the new 9pm drama

The new 9pm show- Measure of Man 大男人,小男人 (Da Nan Ren, Xiao Nan Ren) focuses on 3 men, aged 20 (Ben Yeo as a young father), 30 (Zhang Yaodong as a ladies man) and 40 (Huang Wenyong as a devoted husband) and their problems. It’s debut is on 7 Aug 06, at 9pm on Ch 8.

Stars: Huang Wenyong, Zhang Yaodong, Ben Yeo, Aileen Tan, Lynn Poh, Constance Song, Ezann Lee, Li Yinzhu, Liang Tian…

First say: It reminds me of an old Ch 8 drama focusing on 3 women aged 20, 30 and 40. If I remember correctly, it starred Stella Ng, Ivy Lee, and Huang Biren. Huang Wenyong and Zhang Yaodong were in that show too! Comedy with serious drama seems to be the new thing. Prepare to laugh and cry your heart out.


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