Jeanette Aw 欧萱


She was once the hottest star with many leading roles and interesting characters. She was a strong contender for ‘the next ah-jie’ at her peak in 2003 and 2004.


We all remember Jeanette for her role as the dim-witted Jingjing in Holland V in 2003. That role garnered her a Best Actress Nomination at the 2003 Star Awards.

Next she took on the role of hot-tempered laksa seller Wen Qing in Spice Siblings, where she acted with ah-ge Tay Ping Hui, who was her love interest.

Then came her role as Jinghao, a social worker who had a disease in A Child’s Hope 2. There she acted with ah-ge Li Nanxing, who was her love interest. That role got her nominated for another Best Actress Award in Star Awards 2004.

Then came Guo Jingwen, a swimmer in the popular The Champion. She acted with taiwanese star Yan Xingshu and local star Qi Yuwu, both were her love interests. It was here where she fought with Jesseca Liu (then quite unknown) for Qi Yuwu.

Her next role was in the 2005 drama My Lucky Charm, where she was a sweet girl who suffered from body odour. There, she played Huang Biren (her 3rd Best Actress Award)’s daughter, and Allan Wu’s love interest. Then she disappeared.

The next show she acted in was The Rainbow Connection, where she played a dancer who suffered from stage fright.

She took on the role of psycho killer in the highly popular C.I.D. where her love interest was Tay Ping Hui again. Qi Yuwu, who was her love interest in The Champion played her long lost brother.

She paired with Li Nanxing again in Through it All and won his heart, with Jesseca Liu as her love rival.

Then, she acts in The Peak, and her love interests are Qi Yuwu and newbie hearthob Elvin Ng.

Jeanette appeared again in Switched!, with ah-jie Fann Wong. There, she played an arrogant, selfish, and spoilt actress, Jiang Xinhui, who switched bodies with her plain, simple, and ugly older sister, Xinyu, played by Fann Wong. Through that experience, she became a better person, and spared thoughts for other people. In the first five episodes, Jeanette’s performance was the best, with her as the arrogant Jiang Xinhui. After that, she was Xinyu inside, and her personality was very different. She appeared as a changed Xinhui in the last few episodes. Her love interests were: Terence Cao, whom she later married, Julian Hee, who was wicked, and later tried to kill her, and Shaun Chen, who was actually Xinyu’s love interest when she was in Xinhui’s body. Shaun Chen was actually Xinhui’s biological brother. COMPLICATED>

In 2008, Jeanette co-starred with 2 other princesses Jesseca and Dawn in time-travel romantic drama Rhythm of Life, her love interests in the show being Christopher Lee and Elvin Ng.

Jeanette next played the ice-queen, a dancer, in The Defining Moment. there, she bared all and ripped her top off in a performance, to spite her mother, and sister. She was seen constantly arguing with her mother, and very seldom smiled.

Jeanette heads the biggest production of 2008, The Little Nyonya, playing a mother, and later the daughter. This drama is set in the 1930s, and shows how Jeanette suffers in a complicated Peranakan household. Her love interests include Dai Yangtian, Pierre Png and Qi Yuwu.



The Champion was her last major role which really left an impression on everyone. We remember her in The [extremely bad] Rainbow Connection as Jeanette with the ‘really, really bad hair’, and hardly have an impression of her in Through it All. In C.I.D., she was overshadowed by the likes of Tay Ping Hui, Qi Yuwu and Ivy Lee. Now we see her in The Peak, but she’s no longer the leading lady. That place has been taken by newbie Dawn Yeoh.

With the grandest production of 2008, Little Nyonya, under her belt, Jeanette is back on top. It has been a long time since Mediacorp ventured into the waters of period dramas, as every recent drama is set in modern times, and this time, Jeanette is at the helm! :)


Jeanette’s Achievements

She won Best Newcomer in 2002, and has gotten 4 Top Ten Most Popular Female Artiste Awards in the Star Awards from 2003. That proves that, she is still very popular. With so many newbies fighting for the leading roles and the next ah-jie place, she needs a really, really, good role which will get everyone talking about her again.

Jeanette has the qualities to become the next ah-jie, and i’m quite confident, that with her wonderful acting skills, and her likeable face, she will be able to get back in the limelight again.

AND SHE IS! in collaboration with Channel 8’s first ever Countdown Show in 2008, online voters voted their Top 8 Most Likeable Female Lead Characters (8大最喜爱的女角色), and Jeanette won 4/8 of the awards! her mother (Juxiang) and daugher (Yueniang) roles in The Little Nyonya, and her roles in Rhythm of Life as Xiaorou and The Defining Moment as Keyi. SEE HERE


Jeanette has been promoted from one of the seven princesses, to become the new ah-jie (after Zoe Tay and Fann Wong).


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