Star Awards 2006 – BEST ACTOR


*Adrain Pang as Zhou Dadi for Portrait of Home II (Tong Xin Yuan II)
Li Nanxing as Cheng Musheng for The Undisclosed (Mi Yun Er Shi Tian)
Pierre Png as “Wu Ming” for The Shining Star (Xing Shan Shan)
Tay Ping Hui as Sean Chen Long for C.I.D. (Xing Jing 2 Ren Zu)
*Qi Yuwu as Tang Si Wei for C.I.D. (Xing Jing 2 Ren Zu)

Analysing the nominees

*Adrain Pang – his role in the sequel of this long running drama was not as challenging as the first, and he was nominated last year too, but lost the honours to CHEN HANWEI. His chances this year are good, and I only see Qi Yuwu as being a threat to him.

Li Nanxing – his role in this 20 episode long drama about his missing wife was not at all impressive. He looked super miserable all day, and if he was not being hauled into the police station, he was having encounters, and running from the triad. His chances this year are not at all good, and his appearence here, is equal to the very stiff Pierre Png’s.

Pierre Png – his acting, first and foremost, is not brilliant. And please add the fact that his Chinese is not very precise. Add also the fact that he is acting in a prime-time Chinese drama. I’m pretty sure he is trying his very best, and he does have the right looks to survive, but, in the near future, a BEST ACTOR award is not within reach. Yet.

*Qi Yuwu – his role in this well crafted drama had many sides. Many may disagree that he was the real main character, instead of Tay Ping Hui, but Qi Yuwu’s role was very well written. In one of his best roles till this date, he showed the depth and many layers of Tang Siwei’s character. His chances are the best this year, and I really hope he wins it.

Tay Ping Hui – his acting was not put to its full potential in this role. He was just a police man who shouted at people or talked sweetly to his girlfriend. It was a very 2D image, and although left out of this category last year, this year doesn’t fair much better, I’m afraid.

* Good chances

Actors I would have liked to make the list:

Christopher Lee – his role in “Through it All (Hai De Er Zi)” was funny yet serious. The best part was when he beat Li Nanxing’s Xianghai up in the hospital and got so worked up as he shouted and cried.

Huang Wenyong – his role in “Measure of Man (Da Nan Ren Xiao Nan Ren)” was the leading role, and it was pretty good too.

Terence Cao – his role in “Family Matters (Fa Ting Qiao Jia Ren)” was brilliant, as the posessive and psycho Weilun. He kept punching the tree and doing stupid things because he had lost the only woman he loved to someone else.


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