….if anybody have these few song please send it to me….Thanks….

  5. To Joan and Jenny:Since both of u like the song’suo bu chu de lang man’so much, and Joan – U also like that song and also the song’ zhi zi de meng’, maybe u can consider buying the Soundtrack Album of this idol drama.It is currently out on sale at all popular music stores already!

  6. For those of u who like the Idol Drama-‘Let It Shine’very much as well as the Soundtrack Album of this Idol Drama series,u can visit my Blog at and take part in the series of ‘Let It Shine Polls that I have created in my Blog under the Month of February 2007.Thanks!

  7. hi! thanks for all the comments!

    [sasha]: i only have yvonne lim’s blog add, and i have added it to my links, so pls take a look!

    [john]: zhiyang and teresa both sang very well in the soundtrack, and my favourite track has to be ‘shuo bu chu de lang man’. it is beautifully sung, and the tune is really catchy! on whose acting was the best, Felicia Chin did very well, and the teen actors Chen Chuxian (Lin En’na), Wu Sijia (Liu Xishi), and Xiao Li Yuan (Situ Bi) also did very well. Chen Chuxian did very well in one shouty-crying scene, and so did Xiao Li Yuan when he was shouting at his father (then the bear’s head came off)… so this is really my favourite drama so far this year! thank you for all your comments, i’ve taken part in your poll already.

    [joan & jenny]: please buy the soundtrack! and in my ‘zui gao dian’ post, i had a link to the file of ‘xiang ting de hua’, which someone put up, but it’s not the full song. I don’t think anyone has the full version. but if i’m not mistaken, you’re from m’sia? i don’t know if they sell it there.

  8. To qingling:Thanks for visiting my Blog and taking part in those ‘Let It Shine’Polls!Well,I think u missed two more related polls on my posts on Feb 21 though…but nevermind really!And Thanks for replying my comments to u on your Blog here!

  9. To qingling:Well,U have bought the ‘Let It Shine’Soundtrack,but have u noticed who wrote the lyrics to all the songs?Well,it is Le Sheng-one of the 12 Male Finalist in this year’s recently concluded Project Superstar 2.No kidding,it is the same man that we have been watching when PSS2 was on -Zhang Le Sheng!Didn’t know that he is so talented!Can sing so well,also can write such good,beautiful and meaningful lyrics!

  10. hi!

    [john]: Zhang Le Sheng is amazing! if you notice carefully, it’s not only the ying huo chong de meng lyrics he has written, but almost all ch8 drama songs! he also co-wrote the lyrics of ‘december’, with PSS 1 female winner Kelly Poon, who also wrote the song!

    thanks for all the comments.

  11. To qingling:Hi!Thanks for replying to my comments and telling me so much about Zhang Le Sheng.I only knew him as a contestant in PSS2 only…I didn’t know a lot about him,especially where he was actually so talented that he actually wrote that many songs for CH 8 Drama Serials until now u that u had informed me!Thanks!Thanks a lot!

  12. To qingling:Do u want to see and hear Teresa Tseng sing “LIVE”?Here’s your chance to see her perform LIVE cos I saw the news in her fan club website( she will be performing at Toa Payoh HDB Hub on the 17 March 2007(Saturday)from 12.30pm to 1.30pm on the CSS 2 Audition Female group day!If u really want to see and hear her perform,make yourself free on that day and time!Just informing u of the news that I know…

  13. hi!

    [john]: thanks for the info! i’ll see if i’m free, then maybe i’ll go down and talk a look! haha, thanks again for all the comments.


  14. To qingling:I know u like the drama ‘Let it Shine’and if u do miss the show after it had ended and that u don’t have mobtv and want to watch it again,your chance is here!Cos someone had put the drama serial on you tube website!u just go to youtube website and under the search column u type ‘Teresa Tseng’ and u will see some video clips of the drama serial in there.Hope u like it!Enjoy!
    Speaking of Teresa Tseng,just like to remind u again that she will be performing on this Saturday,17 March 2007 at Toa Payoh HDB Hub from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.Don’t misss this opportunity if u want to see her perform and sing LIVE this Saturday!

  15. [john]: yup, i’ve seen the show on youtube, thanks for letting me know. i would really like to go and see Teresa, so i’ll try to make myself free!

    thanks again for all the comments.


  16. To qingling:Ok,u are welcome!Ya..I also really love to hear and sing Teresa perform LIVE.Hearing and seeing her sing on TV and radio on CD is just not enough,must hear her sing LIVE!I have made up my mind already, I am going there on this Saturday definitely no matter what!I just don’t want to miss this opportunity to catch her LIVE!

    Since u may be going there too,who knows I may just happen to ‘meet’ u there without knowing it’s u?Haha…
    Hope to ‘see’ u there this Saturday!

  17. To qingling:I just happen to find out from some of CSS yahoo Fanclub website that besides Teresa will be performing on CSS 2 Audition,other CSS like Renfred and Zhiyang will also be performing on Friday,16 March(male group audition day,time is around 12pm)and Teresa Tseng,Khim and maybe be Geraldine on Saturday,17 March 2007-the female Audition Day at Toa Payoh HDB HUB.

  18. [john]: thank you very much for all the information and thank you once again for all the comments!

  19. To qingling:It’s seems like u have just read my comments so I don’t know whether u went to Toa Payoh HDB HUB to see today’s Male Audition or not(well,I did go and see),where besides the Audition,special performances by Daren Tan, Tan Diya, Renfred Ng, Geraldine See, Adriano, Ng Imm Khim, Hong Yu Yang, Chen Yi Yuan, Alejandro Hou add much atmosphere to a wonderful day of audition.
    As for tml,besides Teresa Tseng who will be performing,expect to see performances by PSS2 Carrie and Nat as well as Huang Zhiyang and also CSS 1 superstars like Khim,Adriano,Yi Yuan etc who appeared and performed today(except Geraldine and Renfred who will not be there to perform tml),will also be performing for us again tml.So never mind really, if u missed their performance today!
    Their performance is expected to be at around 12.30pm onwards,but try to be there earlier so as to get a good view of the performance!

