FINAL REVIEW: A Million Treasures 百万宝

This 25-episoder has ended! And the ending was quite good.
The rating: 4.4/5.0 (Very Good!)

The best roles didn’t belong to the main leads, but to the supporting cast, like Zhizhi, Xiaobao and Ma Lu. Xingxing and Ma Da got a little irritating to watch after a while, while Liangliang, Shuxian and Dehua were just too extra and bland. So, BRAVO to Zhizhi, Xiaobao and Ma Lu, and also to Zhou Sixing for his comic twist that gave the show a brand new look!

Bai Xingxing (Zoe Tay) and Ma Da (Li Nanxing) didn’t win $2mil in the end (Ma Da copied the number wrongly- 285 4444 instead of 385 4444) … Haiyah, so much for the wild goose chases that lasted for so many episodes! But I’m not really sure that the number thingy was consistant. I do remember it being read out (from the pieces of paper) as 3, not 2. Hmmm…

Too much time was spent on Cat (LeeAnn Gao Mei Qi from STAR IDOL) and Ma Lu (Kang Chengxi) … It was frustrating when she appeared on screen. In STAR IDOL, she was like so sweet and here she’s just wicked! LeeAnn’s acting is not as good as Chengxi’s… A bit too wooden and she’s trying too hard to look bad and undecent.

Another part that totally wasn’t necessary was the love triangle between Liangliang (Pricelia Chan) , Shuxian (Michelle Chong) and Dehua (Rayson Tan) . It dragged WAY too long. But without him there wouldn’t be Xingxing’s fast-food van. So well… Acceptable.

So anyway, back to the ending of the story. The big showdown was in a car scrapyard (isn’t it always in these places?). It all started because Ma Lu was feeling guilty about his sleeping sickness that indirectly caused Steven (Liang Tian as Xiaobao’s grandfather)’s death. Cat sold him drugs that were supposed to keep him awake. But that caused him to be violent and then forget what happened later on. Xiaobao (Felicia Chin) followed him and then later destroyed $80K of the drugs. Ma Lu was being held captive by Nan, a drug-dealer (Cat was in on it. Duh). Xiaobao had to go on a holiday with Nan with drugs concealed in the suitcase provided, in order to ensure Ma Lu’s safety. Her father, the abusive ‘ah-gui’ (who murdered Steven) snatched the suitcase thinking that there were valuables inside. They finally found their suitcase and beat ‘ah-gui’ up real bad. Nan and Xiaobao had missed their plane, and had 3 hours before the next one took off. Xiaobao demanded to be taken to see Ma Lu. Meanwhile, Xingxing and Ma Da were there, in the car scrapyard, to look for the ‘bai wan ping’ which they were sure was in a car that the owner had sold that morning. They find it, and it is the last day to collect the prize money. Xingxing is giddy because of the heat, and is weak. Ma Lu was locked in a container and Xiaobao went in to see to his injuries. Ma Da and Xingxing had seen it all. A fight breaks out. Xiaobao is hit on the head by Cat. Ma Da makes the decision to send the badly hurt and bleeding Xiaobao to the hospital instead of collecting their prize money. Then it turns out that they never won any money.

3 months later: They (Xingxing, Ma Da, Ma Lu, Xiaobao and Xiyao) all made it big with their famous ondeh ondeh. Xingxing does not wish to have her revenge on Zhu Deguan anymore, as he is suffering in his shop which is opposite theirs. Ma Lu learns cooking skills from Ma Da, and he proposes to Xiaobao with a ring carved from a carrot (deposit only). Zhizhi (Pan Lingling) comes back from HK looking like a beautiful swan, andMa Da, Xiaobao and Ma Lu win the cooking competition.

Xingxing marries Xiyao (still fat). Zhizhi marries Ma Da. And Xiaobao marries Ma Lu. One happy ending!!


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