Star Awards 2006 – BEST DRAMA SERIAL

The nominations have been revealed. It is a disappointing list.

C. I. D. (Xing Jing 2 Ren Zu) *
Love @ 0°C (Ai Qing Ling Du C) *
Measure of Man (Da Nan Ren Xiao Nan Ren)
Rhapsody in Blue (Lan Se Xian Ren Zhang)
The Shining Star (Xing Shan Shan)

* Good chances
Analyzing the Nominations


*C. I. D. (Xing Jing 2 Ren Zu) – 4.3/5.0 (VERY GOOD)
This is one of the best cop shows i have seen. It’s fast paced, cases are inter-related, the acting is good, the plot is good, the ending is not very good, but acceptable. It’s melodramatic at some points and there are 3 small cases, each of them involving C.I.D. officers Tay Ping Hui and Qi Yuwu. It all builds up to the main case, which involves Qi Yuwu, Jeanette Aw, Lin Meijiao, Liu Qianyi and Zhu Houren. It ends with Apple Hong dying, Qi Yuwu ending up with Ivy Lee, Jeanette Aw going to jail and Tay Ping Hui promising to wait for her.

*Love @ 0°C (Ai Qing Ling Du C) – 4.8/5.0 (EXCELLENT)
This drama starred the young up-and-coming actors and actresses, and had an element of comedy, in the usual drama format, complete with love and problems, many of them. The storyline and the acting was really very good. It’s such a romantic and touching story, and Rui-en and Elvin Ng’s chemistry is good. The best man won. All the problems were solved. True love was found.

Measure of Man (Da Nan Ren Xiao Nan Ren) – 3.6/5.0 (Good)
This drama focused on 3 men, aged 20 (Ben Yeo as a young father), 30 (Zhang Yaodong as a ladies man) and 40 (Huang Wenyong as a devoted husband) and their problems. It was sort of a comedy, but with serious drama. Those who had watched it would have laughed and cried their heart out. The ending was satisfying, and I really couldn’t ask for more.

Rhapsody in Blue (Lan Se Xian Ren Zhang) – 3.5/5.0 (Average)
This drama starred Jesseca Liu as Ding Yirou, a young widow who had to bring up her dead husband’s daughter. Her husband was killed in a hit-and-run, and she tries to catch the person responsible, while trying to relate to her troublesome step-daugher. It’s complicating. The ending is not good at all. All that seems to be settled is the fact that Yirou and her step-daughter are at peace.

The Shining Star (Xing Shan Shan) – 3.5/5.0 (Average)
This drama starred newcomer Dawn Yeoh as a blind girl who overcomes all odds. She is ill-treated by her mother, who runs a puppet outfit. She meets a dejected pianist who has a daughter. She falls for him, but in the end, he goes back to his wife. Gosh.

I saw the best dramas this year, and most of them made it to my favourites list. But I’m shocked that only 2 of my favourites made the cut! These are some dramas I enjoyed, and I really would have wanted to see them contenders for the BEST DRAMA SERIAL award.

Family Matters (Fa Ting Qiao Jia Ren) – 4.7/5.0 (EXCELLENT!)
It was a wonderful show, with a good cast, good acting, and good storyline which was well crafted. I truly enjoyed it to the very end.

Love Concierge (Ai De Zhang Men Ren) – 4.8/5.0 (EXCELLENT!)
It is my all time favourite show! The story is very good, and the cast and their acting is first class. It mixed serious drama with comedy, and everything blended so well! It had everything a good drama should have – the highs and lows, the lovers and the rivals, the super wicked people and the psychos…

Through it All (Hai De Er Zi) – 4.7/5.0 (EXCELLENT!)
The storyline flows fluently, and the characters blend into the setting well. The characters were acted out wonderfully, and the ending was… well, acceptable. The acting was the best in this show, but I’m very puzzled as to why none of the cast were nominated for their roles here


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