This year’s Star Awards was not held in Mediacorp, but at St. James Power Station. Therefore, it had an extra 1/2 hr added as the Walk of Fame segment which was at 6pm. Tickets for the general public were only issued for this segment.

The actual show was hosted by Guo Liang and Patty Hou (Hou Pei Chen). [I loved how they condensed all the 2006 shows into a short umm… how do i describe it? A short… sorry, can’t describe it.] It started at 7pm, and ended at 10pm. There was alot of confusion at different points because it was either ‘under-run’ or ‘over-run’ as stated by the background people. And so the celebrity guests had to talk and talk to delay the time. Then they had to speed up later on. So it was like, delay… speed up… delay… speed up…Haiyah. I think staying and filming in Mediacorp is better! In the end, the last to receive his prize for the 10 popular male artiste, Bryan Wong, had to say his ‘thank-you’ speech when the credits had started rolling already!

Anyway, the results were disappointing!


Best Drama: The Shining Star (Xing Shan Shan)

Best Supporting Actress: Hong Hui Fang for her role in The Shining Star (Xing Shan Shan)

Best Supporting Actor: Huang Yiliang for his role in Women of Times (Zhi Zun Hong Yan)

Best Actress: Ivy Lee (Li Jin Mei) for her role in Family Matters (Fa Ting Qiao Jia Ren)

Best Actor: Li Nanxing for his role in The Undisclosed (Mi Yun Er Shi Tian)

Best Newcomer: Kelvin Tan (Chen Weilian)

Best Entertainment Programme: Home Decor Survivor (Bai Jia Le)

Best Host: Bryan Wong (Wang Lu Jiang) for Home Decor Survivor (Bai Jia Le)

Best News/CA Presenter: Tung Soo Hua (Dong Su Hua)


Kelvin Tan Weilian, Gurmit Singh, Edmund Chen, Mark Lee, Elvin Ng, Vincent Ng*, Qi Yuwu, Christopher Lee, Bryan Wong, Tay Ping Hui


Fiona Xie, Kym Ng, Xiang Yun, Rui-en, Quan Yifeng, Jesseca Liu, Huang Biren, Michelle Chia, Jeanette Aw*, Felicia Chin

*Vincent Ng and Jeanette Aw were unable to make their ‘thank you’ speeches for they were abroad filming.

I’m very disappointed with the results. None of those who were high contenders for the awards won at all (eg. Qi Yuwu, Ann Kok, Shaun Chen, Constance Song, C.I.D.)! The Shining Star (Xing Shan Shan) won best drama instead of hot faves C.I.D. and Love @ 0`C…

Overall, The Shining Star (Xing Shan Shan) was nominated for 7 main awards (best actor, best supporting actor-2, best supporting actress, best drama, best child talent and best theme song), while C.I.D. (Xing Jing 2 Ren Zu) was nominated for 5 main awards (best actor-2, best supporting actor, best supporting actress and best drama).

C.I.D. (Xing Jing 2 Ren Zu) got none of these awards, and The Shining Star walked away with 3 of the awards, namely Best Supporting Actress, Best Drama and Best Theme Song.

ALREADY, I’m looking forward to next year’s STAR AWARDS. This year’s cut-off point was Family Matters (Fa Qing Qiao Jia Ren). So we’ll start off from there. Here are the possible nominees:

BEST ACTOR: Chen Hanwei (House of Joy), Li Nanxing (Bai Wan Bao)

BEST ACTRESS: Yvonne Lim and Fiona Xie for their roles in ‘An Enchanted Life’ (Zuan Shi Qing Yuan), Ivy Lee (House of Joy), Zoe Tay (Bai Wan Bao)

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Adam Chen (Zuan Shi Qing Yuan), Zhang Wenxiang? (Bai Wan Bao)

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: May Phua (House of Joy), Cynthia Koh? (House of Joy), Pan Ling Ling (Bai Wan Bao), Felicia Chin (Bai Wan Bao)
BEST NEWCOMER: Kang Chengxi, Ling Lee, Bryan Wong Yuan Li

I’m LOOKING FORWARD to 2007 – a new year with many new dramas. Then my list will expand and only include the best of the best! Haha.

~Thanks for reading!~


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