  20. To qingling:Also,just to inform u that besides today and tml which they say got CSS 2 Audition, this coming Sunday,18 March 2007,there will also be CSS 2 Audition as well!Yes,u heard me right!It’s this Sunday as well and it will start from 10am onwards at the same venue-Toa Payoh HDB HUB!
    As for who will be performing that day,as of now I am not quite sure yet.I will let u know as soon as I know of the news!

  21. [john]: hi! no, i didn’t go for the auditions on friday, and i can’t make it today or tomorrow! :(
    anyway, are you going for all 3 of them? also, if you don’t mind, would you consider doing a piece about all days of the auditions which you went to, about the singers and what they sang… how they sang… also the atmosphere etc., and then i could post it up! it would be quite interesting! please kindly consider, thanks!

    thanks again for all the comments and info!


  22. I did go for all three of them and I can consider doing a piece of the CSS2 Audition at my Blog- change my Blog address already).Thanks for the suggestions and I will get it done as soon as I am free and when I do Blog,ok?U can see my post on this maybe only on Tues or Wed.

  23. To qingling:This is to tell u that since u can’t go and watch Teresa perform on Saturday that day,her fan club had put up a brief report of her performance that day plus a short analysis of her performance that day!U just go to and click on the link that says ‘Report on Teresa’s performance on 17 Mar’…on the right hand side of this webpage and u can see the short report of her perfomance done by her fans already!Hope this can somehow make up for what u have missed on Saturday!

  24. To qingling:This is to inform u that the CSS 2 Audition report is out on Channel 8 Chinese Edition website.U can go to Channel 8 Chinese Edition frontpage and click on the link to read the related news.

  25. To qingling:Also,just to inform u that there will be a second round of Campus Superstar 2 Audition on 31 March 2007(Saturday)and 1 April 2007(Sunday)at Toa Payoh HDB Hub for those who have sucessfully made it to the next round from the 3 days of first round of Auditions held recently.
    As for whether there will be any Superstars performing on those two days of Auditions,I will keep u informed once I know of the news.Ok?

  26. to qingling:This is to tell u that the Campus Superstar 2 Auditions report that u requested for is out alreadyat least for Day 2 and Day 3 stuff,Day 1 I am doing some touch up -coming on the way)on my Blog- and u can start reading them first.Er…em…I am tried my very best already as it is to say and report what I have seen on those days!I apologise that there are no pictures to show as my HP Nokia(6070)does not allow the function ofuploading of photos as it does not have Bluetooth function so I did not take any pictures!)Sorry!
    Also,I also would like to apologise for some loss of information as I forgot what some f the Superstars had performed already so I was not ableto include).Very very sorry!
    But I really hope that u will still be pleased with my report and that it can fill u in and make up for what u have missed during those days!Enjoy and Happy reading and do feel free to leave any comments on my Blog after reading if u have any.Thanks!Any comments,suggestions or improvements is kindly welcome!

  27. To qingling:I am sorry for some of the typo errors in the comments that I left in my previous comments to u.

  28. To qingling:I have left quie a few comments here in your Blogs recently.Hope when u are free and do have time,u will read them and reply!I am waiting.Thanks!

  29. [john]: hi! WOW! thanks for all the info and comments! and sorry for all the comments i’ve not replied to. i’ll be sure to visit your blog a.s.a.p., and thank you again for all the info!

    many thanks,

  30. [john]: hi again! could i please publish a post with links to 2 of your entries of the CSS 2 auditions? will only do it if you approve. thanks


  31. To qingling:Can.Sure.No problem!U go ahead and publish the link.It’s fine with me!And also,Thanks for replying my comments and reading my posts to the CSS 2 Audition!Hope u will continue to read my Blog as there are many other interesting posts besides the CSS 2 Audition stuffs.

  32. To qingling:Thanks for reading my posts on the CSS 2 Audition!I have already tried my Best to say and describe what I can already!Hope I didn’t disappoint u and that u enjoyed reading them!Thanks

  33. To qingling:U said u like the songs that was perdormed on CSS 2 Auditions but u missed it,well just to tell u I’ve got the lyrics of Tank’s zhuan shu tian shi’ put up on my Blog already!Well,this song if u remember from the posts on my Blog was sung by CSS 1 winner Huang Zhiyang as well as Alejandro Hou on Day 2 of the Audition performance!

  34. [john]: thanks so much! i’ll get it done a.s.a.p. no, you didn’t disappoint, thank you for all the effort and info!


  35. To qingling: This is to tell u that I saw the news on Channel U website that CSS 2 Round 2 Audition will be held on 31 March 2007 (Saturday) at Toa Payoh HDB HUB again but this time round is behind closed doors.
    Round 3 of the Campus Superstar 2 Audition will be held on 14 April 2007 (Saturday) at the same venue but it will be open to public already this time round,where the Top 20 will be chosen on that day!

  36. [john]: thank you for the info! i’ll see if i can make it, but chances are that i can’t. i’ve already put up the post (of CSS 2) at my main blog –, so please take a look at it there!


  37. eunice

    i love this show . how do i find out the song
    shuo bu chu de lang man ?

  38. [eunice]: hi! thanks for commenting! you can buy the soundtrack at Sembawang Music Centre. they sell it for $15.90


  39. tracy

    hello does anyone mind sharing the ost to me? i can’t buy it since i don’t live in singapore i watched the drama by downloading through BT…i adore the ost and i’d really like to have it…please?

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